Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Season 2008

It was an eventful and busy yuletide season. I lost a few pounds and had more prominent eye bags. I'm going to write down the sequence of events to help me remember:
1. In school, there were plentiful of extra curricular activities such as the Parents Day celebration on December 7, four weeks of Kris Kringler exchange, students inter-classroom caroling, pupils Christmas party, faculty dance contest (where we ended second to the last place, although I sincerely believe our group could have been first or second placer) and faculty Christmas party.
2. 9 days of early dawn masses.
3. "The Latest Fashion" ballroom dancing party on December 20 at my residence.
4. Brother-in-law Antonio Yu illness got worse sometimes after December 15. Visited him and sister Jeannette at the Notre Dame Hospital. Tony got worse and his family brought him to Davao for better medical attention. I acted as laison person, keeping in touch with his daughter Dessa and reporting his condition to my other siblings in Manila and finally Tony Yu succumbed to the big C and his demise on the 21st of December.
5. Kept vigil with my sister and her family during their hours of sorrow on December 22.
6. My husband and I left Cotabato for Manila to be with our children on the 23rd of December.
7. Christmas Dinner with Uncle Fernando and his family on the 24th.
8. Family day on the 25th
9. I left Manila for Cotabato with Lucas and sis Theng and brother Jun on the 26th.
10. We attended the last wake and the interment of Tony Yu on the 27th
11. Left Cotabato again for Manila with Lucas and Theng and Jun on December 27th.
12. My brother Wilson's birthday in San Juan, Manila on December 27th.
13. New Year's Eve family party at my second home in Quezon City with Jun and Len and Boy and our respective families. (Ollie and Solan in San Francisco, Imelda celebrating with the Yaos and Jeannette together with her children in Cotabato.)

Christmas and New Year's pictures to follow when I return to Cotabato soon.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sister Jeannette

My sister Jeannette is experiencing her saddest Christmas season. Her husband Tony Yu died last Sunday December 21,2008  after a year of lingering illness. My heart goes out to her and her family. My husband and I together with my siblings Imelda and William  went to Cotabato on December 26 to be with sis Jeannette. Her husband's body was laid to rest on the 27th of December. Sister jeannette had been very strong all the while during her husband's illness and death. I hope and pray she will remain strong when loneliness sets in. May God help her during this difficult time of bereavement. 

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas decors

My other Christmas decors are also gift items from kins:

The snowman candle though, I bought from Unimart, Greenhills
One of the stain glass angels was gift from sister Helen during our trip to Atlanta, Georgia; the other one I bought for myself.
Pinecorns I picked from Atlanta, Georgia
Candle Christmas tree, I bought from Home, SM

Sunday, December 21, 2008

my Christmas tree "conversation pieces"

This from my first rotary exchange student. The item came all over from usa

My little Christmas tree has plentiful of memories. The decors are from relatives and friends all over. They are a wonderful collection and very precious. Let me tell you something about them:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

"the latest fashion" ballroom dancing 2008

Hahaha, our latest ballroom dancing get-up, I think couldn't be as up-to-date anymore. Here are some pictures taken.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dawn masses

My husband and I wake up at 4 AM to attend the 4:30 dawn masses every morning. I hope to do it for nine days till Christmas. I don't know, maybe it will be harder to finish it in Manila.
At first I was thinking of foregoing the masses this year due to the physical strain of waking up very early, and I am feeling tiresome after work from school; but I have many things to thank for this year, most specially the advancements and achievements of my children in schools and careers, and the good health of the entire family.  And I still have many things to petition for....for continuous blessings from the Lord.....for our good health, safety, peace and happiness. Merry Christmas to all!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

PTA chorals

The cci  kindergarten parents were sorely disappointed that they landed last place in the choral contest. I wasn't expecting them to be number one but I wasn't expecting them to be last either. Anyway these are some of their mistakes: The boys at the back didn't memorize their piece. They held big beautiful Christmas cards as music folders :) One of the girl in front obviously didn't have stage discipline. (She was gigling, smiling, singing louder than the others and elbowing the other girl opposite her) and also the organ was a little bit too loud. The over all performance though was ok, the medley was harmonious and the arrangement more complicated ( I think the judges should have given them more points on the musical arrangement ). It turned out their practice was better than their performance. Anyway the parents day celebration is now over. Kudos to the officers who worked hard to make it successful. Happy Parents' Day!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yuletide' 08

Christmas is fast appoaching. Although I will be going to Manila for the holidays, yet I have decked the house already with lights and lanterns and Christmas accessories.( I don't want the house to look malunkot.) I have yet to put up my Christmas tree. I maybe do it this coming Saturday. I am also deliberating whether to attend the dawn masses this year, as I am not feeling very apt this December. We'll see by next week. We'll be having our Saturday dance group party early this coming December 13 at home with " the latest fashion " as our theme.  Friends will bring pot luck snacks fare. It will be an after supper dance party. 

Monday, December 1, 2008


I am just feeling tired, despite the long weekend which started last Friday to Monday. Maybe it's the concern for the Parents' Day celebration which will be this coming Sunday December 7. The kids are going to render one choral song for their parents and the parents will have a barrio fiesta, folk singing choral contest among themselves divided into kindergarten, primary, intermediate and high school levels. The parents are all excited practicing their piece ( I could not however join them because of my forever hoarse voice) but I am giving my moral support and I think they are appreciative of my supporting role naman.(hehehe) I am just concentrating on my teaching job but I'm really feeling tired this morning. Maybe more from stirring up all those other teachers concerned to get them more involved with the parents day activities. Hay.......just tired...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

an earthquake story

I am still feeling a little dizzy after a mild earthquake few seconds ago. Cotabato is not unknown to tectonic shocks. We got pointers not to run down the stairs during a tremor, better to go upstairs instead. Of late I received a reminder from an internet source, not to hide under a table, bed or door jamb for they are collapsible structures that can pin you down. The email said it would be safer to duck beside some solid structures. I think that's true.
I myself experienced a big quake in Cotabato City on August 16, 1976 just few minutes past midnight. The harrowing experience was vivid because I was a victim of that earthquake. That fateful day, our house com store and residence LCT #1 collapsed carrying my eldest son Roy who was exactly 1 year, one month and one day old inside the rubbles. Infact there were several other persons inside that collapsed building. There were a 90 year old grandmother, my mother-in-law, Johnny- a young male relative, my son and his yaya and 4 househelps.( 9 people in all ) My room didn't collapse with the rest of the house though. When the big and long quakes finally stopped and my husband and I realized that half of the house went down, for a moment we thought that everybody died including my infant son. My husband Lucas could not see a thing with his contact lenses thrown away in a case and all darkness consumed the night. The only thing I could think and do was pray. I prayed the " Lord's Prayer " out loud, once,  twice and on and on while groping for a way out of the room and the building. The Almighty God was merciful though. He saw to it that nobody died that night. Johnny, the male relative somehow was able to climb up from the rubble together with the househelps. The main stairway was not destroyed enabling my husband and I to go down to the street. The street was empty and strewn with broken glasses. I cried for help. "Saklolo, saklolo, tulungan ninyo kami dito". Roy's yaya heard my call and responded. Thank God, Roy was safe in her arms. I begged Johnny to go in through the broken windows and get them out. Soon, all of them including my mother-in-law and the old grandmother were rescued by Johnny Tan. Everybody was saved including a maid who was pinned down by a building block. Yet a part of my youth died that year, after going through that devastation night and surviving 6 months of rebuilding back our normal lives.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Tonight, I went through my past blogs and this song caught my attention and I just have to write about it again for I have almost forgotten its tune and lyrics......

God will make a way
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we can not see
He will make a way for me

He will be my guide
Hold me closely to his side
With love and care for each new day
He will make a way, He will make a way

Monday, November 10, 2008

Nov. 10, 2008

Hi, I am 57 years old today and I am happy to have reached this milestone. I thank God for taking care of me. I wouldn't be anything without his love.
At 57, I maybe older but wiser?! hehehe. Uglier ?! ( of course with wrinkles and all ) but even though, I know in my heart that I am well respected and loved by my children, family members and close friends. Now adays, I cry more easily, laugh loudly and speak unsolicitously. I teach, I dance, I do taichi, I love to sing and I take care of my husband and he does me. I hope to see all my children successful in their careers and undertakings. I hope to see them all married to good spouses and bear healthy children. I plan to retire in the near future and hope to go around the world (hehehe) It is my dream to go to Lourdes, France among other places. But most specially I want to spend my daily life in peace and quiet without fear and anxiety for myself, my husband, my children, love ones and all.
This is my birthday wish, hope and prayer today. I love you all!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Friends are important to me. They spice up my sometimes humdrum life. They oftentimes come and go, but good friends do keep in touch. I have old hometown classmates that I see whenever I am in Manila. We get together, keep up with gossips and talk about each others lives. It doesn't matter where or how we live, who is rich or poor or who is tall and beautiful than ugly; for we view each other as in the past. I don't see them ever growing old. To me, they seem to have remain perpetually young, thus I continue to remain forever young myself.( hehehe ) I thank God for these gifts of friends Imelda, Anita and Corazon who reside now in Manila and also Rita in Canada. I am happy that we continue to see each other, share old stories yet look forward to the future as in the old days. Our friendship has gone through the test of time and distance, and thank God, we have all remain constant.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bonding with my sister Helen

Last semestral break, I went to Manila for a week's vacation. In Manila though, most of my children were busy with school and work. Those who had some free time tried to spend their days with me. But if they were busy, I really didn't like to bother them. Instead I spent more of my semestral vacation going out with my sister Helen. Together we went for:
1. massage and foot spa
2. snacks
3. Wednesday afternoon mass at Mt. Carmel
4. supper at Terriyaki Boy
5. Helen's haircut at Promanade
6. a nice movie entitled "City of Ember"
7. (next day) Pilgrimage to Sto. Domingo, also with sister-in-law Dianne and her circle group
8. lunch at peri-peri
9. Helen's birthday celebration on October 31 at brother Jun's place
10. All Saint's Day vigil and visitations at Manila Memorial
11. stroll at Rockwell Center
12. and a movie show at rockwell center

Come to think of it, the "Tuesday night Baclaran Church visitation" or "wednesday meeting" that we the siblings used to observe, all started from the two of us (Helen and I).
While she was still residing in Cotabato, Helen and I would go out every Wednesday for the intention of lighting candles and/ or a novena at the Cathedral. I would fetch her from her home, together we would go to VIP House to chat with sister Jeannette and then snacked. We met regularly on Wednesday for it was sister Helen's free day of the week. It started with the two of us and eventually Jeannette joined us. Later Jeannette insisted that we met regularly in Manila too since most of the siblings were there already.
This time, I said..."Let's continue with what we have started even if it remains the two of us who have time for one another." We had fun time bonding as sisters. Infact we always enjoy each other's company.

Monday, October 27, 2008

to gateway, cubao

It's semestral break and I am in Manila. Today, my daughter Marion had an office break due to a Malaysia and Singapore's holiday, and this afternoon, she brought me to Cubao via the LRT system. We went to Gateway for a walk, not really thinking of buying things but we saw this white blouse with red ribbon. It was simple but cute. I told her to try it on and it fitted her perfectly well. I haven't given Marion any allowance since she started working last May, so it was a pleasure for me to buy this blouse for her. We looked around but didn't get to like anything more, so we headed to the food court and ordered pancit luglog from Razon's. I'll say, pancit luglog served in styropor doesn't taste as good as when it is served in a plate and coca cola in dispenser should have plenty of ice which wasn't so in most of our fast food outlets. Next time it will be better to take snacks at the Via Mare located inside Rustan's Grocery. I think their bibingka is delicious and their coffee is good. Anyway it was a nice aftenoon spent together at the mall. We ended at Rustan's grocery. I bought few cans of tuna, a bottle of mayonaise and sandwich spread . Tomorrow I'll mix up a tuna spread for the children's baon to their offices and school. Modesty aside, my tuna spread concoction is one of my children's and many of my friends' favorite party snacks. Hey, I am in Manila and happily playing my role as a mother!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

global economic crisis

As I follow the business and financial news internationally, I begin to worry about kins and friends in America and Europe. I hope they are not greatly affected by this global economic meltdown? I have friends and kins all over the world, some in Iceland, Ireland, London, Canada and mostly in USA. Are their homes safe? their jobs secured? Are their hard earned money saved in good banks? Have their investments in the stock markets plummeted badly? Where ever they are, I hope they can bravely weather this economic storm and come out unscratched. We haven't felt  the big pinch yet here in the Philippines, but maybe because we have been surviving economic woes ever since and have become accustom to hard life and frugality.
To the big spenders who are really hit hard, this is the time for us to reflect deeply... long time ago, a baby was born and his mother laid him in a manger......

Monday, October 13, 2008


October is one of my favorite months, owing to the special blessings from Our Lady. It is the month of the Holy Rosary. Yesterday was the Feast of Our Lady of Pilar and today, the feast day of our Lady of Fatima. Because it is a special month of our heavenly mother, I do feel more at peace. I believe and I know that I am under her maternal protection. Also since I have dedicated all my children to her, I know they are verily under her motherly care and protection too.
October is an important month for the Chinese. China celebrates its founding day on October 1st and Taiwan on October 10.
Of course school semestral break falls in October too! hehehe
And since I was a kid, I have always looked forward to celebrating my sister Helen's birthday on October 31. It was and is always a special event for me.
The month of October has set in and parties are beginning to roll. I just came home form a friend's birthday celebratiopn. I am full to the brim. I love eeating and the crispy Cotabato lechon is simply too delicious. Yummy!

Friday, October 10, 2008

tv programs

It may be interesting to know that I acquired my first tv set in 1982, two years after I transfered to my present home. Television was the least of the luxurious items that I needed to purchase for myself since I grew up without one.( Camera is also another equipment that is not one of my priorities too.) Today however it is the most common appliance found in a home. People can't live without it. We just simply glued ourselves to the tube. I realized I have become dependent on it too. I even have one inside my bedroom and I switched programs before I go to sleep. hehehe! But unlike many others who turn on their set the first thing they arrive home, my viewing time though starts at 9 pm. I am totally alien with telenovelas, be they Chinese, Korean or Filipino. I don't watch noon time shows either. I prefer to take my afternoon nap instead.
What do I watch? Sadly I can't even share with most of my friends my favorite programs. They are quite disinteresting to them.I tuned in to:
1. ANC for business news and World Tonight,
2. CNN for international news,
3. AXN for Amazing Race Asia,
4. StarWorld for Monk, also American Idol and Smarter Than A Fifth Grader which are not in season now,
5. Lifestyle for Iron Chef America,
6. and Bloomberg.
I tell you, the news on Bloomberg these days is so exciting and frustrating. It's not for the weak of heart. When I couldn't stand the bad news no longer, I quickly switch it off. That's the last program I usually watch before I go to sleep.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

connection down

My internet connection was down for more than a week. I am back again in circulation.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to war torn and flooded cotabato

I came home to cotabato yesterday. The first news to hit me from another cotabato bound passnger while waiting for departure at the airport was "Baha na naman ang cotabato."
What? Flooded again? What happened to the dredging project?
Is there no respite to this infamous place? It's one bad news after the other and its either one or the others: bombing, fighting, killing, earthquake, war, kidnapping, flood etc....
Why do we still come home to this forsaken land? Because life here is simple and cheap, friends have become like family members.... and because we have been here too long and too rooted that we do not know how to live and survive elsewhere anymore. What a paradox!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

man playing God

Yesterday's big news regarding the successful testing of the Hadron Particle Collider in Geneva had me thinking....of the brilliance of research works and scientific breakthroughs. I marvel at man's intelligence....those physicists and scientists... the depth of their minds and the expanse of their works. I was happy at the success of the Atom Collider. I believe man is capable of achieving anything. On the other hand is scary that we might over do things and bring our own downfall and obliterate our own existence. From time immemorial, man is never contented to be caretaker of God's creation. He wants to be more. And as we learned from the story " the tower of babel",  God put hindrance to this ambition by scattering mankind and confusing his language, yet God has not withheld from us our achievements and attainments in discovering his wonderful creation.
Honestly, I was scared at the onset of DNA cloning. I told my husband "Wouldn't this make God angry?" Who knows we might be creating our own monsters afterall.
Now, this recent atomic colllider has promises of scientific revelations but again, aren't we trying to beat God again?
I am on one hand happy at the thought that maybe one day my dream of traveling through a space tunnel would come true, but then what if we turn into nothingness instead.
May the Almighty God enlighten the minds and the works of these scientists, for after all He still has the final say.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday in Manila

It's Sunday in Manila:
1.Lucas and I attended an 8:30 AM mass.
2. Then together with the kids, we went to Max's Restaurant for a grandnephew birthday party.
3. At the party, we met a lot of Cotabateneos: some old friends and many former students. I talked about Cotabato and CCI particulary.
4. Around 3 PM, my siblings Theng and Ollie picked me up to visit my parents graves at the Manila Memorial Park. We lighted candles and joss sticks, offered flowers and recited the rosary.
5. We went to Makati.
6. Took a little snacks at Manyann Restaurant.
7. Brought Theng home.
8. and Home Sweet Home
In another week, I'll be back in cotabato.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Don't lose hope

We struggle through life but I believe good things are bound to happen if you set your heart to it and pray really hard.

Monday, August 25, 2008

among many other things

It's been awhile since my last blog. I was preoccupied mostly with olympic games and events on tv and the internet.
But I was also paying attention to the latest MILF atrocities war news here in Cotabato. My printer's representatives from Davao fearful of the battles in Pikit, Aleosan and Midsayap cancelled all their trips to Cotabato City, that my St. Martha School, 15th year commemorative yearbook final proofing has been delayed.
I was also conducting first quarter examinations, evaluating and computing grades for 4 kiddie classes in CCI.
At the same time teaching the kids a field demonstration number for their participation in the school foundation day...
 And continuing lessons for the 2nd quarter, as I am about to go to Manila for a check-up. Until then.....
If all of these weren't busy enough.......

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Father Caroff has gone home to his Maker

Lucas and I thought that Father Caroff had left for Manila already last July, but it turned out he was not able to leave Cotabato, instead he was hospitalized last week. When we went to see him last Sunday morning, he was already released from the hospital but compared to the last time we saw him, he was so much frailer. He could not raise up his hands anymore, he was a little breathless and his speech was weak and slurry that we could hardly hear him talk yet he tried to speak audibly for us to hear. When Lucas greeted him " How are you Father?" He replied with humor " Waiting for departure." Lucas wanted to make some joke with this statement but thought better not too. Father Caroff asked him. "How's business?"  and we were glad that his mind was ok. After a few small talk he also asked "How's LCT?" and asked about his old friend Lucy and told me to send his greetings to her. Lucas and I did not stay long for we did not want to tire him. We thought he may want to lay down, so we said goodbye.
This morning, we learned that Father Caroff had passed away. He died yesterday. He has now gone home to his Maker.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I watched the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony on tv last night. It was a spectacular, splendid awesome show of culture, arts and lights. Immediately, the opening drum performance gave me goose bumps. The ceremony was magnificently beautiful. Man power and human grace were undeniable present on stage, plus hi-tech showmanship of lights and effects. I clapped my hands at every fascinating performance. I couldn't help but I thought of my late father who loved to watch athletic events. He was a Sino avid and a mainland advocate. How happy he would have been if he were alive to see the olympics being held in China today.
The parade of the nation's athletes was always grand but whereas, it used to be stiff and boring, last night parade was joyous, friendly, cheery and gay. Congratulations China! Hep hep hurrah!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Long weekends

It's official - there will be no classes in cotabato city and other maguindanao municipalities from august 8 to 11 due to the  ARMM election.  It's going to be a long weekend from Friday (tomorrow) to Monday. Since we just learned about it this afternoon, we have to reschedule our examination dates which was supposedly to begin tomorrow. We had not anticipated these holidays besides I was in a hurry to finish my first quarter lessons. I had hope for the first quarter to be done with because I am scheduled to go to Manila for a check-up.
I would be a hypocrite though to say that I wasn't happy about the holidays. For one thing, I can wake up a little later tomorrow and stay home to watch the olympic opening ceremony on tv (yehey).  I can also finish preparing my last test paper without hurry. Maybe I can finish reading the book "Memoirs of a Geisha" of which I just started this week. It had been gathering dust on my shelf for a long long time. hehe. Most specially I can rest my voice for 4 straight days now. Then I can get better and start talking to my family members. hahaha!

Friday, July 25, 2008


I love Friday nights. I can relax and not think about work. I can stay up late and not worry about  the next morning.  As I grow older, I prefer the peace and quiet of home on Friday nights. I just hope there are more good shows to watch on television.
Saturday morning, I get up late and do some personal chores. At home, I  play my old piano pieces, rearrange some home decors and surf the internet. I do things leisurely slow on Saturday morning. These days, I look forward to reading the Saturday columns of Father Reuter and Ms. Barbara Gonzales. Of all evenings, I love going to party on Saturday night, more for the chika than the food. I used to host dance session at home but my voice these few months is so strained from teaching that I have to rest it for awhile. I have been missing the eating and tsismis sessions that go with the dance too. hehehe..I have to quickly get myself back!

Friday, July 18, 2008

A quick update

This July seems to be a happy jolly birthday month. Aside from my work, I've been attending a lot of birthday parties lately.
There was this occasion where the children of Luna all came home to cotabato to surprise Tina on her birthday. It was a happy event for the family. The surprise homecoming made everybody very happy including me since we literally live in one building.
Last Saturday had me busy preparing for Lucas birthday. We invited intimate friends and relatives to celebrate with us. Food was catered by Tony (former cook of Peach Garden) and sweets from Le Sorelle. Everybody enjoyed the food, the drinks and the comaraderie. The ladies had red wine and they were laughing louder than the men. Infact the guests were happy that the party was more or less more exclusive and enjoyable. I do really prefer a more intimate gathering. The celebrant was happy, as well as the guests.
Last night, Lucas and I attended the grand 80th birthday of Mr. Perfecto Uy. His children and grand children, all from Canada, General Santos and Cotabato City gave him a big bash at South Sea's ballroom. They also brought over Eva, a versatile lady emcee from Manila to entertain the guests. There were plenty of bring home items. Lucas  and I brought two mini cakes home and also two pots of well arranged flowers.
And tomorrow night will be the birthday of Mr. Albert Uy, the owner of south sea's mall. People are requested to come in retro attire. We heard there will be plenty of games and prizes during the party. There will be a lot of people too for sure. But I don't have any retro clothes anymore....hehehe... Anyway.......

Monday, July 7, 2008

flooding in Cotabato

The flood in cotabato after typhoon Frank, has not subsided. Water lilies have gathered up before the newly built delta bridge and formed a lily land mass of more than a hectare along the rio grande river. Low lying areas are flooded, creeks are full and canal water is seeping into homes. Blame it on the waterway drainage system and if unchecked, the situatiion is going to get worse.
Those who know cotabato city well.....NDU is flooded, notre dame village is flooded, Manuel Tan housing along Gutierez st. is flooded, Matampay bridge river bank has high water that overflowed into the Uy's agri drier along Matampay. Last night water went up to Dr. Manuel Chua internet cafe. Water also seeped into Citizen Bazaar and Oro Cotabato.This morning the principal suspended classes at cci for fear of the rising water that was seeping through the walls from the Buan Street. This afternoon though flood has subsided a little. It's a good thing that it has not rained tonight or people are starting to get frighten. Hopefully tomorrow it may get better.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

surviving :)

I have survived 3 weeks of classes in cci :)
I thought I wouldn't survive the first week .... I had colds, sore throat and I lost my voice.(after all I am not young anymore) My household help left me too for schooling and I was swarmed with home and work loads.
But I talked my problems out loud and the school principal saw my dire needs and provided my department with extra aides. We were tackling a lot of kids and parents from all walks of life, but upon my insistence, by the second week.... slowly, the dotting grandparents, the over protective parents and hardheaded yayas began to leave the kindergarten premise.
At school, despite the improvement, I am still frustrated because I can not give my 100% efficiency best because there are still some exceptiional cases that are hard to solve. It will take some time for all of us to adjust. I will just have to try.
Yes and thank God that 2 days ago, I was able to hire a new househelp. I really need this one. I hope to be strong in body and mind to tackle this new job. hehehe and I hope and pray too that all my children dispersed are doing good, so that I can focus on my present job and tackle it well. Until then.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father Caroff going to Manila

Lucas and I went to see Father Caroff this Sunday morning, after we missed him last sunday when he went to Bugwak for a two day visit. This morning, we were happy to see him  in high spirit. He was alert and talkative but there were more rashes on his skin and I noticed his hands had slight tremors.
Father Caroff is going to Manila for more or less a long stay anytime this June. We may not be able to see him for awhile but we hope to visit him when we are there. I was comforted to learn though that his nurse here will be going with him to Manila too. Bon voyage Father, Our prayers are with you.

Friday, June 6, 2008

teacher's conference done

I held my pre-school teacher's conference this afternoon. Both the Chinese and English kiddie teachers attended as well as the vice principal, Mr. Gabinera. The meeting went smoothly. My  academic curriculum and intention for this school year seemed to get across them and well approved by the vice principal as well. We seem to have started a good team already but yet it is still too early to tell. There is much work to be done but we'll pull through. I'll try my best.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

adjusting to new employment

I came home to cotabato last monday and reported for work yesterday. I was aghast at my new employment for there was no clear cut way of communication. People just presumed that I knew there was a meeting. When and where? In the morning or in the afternoon? What time? what place? Assuming that somebody was bound to tell me, yet I got so irritated that a department head was left out in the dark, asking so many questions at her supposedly own teachers. Being new as such, I got testy and asked "Who is supposed to inform whom? Tell me for I really don't know!"
Anyway, I was so hyper yesterday.....I was not used to doing things one week before the opening. I was in a panic like a manic but I got to finish a lot of things at my own insistence and persistence. I sweated liked a peon by running here and there but at the end of the day, I got lots of things done, fixed and scheduled and assigned.
After following up classroom arrangements today, I now sit down to prepare for a pre-school meeting. I need to conduct a pre-school faculty conference before the opening. I am preparing hard for it for I want to consolidate our works and efforts together as a team. I need a whole day with the kiddie teachers but the principal though seems to be resisting my request. She thinks I can just do it in few minutes time, as she is using them all for 4 days of school enrollment. I have to try very hard to get things done. I'll have it done anyway. I just have to do it...until then.....

Monday, May 26, 2008

vacation almost over

This year is so far the longest summer vacation I have had in so many years. This time I need not rush home to cotabato to oversee the school enrollment, the classroom preparation, plan the school calendar and schedule activities, conduct teachers conference etc etc. So right now I am just awaiting for the cci school principal to notify me of my possible tasks and assignments which I haven't received until now. Eventually I have to go home and face the teaching challenge this school year 2008-2009.
So while waiting for my work assignments, I am here spending the remaining days of May, eating and sleeping at my home in Manila. hehehe.
Marion has graduated last March and is already employed by Citibank. She eagerly goes to work early everyday. While she is at work, Martha and I would go window shopping and eat out. Last Saturday, I went jogging with my girls at the Ateneo Moro oval. At night, we watched the pyro display competition of Italy and Venezuela at Moa. Yesterday, we attended the grand wedding of Ginger and Jowell. Fine dining nuptial reception was held at Le Pavillon.
Today though, Martha begins her classes in La Salle. She will be extremely busy as she will be simultaneously doing her MS while finishing her BS Industrial Engineering course. While marion goes to work and martha goes to school, I am thereby left at home to play with my grandson Dylan.( Tom and Angel are working parents)  I am enjoying this vacation extremely and I hate to see the school sale in all Natiinal Bookstores because this reminds me of my job to which I have to eventually tackle and of which I knew I would love. I just hate to end my vacation so soon yet. hehehe so long...........

Saturday, May 17, 2008

pics of class 68 reunion in tagaytay

We hold our class reunion every 4 years, specifically every leap year during the year of the olympic games. These are pictures from our 40th year class reunion in Tagaytay. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Batch 68 reunion in Tagaytay

We held our 40th year class reunion in Tagaytay last May 10, 2008. Present were Jose Lim, Quan Minton, Robert Tan, Roberto Co, Roberto Yap, Roberto Atienza, John Co, Ramon Yee Fon, William Lee, Alberto Lim, Antonio Dy, Imelda Tan Bugayong, Corazon Te Taeza, Remedios Lu Fornillos, Anita Go and yours truly Heddy Ledesma Tan.( 11 boys and 5 girls ). Many  of our classmates did not attend because they had other plans and agenda, specially  the biggest boy barkada of our class. Anyway, with or without them, we intended to have fun and we did.
CCI batch 68 meet every four years, more specifically every leap year during the year of the olympic games hahaha. We are not young anymore, so our main event was primary marathon eating. hahaha!

Our reunion started with a welcome supper on May 9 at Mannang's Restaurant in SM megamall basement. We were all very happy to see each other and like little kids, excited to embark on our excursion to Tagaytay the next day.

May 10 - We all left metro manila at 8:00 AM on board a coaster. Reached Tagaytay and took our healthy lunch at Sonia's Garden. We went for a stroll after lunch, then checked in at the Tagaytay Highland's Inn at two PM. We had a little rest, then walked around the club house.  Unintentionally we took part in a casino dry run at the lobby of the club house. There were slot machines and two Black Jack tables. They gave us free promotional certificates to play, so most of us played. Some of our friends won prizes of bags, car window shades, playing cards and real pot money certificates hehehe. At night, we ate supper at Leslie's Restaurant overlooking Taal volcano but unfortunately we couldn't see a thing because  of the pitch black night. We ate a sumptous meal, talked about the past and we went back to the hotel at 10 pm, then to each our respective room to sleep. We were all very tired. ( A tale tell sign that we were not as young anymore :)

May 11 - We had buffet breakfast, checked out of the Inn and rode the coaster again for another day trip. First stop was to Rowena's bakeshop where we all bought boxes of tasty tarts for family pasalubong. It was Mother's Day! Hahaha. ( I was receiving a lot of sms messages from friends, family and relatives and many of my friends were likewise receiving and sending messages and calls too.) The coaster went down via Talisay Batangas to Cuan Minton's Batangas Farm where we had our real reunion party at Minton's rest house. He prepared delicious Filipino dishes for us and we all ate with our hands using banana leaves as our plates. We had plentyful supply of coconut with very tender coco meat. We had syrupy cooked banana for dessert and Barako coffee after lunch. There was karaoke singing for the frustrated singers and table for the poker players too. For those who liked outdoor life, we went on a jungle trek after lunch down the mahogany groves. There were singing and eating, talking and playing cards. The party ended before 4 pm. ( Some of the boys had to get home for Mother's Day dinner with their love ones) And so we headed back to Manila again. Reunion 2008 can be described as a close bonding trip. It was memorable as well as enjoyable.

Venue for next reunion is Palawan. See ya all again!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hong Kong Disneyland

Chiong Bian, Helen, Martha, Marion and I went to Hong Kong Disneyland via the train system. It was a novel adventure for all of us. We took our time to enjoy and didn't really have to rush back to catch the last bus ride to the hotel this time.

Half day Hongkong tour

Old Macau Town

Monday, April 28, 2008

Hongkong adventures and misadventures part 3

April 24, 2008 - Since Lucas had a good day rest on April 23 and Domingo brought him a cane to help him walk, he decided that he would join us at the hotel heated pool. The pool however was not heated well enough for us to bear, so the oldies went to dip in the jacuzzi instead. After the dip, we ate at the hotel Chinese restaurant. Three of them ( Helen, Martha and Marion) could not eat sea food but when I pointed to the picture which I thought was a chicken vian, it turned out to be a sea food stew. The other things I ordered were not as tasty as I thought they would be. Anyway....we tried to finish all the food we ordered :) Luckily nobody complained hehehe.
In the afternoon, Lucas and Domingo went for a nap while the rest of us went to Northern Point district to shop. I bought polo shirts for Tom and emil, shorts for Lucas and me, got 20% discount for tea courtesy of my brother Chiong Bian. We didn't buy a lot of things though and decided to call it a day.
In the evening, Lucas joined us to Tsim Tsa Tsui. Together we walked slowly liked old lovers hahaha! He bought for himslef a dragon head crystal figurine. Despite his disability, at least he got to shop like the rest of us too.

April 25, 2008 - back to the Philippines.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hongkong adventures and misadventures part 2

April 23, 2008 - Everybody came to see Lucas the next morning. I was thinking of foregoing the Disney tour to bring Lucas to the hospital but Domingo examined him and said that Lucas would be ok. He didn't think that there was any fracture. He said it must be muscle pain and some torn ligaments. Domingo dressed his wounds and they appeared to be drying up too. Lucas and Domingo encouraged us to go on with our Disney trip. Domingo promised to take care of his brother and so we left for Disneyland via the train system with Chiong Bian in the lead, although it was his first time to go too....the train system was quiet long and a little bit complex but Martha and Marion took interest to where we were going....................amazingly, the last train was designed specially for disneyland. Inside the station, one got to feel that you were departing for some magical kingdom with colorful train seats, mickey mouse shaped windows, mickey mouse shaped hand holders and metal disney characters figurines incased in glasses on display. We started taking some pictures already inside the train. To make the story short, I would say I enjoyed Hongkong Disneyland more that the three times I went to LA disneyland. The park was not too big that we had to hurry in order to catch up with all the rides. The queue was not too long either and there were more adults than brats during the weekday. We were able to go on a slow pace and yet saw most of the things we wanted to see. We stayed up until the fireworks show which we never did elsewhere. ( the fireworks is really something everybody should watch)  We ate our supper leisurely too and took the train back home at night without fear of not being able to catch our last bus home to the hotel. Martha and Marion can do the disney tour anytime now whenever they are in hongkong. They know their way around already by train :) hehehe

to be continued......

Hongkong adventures and misadventures

April 19, 2008 - Lucas, Helen (my sister), Martha, Marion and I embarked on a 7 days and 6 nights vacation to Hongkong. It was an all planned trip intented for a leisurely tour. Included in our itinerary were a half day hongkong tour, one day macau tour, meeting with Domingo and Jackie and spending some time with my Hongkong brother Uy Chiong Bian and of course a day in Disneyland. Unfortunately, our plane was not able to touch down in Hongkong due to bad weather conditiion. We were 20 minutes to landing and imagine how frustrated it was to know that we had to be diverted back to Manila again. We spent the late night in Century Park Hotel, we were roused at 3 AM in the morning to catch the 7 AM flight and finally the plane took off at 8 o'clock in the morning the next day.

April 20, 2008 - Arrived Honkong and billeted in Harbour Plaza Hotel Metropolis which was a really nice hotel with very courteous and hospitable staff. Met Domingo and Jackie in the same hotel and spent the afternoon sleeping due to tiredness from lack of sleep (hehehe). At night we ate a sumptuous Peking duck dinner in the Kowloon star ferry area, then had a very nice long leisurely walk back to our hotel. The harbour walk was breezy and very scenic at night. I suggest everybody to do it when in hongkong.

April 21, 2008 - Went to Macau for a day tour. Macau is now a nicer place to visit compared to 1989. It had improved a lot. The casinos were and are still the main attractions but this time you can see more skyscrappers and new foreign attractions. We went to the tallest tower, to the old church ruin, took a buffet lunch in Fishermans Wharf and enjoyed strolling down the area and looking through the shops. You can see the locals really sprucing up the place. I am happy that they are giving Hongkong a good competition. I bought myself a toy slot machine  for Macau souvenier. It was a pleasant trip all in all.

April 22 - Half day Hongkong tour, ended the tour at Tsim Tsa Tsui, went shopping at the district. At night, my Hongkong brother Uy Chiong Bian came by to pick us up and brought us to his place in Lan Tian (BlueFarm). We had super supper with his family and went visiting their residences. Chiong Bian brought us back home at around 10 PM. The misadventure happened when we  disembarked from the train to go up to Hung Hum Station where our hotel was located. As we took up the escalator, Lucas who was always staying behind us fell down.  I turned my back just in time to see him staggering with his balance and lost him from my sight. I screamed his name out loud and Dr. Domingo was very quick to the rescue. He could not pull him from the front, so he went to the back and helped him get up. Lucas' fingers and elbow were pinched from the running steps. His elbow had a big open wound and we quickly called for first aid assistance at the station which they also quickly responded. But the fall had a great impact on his buttocks, he could not walk properly. He had a fretful sleep that night due to much pain despite the medicine he took.

To be conitnued.......

Monday, April 14, 2008

works getting done

I am happy that most of my St. Martha School closure work is finally getting done. Some of which were: I paid my last phone, water and electric bills last week, had all the meters removed and disconnected. Sold a lot of my school tables and chairs. I made a closure inventory and properly turned over the school building and other fixtures and school things to Corazon Araral (sister of my business partner and landlord). I attended to and said goodbye to my bookkeeper and accountant. This morning, I finished doing the commerative yearbook dummy, then submitted and partially paid my printer late this afternoon. When the yearbook shall be finally done and  distributed, my work 95% of which is almost done. A good start and a proper closure is my honest intention. I am relieved. I can have a good and long happy vacation without much worry for the next school year. Thank God. I love my school and my work but this closing of St. Martha School I know is a blessing in disguise....I move on to another school next year with lesser responsibility but not lesser pay, I hope. Hahaha!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Children all dispersed

I was following Roy's flight schedule yesterday from USA to Norway. He was going for a computer software conference. His research while still in Virginia Tech was accepted by the conference committee and he will be there to present his study papers. Microsoft, the company where he presently works for is sponsoring his conference expenses. Knowing Roy, who is always in a last minute rush and absent minded self, I couldn't help worry. As of present writing, he is still on his way to the Scandinavian country. (He forgot to bring his Microsoft badge though)
Follow-up thoughts - I couldn't help think about the day before yesterday when I was giving Marion a last minute instruction as to what to pack for her trip to Singapore. "Bring an extra pair of eyeglasses" She is at present with a group of friends on vacation.
Being a worrywart mother, I always worry unneccesarily so I resort to praying which is my only solution. Thinking about it, I really worry about them all............
1. Of Martha taking her finals and preparing for her thesis defense - Is she sleeping? Drinking lots of fluid in this hot weather? Catching up with her school work?
2. Of  ever busy Emil working in Cebu....Is he happy? Is he healthy?
3. Of Tom, Angel and Dylan - Are they doing ok with work? Is Dylan eating well? Are they handling and balancing their time and finances wisely?
All these and many more.........why do I worry? because I am in Cotabato and not with anyone of my children. My family members are all dispersed and this causes me to feel paranoid regarding their health, safety, happness, education, work, undertakings, etc, etc...
A last minute thought.... Not to worry though, for God keeps us together..........pray.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Graduation Day


Graduation rite is always long, more so when the graduating students are more than a thousand which was the case with the Ateneo's commencement ceremony yesterday. It was tremendously hot and although Lucas and I had special seats, I could hardly see Marion marched in. I craned my neck long enough to see her though.
Marion was among the first 50 graduates under BS Management to receive her diploma. After walking up the stage, she came down and approached us accompanied by an usherette who was carrying her medal. Lucas and I got up. I bestowed the medal on her while Lucas took our pictures. It was most memorable. As it was with all my children, I always felt like crying during their graduations. I felt the same weakness yesterday but had to control myself. As I told my children, those who were present with me last night. "You are happy. We are also very happy. Your graduation is somehow our accomplishment too." I always feel emotional to see my children grow-up.  Congratulation Marion! You make us proud

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Testimonial Dinner

Lucas and I attended Ateneo's testimonial dinner for graduating honorees last night. It was heart warming because Marion was very happy. She was included among the honorees as she will be graduating honorable mention come this Marth 29th. She was excited to show us who's who in the crowd. She introduced us to her friends and also to one of her favorite teachers. We got seated on table no. 8 and I didn't realized we were just adjacent to the next table of VIPs among whom were Father Nebres SJ,  Mr. Rudy Ang, Mr. Martin Lorenzo the guest speaker and others. On our table were two cum laude awardees and their parents and guests. The program began right after a delicious supper. Unfortunately, the guest speaker gave a long and irritating speech. I don't like to say bad words but he was not a very humble person. I personally think people of such big stature need not boast. I honestly think that real big people are humble and lovable just like Father Nebres. Well, sour lemon maybe on my part for I am just simply a small inidividual. But nothing mattered because it was Marion's night. She was pretty, petite and younger than most. She was unfazed by big names and big people and big titles. She was almost standing side by side with Father Nebres when the school song was sung. Marion was simply happy. My heart swelled just looking at her :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Martha and Marion's birthday

I am presently in Manila. I came here right after the graduation at St. Martha School in Cotabato on March 19, 2008 (Wednesday) to attend the 21st birthday party of my twin girls Martha and Marion. I was pleasantly surprised. Angel, my daughter-in-law superivised the party magnificently well: the setting was artistically well arranged, the food was nice, the caterer service was efficient and courteous, to top it all, the expenditure was reasonable and worthwhile. Tom and Angel had seen through the party's small details, that I did not get to fuss about anything but simply ate and enjoyed the party. I am really pleased that Angel can be depended upon to be a good party coordinator.
Kudos also to my nephews Miguel and Martin for the bar. People at the party loved their exotic drinks. One that I drank was called the "artic" hahaha!
The guests were mostly my daughters' college friends from both schools of Ateneo and La Salle, but of course the relatives were invited too, to mingle with the young ones. Now, I am glad to have met most of their friends whom I have seen in pictures and whom they fondly and excitedly talked about. This birthday bash was like some kind of a coming out party for them. Some thing like a debut. As I jokingly said " They were too young at 18, now puede na magboyfriend." hahaha!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Visiting Father Caroff

Lucas and I visited Father Caroff several times these February and March. They were mostly on the spur of the moment Sunday morning visits which were done after the masses or after some eat-out breakfasts. Because we didn't inform him in advance, he was sleeping each time we were there. We got to talk to his caretakers in the Oblates House though, and we were glad to know that he went to Bugwak to spend his 84th birthday last February. We made appointment to visit him one Saturday afternoon too but he texted to inform us that he was going to Notre Dame University and asked us to postpone the visit to another day. It was heart waming though for us to know that Father Caroff was going out and making social rounds. Sometimes the people at the Oblate's House would bring him to the grotto in Tamontaka too.
Yesterday morning, we tried again to see him at the Provincial House but were there at the wrong time again, we decided to return late in the afternoon. We caught him outside of his room in a wheel chair. The sun was going down and it was not too glaring for him to be out in the open. He had many rashes on this forehead and was trying to scratch them with his feebled hand. I offered to send two bottles of coconut virgin oil for application on the rashes. He gladly accepted my offer and even said that I needed only but to send a small amount. Anyway we had small talk. He tried to be the perfect host asking me a lot of questions regarding my work and family. His memory, I noticed was not as keen anymore. The worst thing I observed were his feet. They were so swollen and big but he was not complaining about any discomfort. When we came to talk about prayers and micracles, he smiled and said. " It should be a cooperation between God and man."

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

a new job

I am closing St. Martha School this March. Despite the closure, I am proud of my 15 years of work and reputable performance. It is a work of love -no regrets and no tears. I am moving along to another task which I have finally accepted yesterday. I will be going to my alma mater CCI to head the kiddie department. Most of my teachers in St. Martha School will be absorbed by the school too. I have to adapt though to the old school style and methods specially with regards to  schedules, policies and traditions. But I am going to give it a try and see if it works out for me. See you in CCI next school year :) 

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Busy as bee

I am in a scurry beating all datelines before vacation time which is in March, yet you'll be surprised to know that I was able to weather a whirlwind of activites by trying to host a contigent of Canadian tourists composed of Tony ( Lucas brother ), Bibi the wife, Jessica and Sharleen the  daughters and Mexia the grandchild.
Luckily my other sister-in-law Conchita played her important hosting role too, but the visitors got to stay with me. I guess you can say my house is the ancestral home of the Tan family hahaha!
They stayed in Cotabato for a total of eight days. Eight days? Where in the world would they go?
day 1 - arrival
day 2 - picnic at Kusiong Beach with Lucio and Conchita
day 3 - Bibi and the girls moved and stayed at Comart. They visited old friends in Cotabato
           City in the morning and went out with Peck Ngo in the afternoon.
day 4 - Visit to Datu Piang, Maguindanao, to their old home town with Lucio, Eugene and
           Yoyong Bansuan who led the way.
day 5 - picnic at Kusiong Beach again with Conchita, Lucas and I in tow.
day 6 - Day tour to hot spring in Agoc, Kidapawan and a resort in Kiwani,Midsayap.
           Courtesy of Cotabato Governor Jesus Sacdalan and wife Rebecca Sacdalan. Other
           parties were Peck Ngo, Peck Giok, Conchita, Lucas and I.
day 7-  Morning tour to Parang and Polloc, followed by cotabato city tour. I got
           to be the tourist guide.
day 8- departure

Friday, February 15, 2008

Closing jitters

I am all panicky because school end is so close. Our pupils will be graduating kindergarten this March before the holy week season begins. Literary I am closing St. Martha School because of a deadlock deal with my business partner and landlord. My first concern however is to finish my teaching task which covers my 4th quarter syllabus. I hope with all my heart, the children learned a lot from me.
I have already surrendered my business license in preparation for the closure. I have actually prepared for this 2 years ago and have had informed the parents of the possible scenario, so their children won't be misplaced. My teachers were also properly informed and they are semi ready to move on to new employments. Yet, there are many other things to do before finally closing a school chapter. Personally, I am at a dilemma as whether to retire or teach in another school..
And I have yet a 15th year commemorative yearbook to make. So much tasks in so short a time. I hope to get them all done before I go to Manila. Pray for me.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

3 day visit

Lehua, the youngest sister of my husband came to Cotabato for a 3 day visit from Feb. 11 to 13. She is now a US immigrant and has not come home for a long long time. Her short stay was a whirlwind of activities: such as catching up the latest news, eating her favorite food, meeting good old friends, visiting graveyards, dinner with relatives, protocol meetings, bearing gifts and receiving gifts and unending talking and talking etc. I was happily distracted. I couldn't do my homework well. I didn't realized that she being petite and small could have such an energy and appetite. Her sister Lechu kept her company all the while. As I told Lechu while fetching Lehua from the airport,  "You have only one sister. How long and how soon will she be back again? we do not know." They slept together at my home last night. It was nice having Lehua here even for three days only. Lucas surely felt her absence tonight. But in a week time, another contingent from Canada will be coming for a visit: Luson and his wife Bibi, his 2 daughters and a grandchild. Until then,

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Greetings of Prosperity

Gong Xi Fa Chai !!!
Peace, Good Health, Good Luck, Happiness and Prosperity to all!
Gong Xi Fa Chai !

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I lost my luggage! All three of them were sent to Butuan by the girl who checked me in at the Philippine Air Lines Cotabato flight counter. I went to the airport early to avoid hustle but I got real hustled upon my arrival in cotabato.  One of my luggage contained frozen turkey which I bought in preparation for the Chinese New Year's eve celebratiion. Arrgh! They better put that luggage in the frreezer overnight. My medicines too and my brother-in-law medicines! They were all in another bag! Arrgh.............why me!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Things getting better

After a week in Manila, things are getting better. The ref was repaired, the telephone unit replaced, the dish washer's had a new motor installed, Marion continued with her track training and this morning, we had a new housemaid. I am going back home to Cotabato soon :) Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

picc show

My siblings and I, and sister-in-law Jean, niece Janah and nephew Bernard watched the Chinese New Year Cultural Show at PICC last night, performed by the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation Little Companion Art Troupe. The tickets were free and the audience mostly Chinese were aplenty. Time indicated was 7 PM but it started at 8. The performers were talented and cute but the show was too long and boring.
The chorus sang too many songs, the instrumental numbers played too many pieces, the local dances were too long, the solo numbers seemed to have identical tunes, even the Philippine Wushu exhibition overdid their sword play too. In the middle of the program, people started leaving, several pews infront and at the rear of us became empty. I was wanting to go home too but surprisingly my companions were very patient last night and I endured it to the last.
There were a few numbers that I liked though:
1. The song Mo Li Hua
2. The suona (wind instrument) solo - A Hundred Birds Are Paying Homage to a Phoenix
3. The wushu exhibition
4. and the piano solo.
Their costumes were very very pretty, and of course to specially mentiion that the  troupe's young emcees were quite impressive; specially the youngest girl who presided in English, she stole the whole show.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

bad day

Have you ever had a very very bad day? Yesterday was it. ( I'm in Manila by the way )
1.The ref was leaking - Tom called up the repair man.
2. The PLDT telephone unit needed to be replaced - I called for technical assistance
3. The dish dryer was not functioning - I brought it to Imarflex center.
4. The repair man for dish dryer was out, so I brought the dish dryer home.
5. The new house maid left home without prior notice. That was the biggest blow of the day. (although this might be a blessing in disguise.)
6. Talked to Mariion's doctor regarding mal-alignment hip muscle pain.
7. Lost the car park ticket.
Tom and Angel brought us all to SM to eat out, watch a movie and relax. Before the show begun, I was praying silently for all things to get better. Smile!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Davao and back

Lucas and I and friends Siolan Yap, Conchita Co and Lena Kaw went to Davao last Sunday morning. I went to the DFA office on Monday for my personal appearance and came back home to Cotabato right immediately. My friends went with me for the ride and comaraderie.We had lots of silly talks and fun time shopping too.  It was a short and pleasant trip. Thanks to my friends for keeping me company. 

Friday, January 18, 2008

busy January

I have been busy lately and everybody seems to be very busy too. It's a nice start for year 2008 though. Being busy means you have something doing and going on.

Last week had me worrying about martha getting sick. Maybe it's the allergies and maybe the flu too. What's important is, she is well now and busy attending to her school work. I wish everybody will take more steps in preventive health meeasures.

Today, we just finished our last test for the 3rd quarter examination. The results are generally good with several students getting 100% in their examinations and with high average results too. There are however isolated cases of failures, one in each class. I talked to the parents regarding our concerns for we've got to address the problem next quarter. One of the pupils concerned though is leaving for Honkong disneyland this February and its the fourth quarter grading period already, almost the end of the school year at that. The parents promised him a Hongkong trip for his birthday. I think you can guess the reason why that particular child is out of focus in school. 

Sunday, January 6, 2008

January 2008

The last batch of children left for Manila this afternoon and all is quiet in the home front tonight. I busied myself cleaning up the mess they left behind. I lit up the Christmas lights and lanterns for the Feast of Epiphany which formally ends the Yuletide season today. Tomorrow classes resume for 2008.
While trying to keep myself busy, I took stock of what transpired in 2007. To sum it up, 2007 was truly a good year for me and my family:
1. We had family reunions and get-togethers aplenty, whether they be in Cotabato, Manila, or USA. We got to see Lehua (Lucas sister), Domingo (Lucas brother), Grace (Lucas niece), Roy (our son), Jeremiah (Lucas nephew) as well as other relatives and friends in different time and places. Capping the event was the family homecoming last December 2007 where Tom and Angel and baby Dylan, and Martha, Marion and Emil came home to spend Christmas and New Year in Cotabato.
2. There were also promotions, salary increases, graduation, work opportunities, bonuses and good grades among members of my family.
3. Most importantly, God has generally and individually blessed us with peace, harmony and good health.
I have so much praise and thanksgiving to give to the Lord, for which I continue to pray for more graces to come. May we all have a happy outpouring of gifts and blessings this year 2008!!! Happy Epiphany to all!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve 2007

eat out

We ate out almost everynight but only few pictures were taken.

Visiting Father Caroff before the New Year

After the Sunday mass on December 30, 2007, I brought my family to visit Father Caroff at the Oblates Provincial House. We took some pictures together with his caretaker Wat. Father Caroff was trying to be a good host but his mind was kind of muddled that day. The caretaker said he was sleeping a lot these few days. We brought him out of his room for a bit of fresh air and light. Chatted with him for awhile. He was happy to have visitors.

ballroom dancing party

The Saturday dance group organized a small private ballroom dancing party at Kitoks last December 26. I brought my family to enjoy the meal first. After dinner, Tom and Emil left the party early while the girls were dancing. Lucas and I taught Angel, Martha and Marion a few dancing steps. It was a fun night. The party ended at 11:30pm.