Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keep Watch on Lighted Candle or Boiling Pot

Fire risk!!!! It was 1/4 of a stud of a vigil candle. The wick as slim and small, so I decided to let the fire burn a bit. I did not put off the light immediately and so I forgot..... At night I smelled something burning from that side of the window, but I thought the odor was coming from the neighborhood. This morning, I gasped when I saw the burnt spot. Thank goodness, it did not do any further harm. I thank God for not letting it go wilder. Thank God for keeping us safe. I should report my negligence to you people so you have to watch out too. Another fire risk is an unwatched boiling pot. Be cautious about anything that is lighted and can cause fire. Keep safe.
Why the lighted candle?
The candle was inside a clay pot holder, I used it as base for lighting my incense which I use for praying around 5 PM. (Kind of traditional Chinese). The burned incense is then placed on an urn of pebbles and sand. Whatever you do, keep watch on anything that you have lighted. Don't leave anything before putting the fire off. Watch out!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Remembering Seoul Trip

Not too long ago, my sister Helen TanSuk, friends Remy Wee and Ivy Tan and I went to Seoul, Korea for a vacation. It was kind of a promo package on a lean travelling season during the month of November. Our tour was so specially arranged that it comprised entirely only of the four of us and a chaperon travel guide. Indeed, It was one of the most wonderful vacations I had with friends.
But silly me, in preparation for my travel, I was half expecting, subconsciously for a winter scene. The four of us ladies brought only one luggage each. We lugged our own heavy weights through different hotels each day. My luggage was the biggest of all but thanks to the sturdy rollers and good pavements and efficient help of our tour van driver, it was all a piece of cake. No sweat! 
First day upon arrival, it was evening time. We checked in at a hotel and were brought to a small cozy restaurant for supper. I jotted down what I ate. It was sundubu -spicy hot tofu with vegetable mix, and steam rice cooked in stoneware. There were lots of appetizing side dishes, of which my favorite was the kimchi. I felt so uneasy using stainless chopsticks. I finished my steam rice and side dishes but couldn't get to finish the bowlful of sundubu. After supper, we were brought back to the hotel to rest.

"The night is still young." I said. Still feeling pretty hyper.
I suggested to walk the neighborhood and so we did. After which we walked around different neighborhoods almost every night in different destinations.
The first walk took us by surprise. Although it was night time, the streets of Korea were pretty safe and well lighted. Along the road, we saw line of tall upright trees covered with yellow flowers.
"What kind of tree is that full-blooming with yellow flowers?"
Curiosity led us to go nearer. Upon approached, we were extremely surprised that they were not flowers at all but yellow leaves. Immediately it dawned to me that these were fall leaves. I began to realize that I was witnessing autumn in Korea. What an amazement. My thoughts went immediately to my husband who had so wanted to see autumn in USA but the nearest to autumn we got there was in early August, and it was still pretty green. In Korea, I got to see my first Fall, without really expecting it. I was so naive or rather ignorant or uninformed.:)
The beautiful tree which we would come to see more often, I learned was called the white poplar tree. Since some of its leaves were scattered around the floor, I quickly picked a few good ones lying on the ground to take as souvenir. Then I saw Remy and Ivy bent down to pick more. Haha!  It would be crazy for people to see us four ignoramus ladies picking leaves along the streets. So I straightened up and watched them gathered more leaves as we walked along the road. Yet whenever my friends stopped picking, I would quickly bend down to pick mine again. How hilarious!!!
I was awed struck by the beauty of fall, so cold and different, although it was kind of dry and late already during our visit. Another tree which gave so much color was the small-leafed maple tree. In comparison, it was reddish. I took some samples home too and pressed them in a small book.

We had a good seven wonderful days in Korea:
- We went to Everland,
- Went on Chungju Lake Cruise and danced together with all the ladies inside the boat,
- Had a private Karaoke night after supper in a resort village,
- Went climbing along the high steps of a big beautiful cave. The heights scared me so!
- Almost signed in for a hot spa which we had to all go nude. Luckily I did not pay-up before entering. " See first. See first. " I insisted. The attendant at the lobby allowed us to get in, but we all backed-out after seeing all the nakedness inside :) Haha I didn't even get close. I was only at the door step, couldn't bear to see the nudity. I told the attendant "I can not!". He was so surprised. "You can not?!"
Haha...and many many more funny, exciting and good travel experiences to cherish and remember!!! Thank God for the wonderful chance and opportunity. With God's blessing, I hope to see Autumn again with my husband and children. Thank you very much!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

General Cleaning and Musing for the Big Dragon Year

After the yuletide comes Chinese New Year. For good luck and good vibes, I have to embark on some spring or general cleaning. I wash and dry and return my Christmas decors back to their boxes again, to stash them in the storage for another year's use.
For the coming Chinese New Year, I put up some oriental decors to adorn my home. In the process, I clean up some drawers and throw away broken and useless old things. It's the coming of the year of the dragon. Hopefully it's going to be a big and prosperous and peaceful year for all of us good people :) My husband Lucas is a dragon person. I pray it will be a great year for him as in the year 2000 and 2001, when he was the president of the CCI alumni association for two years. With the help of his officers and friends, he brought the Ling Nam Martial Arts Association to Cotabato to perform for the first time in the streets of the city and during our alumni homecoming party the notable dragon and lion dances. It was a safer year that time. This time around 12 years after, everybody is praying for peace and safety. For the past three years, the city is enveloped in darkness. So much wickedness has been unleashed. I hope this year, the water dragon will drown them all, so that we can live in peace again. Gung si fa chai!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Hopeful Plans and Resolutions

Enthusiastically I have many tentative plans this year. Hoping to fulfill them with God's blessings:
1. Attend high school reunion in Manila.
2. Go on a reunion excursion to Puerto Princesa, Palawan with my classmates.
3. Join the Chinese Catholic Women's Federation convention in Dumaguete. (My first convention so far)
4. Visit Siquejor with our group delegates.
5. Observe a peaceful Holy Week in the Philippines.
6. Be quiet and prayerful.
7. Be helpful and charitable.
8. Visit my daughter Marion in UK.
9. Go on a pilgrimage to Lourdes with my husband and my children. (My first time ever too)
10. Spend Christmas and New Year in Manila.
May I be able to attain all of them with God's graces. Thank you my God!
See you all pretty soon :) I love you all!!!
Happy Feast of the Epiphany!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yuletide 2011

The start of the yuletide season was joyous because many family members came home for the holidays. I hosted the Christmas Eve's dinner at home with relatives and friends attending. After Christmas, we became cautious and careful. I stayed at home most of time baking and cooking for my family. To diversify home activities, I got my stashed jigsaw puzzle to do. Happily Emil , Martha and I got busy assembling the pieces aside from doing other activities like playing the piano and watching tv. The jigssaw was kind of difficult but, wallah, we finished the Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel "Creation" before the new year.
On new year's eve, we attended the party hosted by Lucio and Conchita at the LCT bodega. Friends, neighbors and relatives came. Special mention was Yu Beng Chua and his family.
A day before Emil and Tet went back to Manila, I got a smaller jigsaw puzzle for them to do again. Although easier but some missing pieces challenged them. They were however able to do it in one day. Hahaha.
I am glad they are now safely back in Manila.
Thank God for your protection. We continue to be threatened by some evil people. O Lord, please continue to protect us. Please do punish the evil plotters and doers soon my God. They're so brazen, they have no more respect for humans nor for you, my God.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year!!! Thank God, I give a sigh of relief that my children after spending the holidays with us have now left Cotabato City. While they were here, they stayed at home most of time and bonded with us, sharing our daily routinenary life and our problems regarding peace and safety as well. Because God is good, I will not dwell on the evil side of those threatening my sister-in-law Conchita and us, but rather praises on the family members here who love and care for each other:
1. My brother-in-law Lucio has been brave and sincere in his concern and care for all.
2. My husband Lucas who is loyal, constant and dependable.
3. Eugene and Dominic are brave young men. They are helpful and caring new generation.
4. And all the rest of us, members of the family, we just simply and honestly love and are concern with one another.
This new year God finds us deep in prayers and supplication for his love and protection. He is my refuge and fortress. My God in whom I trust (Psalm 91). He will not let us down. Infact I believe He will give us more blessings and grant us in our helplessness his powerful protection. May we all have a happy and peaceful year ahead. Happy New Year and God bless us all!!!