Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's New?

I have a new dog, given to me by nephew EugeneTan last Saturday. It's a female doberman but it is not entirely a pure bred dog. It is pretty big already since it was born seven months ago. They used to call her "Queen" but I rename her "Queenie", to make it easier for my helpers to call. Queenie is very tame. She responds to the call of her name. When she came last Saturday, she was without collar or leash as she was completely free roaming in her old place. However I put a collar on her now, so that she can be properly trained. My maids were at first pretty scared of her size and Queenie was very homesick during her first two days here. She laid down and would not budge from her position and howled and cried pitifully. I thought of bringing her back to her former owner but it was the Saturday and Sunday and so we kept her for the weekend. As of today though, Queenie seems happy. I hope she will like it here so that I can keep her for good. She looks very much like our first doberman dog Beauty except that Queenie is lighter brown in color. I am not much of a pet person. I let the maids take care of my pet but Queenie seems to know that I am her new master now. She responds to me very quickly.

Monday, November 22, 2010

This Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. Carols are being played on the air and everywhere but there is a sadness in my heart, because I do not know what future holds for the good people of cotabato. It used to be really merry during the yuletide season. The merrymaking sometimes started as early as November but this year a lot of old folks are anticipating to spend Christmas quietly. Many a young couples and their families have left cotabato. They choose to settle in other places where they think they could survive best. Older peoples opt to stay behind. With a stroke of luck, we might still have a happy holiday in Cotabato. If not, I'll just think of the child Jesus and his holy family. They spent their first Christmas night away and alone in a stable.
As to another relevant favorite topic of the day, the lotto fever is reaching it's pitch height here in the Philippines. Everybody is scampering to the lotto outlet, hoping against all hopefuls to be the lucky winner tonight. Since I will not be praying to become the next big millionaire, I'll just continue to pray for peace in cotabato.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Joint Birthday Celebration

Joint birthday celebration for November celebrants Anita Go, Imelda Bugayong and myself at Chef Bistro, Quezon City

My birthday in Manila

I celebrated my birthday with my husband, children and siblings in Manila. When was the last time I spent my birthday with my children? 17 years ago :)

Jack-o-lanterns 2010

Class 68 Batangas Outing 2010

My husband and I went to Tanauan, Batangas on October 30, 2010 at the invitation of my high school friends. It was a healthy farm excursion courtesy of Quan Minton. The day trip was specially organized for Robert Tan who went through angioplasty procedures some few days ago. We had nice windy farm breeze, superb delicious food, all day buko juice, a short trek, herbal tour and other activities such as singing and dancing and dart game for the boys. My husband Lucas was only able to take 4 pictures. Too bad because his camera batteries went exhausted. A happy memorable trip altogether.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Raining in Manila

It is still the rainy season in Manila. It rains every afternoon. Our clothes from the sun drying clothes lines have to be transferred indoor everyday. We improvise indoor hangers but nothing is as efficient as a direct solar heat. Our laundry space in manila is also crumpled. I am beginning to miss my home in Cotabato which has a big spacious sun drying deck and even a roof garden too.
But the good thing being in Manila:
1. I am with my family - children, daughter-in-law and grandson.
2. I shop at the nearby grocery which is abundant with merchandise.
3. I walk/ran with my children once or twice a week.
4. I go to the church at walking distance.
5. I meet my siblings often times.
6. I meet up with my friends on occasions.
7. and do other daily normal activities.............despite the erratic weather here. Hehehe.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Much Needed Break

Cotabato City has recently been a place of aversion. With daily criminal occurrences and evil apocalyptic atmosphere, most people avoid going out as early as 4:30 in the afternoon.
Living in such a terrifying place, I thought my heart could not take it anymore, so I decided to leave for a much needed vacation.
In Manila however, since we long for peace and quiet, my husband and I opt to stay at home most of the time except for a one Saturday trip with my high school friends to Batangas.
Now that we are more than a week here in Manila and avoiding crowds and malls as per travel advisory from other countries, we are feeling kind of bored already. hehe.
But life is how you make of it. It will get better I hope and pray.
God please help the good people of Cotabato. Let it be known that you are our God. That those wicked men are just mere mortals. Please let the good win over the evil, for you are a truly good and just God.