Friday, December 28, 2007


LCT, the family company store won the coveted first prize Toyota Innova car at the alumni homecoming party last night. Haha what a happy night for us all! I'll be soon riding in a new car! Ta ta, see you soon. Happy New Year to one and all!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Program and Children's Christmas Party

Christmas Program with "Barrio Fiesta" theme was held on Dec. 19. Christmas Party followed the next day on Dec. 20, 2007. The kids had fun!

Kids artwork as decor

another bug

We found another bug in school. This is 4x or even 5x bigger than the red bug. It flew away after we took its pictures. The pictures didn't come out good though.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Misa de Gallo and Merry Christmas to All

Today is December 24 and I just completed my ninth misa de gallo. It is really so difficult to wake up very early in the morning specially for a sleeepy head like me; but I did it, in thanksgiving for the many blessings the Lord has given me last year. I have also many more petitions to follow. God is gracious.

Yesterday Sunday, my husband and I visited Father Caroff at the Oblates Provincial House. The priest was feeling fine when we saw him that morning. He had a good sleep the night before. He was talkative and was his usual self with a witty sense of humor. Infact he wanted to go on a trip to Bugwak which he considered his home. My husband and I, we were happy to see him in a happy mood. He was kind of emotiional though when he talked about his sisters. But all in all, he was feeling fine. I am glad I visited him before Christmas.

My children came home to cotabato yesterday afternoon. They are all here for the Christmas vacation, except for roy who is in usa. I have a lot to catch up with them. So aftter the mass this morning, I thought of blogging before I become too busy.

Here's wishing everybody a Merry Merry Christmas. God bless us all!

Friday, December 14, 2007

My Christmas Tree etc

Hehe I am posting pictures of my Christmas tree and some decors for those who are not coming home to Cotabato this yuletide. My husband and I always adorn our own house. I do the decorating and he hangs the lights and lanterns. We take our time to enjoy the Christmas season.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Red bugs

please enlarge if you can

What kind of bugs are these? I found them in my school garden and I have never seen them before. Are they harmful? If they are, I have to get rid of them.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lucy Teh, Pat Stanley and I

What do we have in common? It's Father Yves Caroff! A priest and a missionary.

Lucy Teh sent through me her Christmas gift for Father Caroff, and my husband and I visited him for the second time this week, last Sunday at the Oblates House on December 9, 2007.
Father Caroff was very happy to see us and likewise very thankful and grateful for Lucy and her husband Basil's concern and generousity. I told him before about Pat Stanley concern for him too but Father Caroff couldn't seem to recall the engineer he met in Malaysia long time ago. Until  last Sunday, I told him that Pat Stanley was the one who built the bridge in Malaysia, then he remembered. He said yes and he very happily told me. " I used to pass that ( name of the bridge ) before, a lot of time.Tell him to come and built bridges here."
I tell you, despite his disability, he has a very keen sense of mind and memory.

After the visit though, I felt sad and depressed because I have seen the extend of his disabilty and I fear for the worse. He was still in catheter and had difficulty with bowel movement. He even said he had a hard time sleeping the night before. He tried to call Lucy through his handset to thank her for the gift but the line was busy. He could hardly hold his phone. His hands and fingers were shaking so much. I quickly told him, not to try anymore as I will just email Lucy about our visit. Before I could write Lucy an email, Father Caroff  was able to reach her through the mobile that afternoon. I was glad they were able to talked to each other. But I am fearful that his condition is deteriorating, I don't know for how long he could be brave, for I am not. Let's all pray for him.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I just recall a weird incident.... after dreaming about Father Caroff, the next day was December 2, a Sunday. That sunday evening, my husband and I and the Saturday dance group ate out in a relatively new restaurant in town.
Coincidentally after supper that night, we almost had an accident while backing the van to go back home. The space for backing was big enough though but because of poor eye sight and miscalculation, Lucas drove the van into a big ditch near the roadside. The deep ditch just could not allow the car to move forward so Lucas had to drive in reverse to be able to get back to the road. All of us girls got up from the van to help Lucas make a forceful reverse that was perpendicular to the high way. We girls were suppose to stop incoming cars from the high way but a big military truck carrying a trolley full of people was in a hurry and went full speed ignoring us. It passed swirled us as my husband put a sudden brake. This near collision gave me goose bumps and associated it to my dream. I was shaken but I tried to hold my composure. I tried not to nag my husband too for I knew just like me, he also realized the near encounter that night. Upon reaching home, I offered a rosary of thanksgiving for not having any untoward accident. I told my husband to say a prayer of thanksgiving too. That dream and the incident that followed seemed too weird.
Do be careful when you're doing any backing or reverse driving. 

Monday, December 10, 2007


One Saturday night, I dreamed about Father Caroff. I was inside a car with him driving. My husband Lucas was sitted beside him, while a young female friend and I were at the back seats. We were on a trip and we were to pass by a bridge. Before reaching the bridge though, the car swirled to the roadside. Father Caroff who was at the helm of the wheel had to back up and reverse the car. He tried but he could not do it properly because of his disability. I was so scared because we were almost going to hit some steel trashes at the back. I was hysterically shouting. Then Father Caroff began to wheeze and had asthma attack. I panic and told my husband that the priest could not do it and if Lucas was going to let him continue driving, I was going to get out of the car. In desperation because my husband was not doing anything for he was a worse driver, I got out of the car yet I continued to scream about the near collision. Finally, our younger female companion took over the helm and drove the car out of danger zone. We continued with our trip. The way to the bridge was so steep but thankfully our skillful female companion drove us through it.
I woke up from the dream and immediately narrated the story to my husband. I told him to inquire about Father Caroff's well being in Buguak. I was afraid he might be sick for I sometimes dream about certain people and I pray for them.
But Lucas being busy with so many things, forgot to inquire. Coincidentally on Monday, he received a call from Father Caroff himself, telling him that he was now in cotabato city and staying at the Pronvincial House of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. Lucas and I immediately went ot visit him that afternoon.
It turned out Father Caroff was brought to Cotabato City on Friday by his caretakers in Buguak. His doctor was out of town but the people in the hospital gave him a catheter procedure which gave him temporary relief. He was released from the hospital and is now staying in the Provincial House. When we saw him that day, his spirit was high. He was using a motorized wheel chair  and he even showed us how to manuever it. We even joked about him needing to get a driver's license.  This reminded me of my dream. Scary......
I'll be posting about our second visit next blog.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

failed coup

I have no love lost for gloria macapagal arroyo's goverment nor for the past presidents and their officials who plunged and plundered our country into debt, poverty and disorderliness, But I had doubted the capabilities of Trillanes and company ever since the first coup attempt in Oakwood that they were anything but foolish soldiers without any good sense of strategies to have holed in themselves in classy venues, simply banking on the idea of support from the people. In the first place, who would in their right mind support a group that is so high class in their ideals of rebellion and without any plan of contingency? The scenario looked more like a personal self serving purpose other than patriotism itself. What happened yesterday created a disturbance that most people did not like to partake but hoped for to succeed. It also exposed an administration that is martial in operation. Alas!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

no classes

The mayor of Cotabato City suspended classes for two consecutively days, yesterday and today due to inclement weather condition. Ironically the weather yesterday turned out good and sunny. This morning however, the sky is dark and brooding.  School officials of course want the children to be safe but I worry about some pupils who missed classes last week and those who will be missing classes again  tomorrow because their parents have to go to Davao, General Santos or whatever places due to business, health or family concerns. The parents brought and bring their children along with them during these trips and there seem to be a lot of accrued cutting of classes this November. I really hate it when a number of students fall behind.
For a last minute decision, I have decided to call back classes. The sky seems to be lighting up and the weather turning good. There are many lessons to catch up as tomorrow will be dance practice day and Friday is another holiday.
(updates: We had classes today. The weather was windy but fine. I was really glad to have recalled the classes this morning. )

Thursday, November 22, 2007


As soon as I said it, the parties began rolling in. I had three parties this week and we'll be dinning out again with friends this evening. So you see the need for exercise because I can't resist the lechon in each occasion. And we're only in the midst of November yet!
My dresses are fine. I am quite up to date although not very noticeable.  I am frantic because I can't fit in some of the new clothes I bought and my old clothes are just too big for me now.
And by the way, I won a toy car from the parlor game "musical chair" last night. I didn't realize I was quick in grabbing a seat. We were around 15 to 17 ladies playing the game. hehehe Maybe a lot of my slender friends were afraid to collide with my size or maybe I was just faster because of the constant taichi hahaha! Whatever!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Health or Vanity

What do I do? Exercise!
Aside from my work in school, I am deligently doing my taichi and so far I have not missed my chacha for 2 consecutive Saturdays already. I am hysterically doing additional time before the yuletide season really begins.
Feasts and celebrations will start as early as December 2 or even earlier. Infact tonight I have a wedding party to attend and another post wedding celebration on December 8.
For why do I exert so much effort? Health or vanity?
But I have to fit in all the new clothes I bought!

Friday, November 9, 2007

At 56

As I turn 56 years old today.... I recount the affective ages of my life.

at age 19 - I lost my mom.
          22 - I got married to Lucas
          23 - I gave birth to my first born Roy
          25  going to 26 in 3 more days - I gave birth to my second son Tomas
          27  nearing 28  in 2 more months - I gave birth to my third son Emil
          36 - gave birth to my youngest children, twin girls Martha and Marion
         (40) 39 - in Manila when my father died of cardiac arrest
         (42) 41 - I started St. Martha School, Cotabato Inc.
         (51) 53 - Tom got married and I added a daughter-in-law Angel to love
         (52) 54 - I became a grandmother to my first grandchild Dylan

At 56, I just wish to continue and have a healthy and peaceful life. hehehe

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What to say

Last year I was the talk of the town. I lost more than 20 pounds right after my gall bladder operation. Without even trying, I kept on losing more weight. A lot of people did not like me thin. They prefered me chubbier. I knew losing a lot of weight made me looked old, haggard and sick but I didn't know why I just didn't have much appetite. This got me and my husband Lucas to worry so I went for a colonoscopy check, there was nothing wrong with me though.
But now, after one year, I am getting back and fast. I have easily regained my appetite again. People say I look much better but that I should not get fat again.
Easier said than done. hehehe....

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I am physically tired from travelling. I can not sleep in a car or on a plane. I don't feel comfortable sitting or reclining for long hours. I need a bed to fall asleep.
A day before departure,  I get all hyped up - I need to buy these and that, pack up early, check my belongings over and over. I am fearful less I forget something important to bring.
Day of departure - I have to go to the airport early for I don't want to be late for my flight. I hate to be in a rush, but I get to wait long hours too.
Unpacking is a another thing - check if there is anything broken in the luggage, putting clothes and things back to where they belong, sorting the pasalubong, storing the new things  etc etc. Travelling can be tiring specially if it is done too often.
And I have done that for the past few months but they were well worth it. To be able to see and spend time with my children. To hear their common daily grind and eating and shopping and going to movies together. The last visit, I have watched 3 movies in a week with them. hahaha. I even loved going to bed with all the noises still going on, knowing that they were all at home with me.
Well, December is approaching, and this time the children will be coming home instead of me going to see them. I will have respite from travelling for awhile until come next year.
I once told roy, How I wish there is a space tunnel where in you can just enter a door and come out of it to wherever place you want to be. Saves a lot of time and airport hustles! hah!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oct 31

I came to Manila last Sunday and my sister Helen was the first to call me up at home. When she asked me why I came back to Manila so soon and what was the purpose of my stay in Manila, I answered her: " To attend your birthday party." hahaha.  I really invited myself to her birthday party. I even suggested the venue for the bash, even the food. hehe. So tonight we will all be eating lechon at my brother Jun's place.
Today, Helen and I, we had lunch at my Uncle Fernando's house. Uncle Fernando has 12 children. And my cousins, they meet and have lunch with my uncle and aunt every Wednesday. Since we literally grew up with them, Helen and I would join them sometimes whenever we can. I suggested that she brought a fondue of chami as a celebration of her birthday. The chami was ordered from Mannhann Kitchen and  we enjoyed the birthday noodles. Auntie Elsa, my generous dikim gave Helen a big angpao.
After lunch, I did a bit of ads solicitation from my cousins for my school 15th anniversary yearbook. Luckily for me, Linda Herrera Yu ( family friend ) came over and I added one more solicitation. I didn't intentionally use Helen for my purpose. The opportunity just coincided. I know my cousins would have supported my request. It is just good luck and good timming to have things happened on my sister's birthday. Happy birthday Helen and may you have more birthdays to come. I love you!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I haven't watched movie for a long time because almost nobody goes to moviehouses anymore in cotabato city. I was busy for the past several months shuttling back and forth from Cotabato to Manila, that my time spent both in two places wasn't even enough for family,works and friends. During those months I opted not to spend my time watching tv or movies, rather I talked and talked with everybody over meals and meriendas and coffees. I chatted online too with my children and kept abreast with them through Multiply and other blogs. I almost lost my voice and got crossed eyed hehehe. But now I have one week break from work. I put off computing grades and I promise to leisurely spend my time and do things slowly.
So I arrived Manila yesterday afternoon, the first thing I did was to request people to take me to a movie. How I missed going to cinemas. I was surprised the ticket was costly though. But it was really pleasant and relaxing. The aircondition was cold and the seat comfortable. I was always ready with my coat and I couldn't do  without the popcorns and junk food too hahaha. To top it all, "Stardust" was an entertaining movie to watch. I did enjoy watching the fairytale, com-adventure and comedy film a lot. I never realized I miss going to cinema that much. hahaha

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First semester almost over

I am done with my exam. Enrollment is on going and I still go to school everyday even though I have less work to do. I hate to be idle and seeing people idle. So yesterday while waiting for time, I suggested and began a dance practice with the teachers in preparatiion for our annual school Christmas program.
We had fun. We were able to choreograph two Filipino dances for the kids: Planting Rice and Itik-itik. We got a "Planting Rice" music that is sang in English. I guess very few people now a days know the English version of the "planting rice". We incorporated dance steps and actions that would be easy for the kids. The children will be excited to perform.
After this week, will be the semestral break. Everybody is looking forward to this break. Many people will go on vacation. I on the other hand plan to look out for new Christmas arts and crafts to introduce to the children for their November and December classroom activities.
First semester is almost over but second semester is going to be much busier. I am anticipating more work right now. Got to start early. hahaha!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Tom and Angel came home to Manila today. After four weeks of being under my care, I now turn-over Dylan back to his parents. I love this little tot even more. I have not only played with him, but cooked his meal, lullabbied him to sleep, forced him to drink more water, ran after him, fed him healthy food. I also made him to sit down in his stroller, calmed him down by singing and playing nursery songs. I trained and taught him new antics and he learned them fast and quickly. I came to know him more, that despite his playfullness, he has a very keen perception of things and places, and like his father Tom, this little boy has memory as big as an elephant :)  He is now very happy that his parents are back home  and like the first day upon our  arrival here in Manila, he seems to be telling me ( through smiles and  hugs) .....Thanks. On the other hand, I should be thanking him for our good teamwork. Thanks to Tom and Angel though for their faith in me and giving me this rare opportunity to know my grandson well.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I am lucky this year. My husband and I got food gifts from muslims friends during their edil fit'r celebration. First there was tinagtag, then suman with chicken (instead of pastil), and dudol last night. The dudol was actually from the mother of Dylan's yaya. They are not muslims but they learned to make dudol, and dudol is one of my favorite muslim delicacy. It's like maruya except stickier and it's violet in color. yum yummy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ramadan almost over

The month of Ramadan is almost over. Either it will end on the 11th or on the 12th depending whether somebody is able to spot the new moon. The 12th has already been declared a holiday by the president. As is, we have already received some food from our muslim friends. One customer sent tinagtag this pm and we enjoyed eating them this evening. Tinagtag is like the local cookie made from rice. I am looking forward to pastil - rice with shredded chicken cook in banana leaf. Or dudol - sweet sticky coconut and violet malagkit mix. I just hope there will be mininal gun firing over the sky this end of Ramadan. Peace to all.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday outing

Ever since the kids were small, Sunday was always a family day for outing. Now it's Dylan's turn. This Sunday morning, we went to our lot in Gonzalo Javier. Dylan liked to run around on the green grass. In the afternoon, we went to CCI. After CCI, we went to our old pasyalan at ORC or the ARMM park site. But it was getting late, we had to come home. Next time around again.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Since the yaya has to go on off every thursday and saturday, I got to take over the babysitting. Thursday is easier since the off is only for two hours while saturday is the more difficult one for it takes the whole day until eight in the evening.
Making dylan go to sleep is the big challenge since the yaya has a certain way of swaying him to slumber. Last saturday was my first whole day babysitting date with dylan and he gave me a hard time. He had just barely adjusted to the new environment and his parents absence, when the yaya took the day off. He literally cried himself to sleep. I almost cried with him. haha

Last thursday though, was a piece of cake. I put him to sleep without so much fuss. I felt so happy to be able to do that.
Today is saturday and another big day again. I cooked his meal and he ate a lot. I also got him to drink plenty of water instead of juice. I guess he is now quite familiar with my presence because when I get tired of carrying him and would turn him over to the housemaid, he would cling to me so. He is however right now playing with his cousin chelsea. I hope we'll make a good team, like that of last Thursday. Here's wishing me luck. hahaha

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


August moon festival 2007

Instead of mooncakes, we have assorted gifts for prizes. Lucas and I hosted the dinner in thanksgiving of our 27th year since moving to this house and of other family blessings, including having Dylan visiting us on this year's auspicious date.

Monday, October 1, 2007

September to October

Last September was rather a good month that started happily with Emil's birthday, then of Roy coming home to Manila, of brief family reunion, and of baby Dylan coming home to cotabato; a  celebration of 27th year happy home anniversary on the Chinese August Moon Festival and of Roy, Tom and Angel's trip to USA last September 29th during the Feast of Archangels. They arrived Seattle safely yesterday.
Today, I went to church to offer prayers of thanksgiving . Inside the church was a group of people reciting tagalog prayers. I was made aware that it is now October - the month of our Lady of Rosary - a special month of dedication. Yes, I have so long ago dedicated all my children to her care. Now I include baby Dylan in my prayers too. Blessed Rosary month to all! Don't forget to pray.

Friday, September 28, 2007

A lively home

With Dylan at home in Cotabato, the household has become gay and busy. What with the little boy running around all day long. It's a good thing the house is big enough for him to run. I take to relieve the yaya during her lunch and supper, and the other maids are on call too whenever somebody has to relieve the yaya anytime. The grandfather comes up to the house several times a day to see how the apo is doing and all the windows at home are opened again for fresh air to circulate. The piano is being bang occassionly by Dylan, nursery music is played too, and all those running and laughing and screeming or crying make this house really lively again.
I thought I was too old for all these energetic activities but I am surprised at myself, I found out I was still strong enough to take care of him for two hours last Thursday. Hahaha

Monday, September 24, 2007

Dylan in Cotabato

Dylan is now in Cotabato. He and his parents Tom and Angel flew in last Sunday. He is now living with me. This grandmother, although a little overwhelm with the tot's physical activities, is very very happy to play the dotting nana. The grandfather is really really happy that Dylan is here with us. He made an improvise steering wheel for his grandson to play. hahaha!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Exasperate at gov't

I am exasperate, so disappointed and frustrated at the how our goverment functions these days. Not to mention anything regarding the anomalous and scandalous ZTE deal, the futile Abu Sayaf war in Zamboanga, the many unsolve crimes in Cotabato.....and...etc..

But instead for the happy homecoming event turns sour because of the tedious and long POEA process in Manila that hinders my son to come back to his hometown in Cotabato City, made me really seethe with resentment that the goverment is not really working for the welfare of it's people or workers but harrassment instead for those who have the chance to work abroad.

Can those top brass POEA people ever make the medical exam simplier? Can they even shorten the POEA orientation from 4 hours to 1 hour? Can't they upgrade their application process through the internet? You bet, it is harder to get a POEA card than getting a visa to United States.

Friday, September 14, 2007

homecoming parties for Roy

So Roy came home unexpectedly and we were all elated for this homecoming event. Jean, my sister-in-law gave Roy a welcoming home barbecue party. Roy stayed with Jun and Jean for the longest time while he was growing up and studying in Manila, from the time that he was 8 and 9 to 10 years old for his medical care and when he studied high school in Pisay.
The barbecue party was lively, happy and filled with delicious food. Jean with the help of Janah knew how to throw a good party and the Ledesmas of course were really really mean eaters. hahaha! It was very heart warming for Roy to see everybody. He felt at home and happy. Thanks to Jean and Jun and their children for the wonderful party.
Lucas and I also gave Roy a combined bienvenida, graduation and good wishes party at Gloria Maris Restaurant. We invited the Tans, Ledesmas and Roy's godparents and other close family friends. The lauriat food were specifically ordered " no crabs, shrimps and shellfish." for Roy to really enjoy the courses. For the first time he was able to eat everything. The guests were also satisfied with most of the food. I'll post some of the pictures taken sometime soon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mine family reunion

I was in Manila from September 1st to the 12th. I was there to visit my children. Martha had  a short semestral break. She got in the dean's list last semester and started her on-the-job training with SGV immediately after the school enrollment. I knew she would get good training from the company but I kind of worry about her daily commutes. She takes her training job very seriously.

Roy came home to Manila too on short notice and Lucas and Emil enplaned to be with us for a family reunion.

When the family is together, the household is always noisy. We like to talk, argue, exchange ideas, taunt each other, eat and play games.

Seeing the children together, gave me pangs in my heart. I was happy but I knew soon we had to get back to each our works, our own places of endeavors, to different destinations and different lives. I only hope that God will keep us one, wherever we are. And I really thank Him for this wonderful unexpected short family reunion. Thanks a lot O Lord. Thank you!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Interesting, how another person in England by the name of Pat Stanley was able to visit my site due to my blogging about Father Caroff.

Father Caroff was initially a customer. He came to the store to purchase items for his farm project in Timanan, Upi. He came to my husband specially for the purchase of car parts because his car needed to be in good condition to travel to the far flung area. My husband and Father Caroff became good friends. He was invited by the good priest to visit Timanan several times. At one occasiion, Lucas made preparations to go but a big rain canceleled the trip. It was unsafe to travel on a zigzaging dirt road to Upi. My husband never got to visit him in Timanan, more so when Father Caroff was kidnapped in the 80's by the Muslim rebels.
Soon after he was released by his captors, Father Caroff was transfered to Antipas, North Cotabato. Father continued with his farming project in Bugwak. Although the new location was nearer Davao, yet he continued to purchase from the store in Cotabato. He showed pictures of his new farm. He was very proud of it. The gravity pump he used for irrigation earned him a lot of respect. His New Galilee farm was even featured as a model farm in one of the Philippine magazines. But his visit to Cotabato city became less and less. For a long time, we were not able to see him - a period of two or more years maybe.
Early this year, a Filipino priest who took over Father Caroff former project in Timanan came to the store. He told us that Father was gravely ill and that he could no longer walk nor move around. He was afraid that father Caroff may not last till April. Upon hearing the news, my husband and I immediately took a trip to visit him in Bugwak. We found him still all right despite his crippling disease. Although physically weak, he was still very much incharged of the model farm and its people. We knew he could still hang on.

Father Caroff  is sick because his body can not expel the toxin inside. He is physically disabled but his mind is lucid. He is however well taken care off by people he brought from Upi. He is happy when people visit him. He is 82 years old and he may not live longer than 5 years but we are happy to have visited and talked to him. We continue to communicate with him through cellphone calls or sms texting. He is such a dear person, no wonder he has many friends who are concern about his well being.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Roy in Seattle

 Roy has arrived Seattle safely last Sunday. He went on a cross country drive from Virginia to Seattle. That's pretty far. He will be staying temporarily with Joel, his college friend from UA&P. Here's wishing him more than the best of everything in his new job. Thank God for his safe trip. 

Saturday, August 25, 2007


So, this morning we had a 15th year anniversary lay-outing seminar for our school yearbook publication. We shall be gathering materials and of course soliciting sponsorships. Anybody who would like to volunteer? I am sorry I have to tap some friends and also a few relatives for the sponsorship. Don't ever avoid or hide from me. hahaha! see you soon!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

free food

I got lots of free food from relatives and friends who came home from either Manila, Davao and Kidapawan. Thanks to the following:
1. Chin Chin my wedding inaanak from Kidapawan - rambutans
2. Siolan who came home from Davao - machangs
3. Dominic & Carol who came home from the Kadayawan in Davao: marang, durian and tofu
4. Conchita Tan shared her gifts from bride to be Josephine Cue - longans, apples and oranges
5. Alex Chiong- durian
6. From a customer in Upi - 5 native durian fruits.
7. Lucio- hopias from Ongpin
Not to mention I have young coconuts from my lot which I can freely pick everyday. It's no wonder that I am gaining weight. yum yum yum

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I love teaching. I am passionate about how my students or pupils learn from me. I become exasperate whenever there are two or more who don't get the lesson right. I use various teaching devices or methods to get across. I forget about my personal problems when inside the classroom. All I want is for each pupil to learn. Infact I focus more attention at the slower ones, giving more seatworks and homeworks to drill. I give more than 10 quizzes in a grading period to have more bases for evaluation. I like to tell relevant stories for motivation, give lots of drills and also plentiful of blackboard works for practice and mastery. Recently my newphew Eugene asked me whether it is difficult to be a teacher. I said "No, it is difficult only when parents begin to contend for their own children's academic honors." hahahatsk, tsk tsk....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

birthday party at Jollibee

Happy Birthday Dylan

Dylan's Jollibee birthday party

Dylan had his first public birthday party celebrated at Jollibee on August 11, 2007. Tom and Angel invited their friends and relatives to a superheroes theme party. I added a few of my intimate friends too and they all came. There were face painting, ballon twisting, games, clowning of the Jolibee mascot and snacks for kids and adults . Guests arrived at 3:30 pm and the party was over at 6. It was a well attended party and Dylan was the happiest birthday celebrant you ever see. He was laughing and laughing and screaming at the Jollibee mascot. He reached out to touch him and laughed real loud. Dylan wasn't afraid to let relatives and friends carry him. He was very friendly and so he was happily passed around. He was the perfect host of his own first birthday party. hahaha!!! Here's wishing him for more birthdays to come.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dylan's first birthday

Dylan turned one year old last August 10, 2007. Lucas and I were in Manila for the happy occasion. Luz (Angel's mom) was also at our home to teach Angel how to cook birthday noodles.( cha misua is really tricky and difficult to cook ).  All of us helped prepared the ingredients the eve before the birthday and Luz cooked the longlife noodles early in the morning of August 10. The noodle was well done and delicious. We shared them mostly to our relatives and friends near home: to Claire Chua, Joan and Jocelyn Tan, Jun and Jean Ledesma, Helen Tansuk and their families.
At night we further celebrated it with a simple family dinner at home. We had custard icing birthday cake for Dylan, palabok, fried native chicken, soup and rice. It was indeed a happy day for celebration. Happy happy first birthday to my grandson Dylan Noah Tan!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Doctor Roy Patrick Tan

Hi, I am very happy and proud to announce that Roy has successfully defended his ph.d dissertation last August 8. Thank God for this wonderful blessing He shall soon be leaving for Seattle to embark in a computer corporate career. Congratulations Roy!!! And thank you everyone for your prayers.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Into August

August 3 at 9 am, I got a call from Marion from the infirmary of Ateneo de Manila. She had abdominal pain. The doctor suspected appendicitis. She wanted Marion to be brought to the hospital for blood exam. Martha had no classes that day and together with Angel who absent herself from work, they took Marion to the er at St. Luke hospital. I enplaned the same day from Cotabato to Manila to see Marion. Although I was worried but yet I was kind of calm for Marion had the same malady 5 years ago.

5 years ago, she had abdominal pain and was brought to see a doctor. She was diagnosed by a well known surgeon to have appendicitis. She went through several tests but it was not appendicitis, some false alarm. I brought her to another internist for a second opinion. The internist said it was nothing alarming but the pain can reoccur again. 

So it did, but whatever the pain was, I wanted to be with my baby. The results from the hospital turned out negative for UTI or appedicitis. We were told to observe further but the pain subsided after 2 days. She is now back to school but is refraining from doing strenous activities. In the meantime, I am staying in Manila for a few more days for further observation and most importantly to be with my children. Don't worry, Marion is fine, I am sure.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

long and eventful July

Today is August 2 and I heave a sigh of relief. Not that I don't like the month of July but that so many things had happened last month that I had to cope up with a lot of concerns. I prayed for things to turn out right and thank God everything has come out good.
1. To begin with, I dismissed my new house-help on July 2 for not coming home the second time after a sunday's break. I was busy looking for replacement as there were lots of cleaning up to do at home. I found two stayout helps soon enough.
2. The family driver had a slight car incident on July 6 in Ateneo. Distressingly, the other car owner was not very rational. It was a good thing that Marion acted logically and sensibly. As I was not in Manila, I prayed to God to enlighten the other party and hoped for the insurance agent to decide rightly. Our car was brought for repair and returned good after two weeks. There was no further claim from neither one of us.
3. For the whole month of July, my most dependable and reliable teacher went on maternity leave. I had to carry on additional tasks and assigned some works to the other teachers. Yet I soon found out that the other teachers took the absence and work of Mrs. Hornido upon their own shoulders. They were really quite responsible. I really do appreciate the teamwork here.
4. Martha got lbm from the food of a wedding banquet she attended at Crowne Plaza on July 30. The episode started early in the morning to late afternoon. She was absent from school the whole day and was feeling weak. If her condition worsen, we would bring her to the hospital. As I was in Cotabato, I worry as to who would take care of her in the hospital. Angel, my daughter-in-law volunteered to watch over her. I was greatly relieved. Martha got better though that night, but still Angel and the whole family slept with her in the room. I verily thank God for having Angel as my daughter-in-law.
4.That same night while I was talking to my family in Manila over the phone and praying hard for Martha to recover, another incident took place here in Cotabato. The maids of Tina ( my sister-in-law was vacationing in Baguio) were fighting violently in their own room. They were sisters though,  the younger girl stabbed the elder sister with a sharp scissors. Blood spurted all over. I went over their house to help take control of the situation but I got scared at the blood and the crying of the wounded maid. Instead I scolded  the perpetrator and told her to help her own sister. My maid was fast enough to help  with a tourniquet handkerchief. Dominic brought Tina's maid to the emergency clinic and she came home with a bandaged arm. We separated the two sisters that night, the wounded girl slept in my house and the other sister slept in theirs. Oh what a mess.
But everything is ok now. Martha is well and the violent maid was sent back home.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

something about Cotabato 2

Lanzones at 20 pesos per kilo, a bunch of lakatan banana at 20 pesos too, the most delicious lechon ever, the sweetest sea and river crabs you can find, crispy young green native mangoes all year round, fried bananas for merienda, the yummiest palabok in the Philippines at Mardoneys, most delicious native barbecue chicken, hot pastil anytime of the day, tastiest fried dalag and fish soup at Mang Andoy's.... and many more cheap and delicious good food you can have in Cotabato City.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

something about Cotabato

Cotabato is not the first place of choice for anybody to live in. It actually has a reputation of lawlessness and wanting in peace and order. Infact it went through a lot of natural and man made calamities such as big earthquakes, flood, fires, wars etc. But honestly I can say, it has one of the nicest weather in the world. Located in the southern part of the Philippines, Cotabato is always warm and sunny. It rains mostly at night or late in the afternoon. If it rains hard during the day it is because a typhoon is passing by somewhere. A farmer once said that even during the peak of drought season, it would still rain at least once in 15 days. And even when it is scourgingly hot, the air would still be breezy. The weather is one of the nice things we have here in this city.

Monday, July 23, 2007

amazing search

Incredibly amazing how Lucy Teh from Malaysia was able to reach me while searching for a long lost friend in the person of Father Caroff. I posted about Father Caroff, OMI sometimes in February. Fascinating how this internet is able to fast track the search system. Incredible!
I talked to Father Caroff early this evening. He sounded good. He said he was very weak due to old age but I was glad he was able to return my call. He lives in remote Baguak, North Cotabato. There is no land line facility over there but he is able to communicate through his cellphone. The reception in Baguak was not good, he said. He was even thinking of replacing his cellphone unit because it was not working too good. That's Father Caroff for you despite his illness and disability. A lot of people loves him, I tell you.

Friday, July 20, 2007


I would like to write down the correct lyrics of the church song I previously blog.

God will make a way
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we can not see
He will make a way for me

He will be my guide
Hold me closely to His side
With love and strength for each new day
He will make a way
He will make a way

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Special day

Tomorrow is an auspicious day. It is the sixth month and the seventh day in the Chinese calendar. It is called dian men cai ( the opening of heaven's gate ). A supposedly blessed person will see the holy trinity descend as the heavenly gates open in the morning tomorrow. This I learned from my late mother-in-law who was a believing buddhist. She used to offer flowers and fruits at her altar on this particular day because my husband Lucas was born in this auspicious Chinese date, so too was my son Roy. She said it was a blessing from heaven. It's my blessings too.  

haha mali

Haha, I think I missed a lot of words and some lines in that song. Anyway.....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a song

A church song just kept popping out of my mind last Tuesday and yesterday. I tried to recall the lyrics....but don't know if I miss some lines though......Please correct if I am wrong.

   God will make a way,
   When there seems no other way
   He works in ways we can not see
   He will make a way for me

   He will be my guide
   Hold me closely to his side
   He will make a way
   He will make a way

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Roy's birthday

Today Sunday, July 15, 2007 is Roy's birthday. Happy birthday Roy and may you have more than the best of everything you wish for! Happy birthday!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

birthday party

It was a relatively small birthday party last night but we had a 100% guest attendance. Friends arrived early and we started dinner early too since all the food prepartion were ready at hand. Lucas gave angpao to little children. There were only three ( chelsea, aram and the niece of kianhua) since most of our kids are grown ups already. The guests went home past 10:30 pm. They could have stayed longer if it were not on a week day. Lucas was a little tipsy I found out later but he wasn't really drunk. He was indeed happy to celebrate his birthday with close friends and relatives. 

Saturday, July 7, 2007


I am waiting for my batch of fruit cakes to be done right now. I have been preparing for the food I am going to serve this Thursday. Thursday is July 12. It is the birthday of my husband. We shall have a small party at home with around 25 guests. There will be lechon and plenty of beer for the guys; likewise cakes and cokes for the ladies. hahaha 

Friday, July 6, 2007

another week

Another week has come and gone. Today seems to be the busiest of all past Fridays. ( in matter of work, domestic problem, family concerns and other errands)  After the day's work, I went to church at 5:30 pm, today being the first Friday of the month - a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I have so many petitions to make, trusting in our Lord... "Ask and you shall received; knock and it shall be opened unto you."
I came home for supper after church but the meal prepared by the househelp was not very appetizing so I cooked ngo hiong myself and had a relatively late supper with my husband. Sister Jeannette came over after supper to use my oven to bake a cake. ( her oven was not in good condition) I did  3 rounds of taichi to de-stress. Ate a piece of Jeannette's cake. The exercise and the dessert seem to help uplift my mood. I may be tired, but thank God for the blessings of the day.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

needing prayers

Roy is in the verge of finishing his ph.d dissertation, but he is so stressed out and is late in progress. He really needs to finish his papers this july. Anybody who is reading this blog, please pray for him - a kindly mother's request for those who love him, or even those who do not know him. Thanks a lot.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

eating and dining

Eating delicious food and dining with good company are important factors in an enjoyable vacation!