Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dengue Fever

I went to Manila on May 21, 2012 because my son Emil was sick and admitted to the hospital. Emil had the dengue and he suffered from chills every three hours round the clock, an hour before his paracetamol medication. I was hysterically worried in Cotabato hence I flew to Manila as soon as I could. He was feeling very sick when I arrived. I requested further blood examination for malaria and typhoid fever (they came out negative). I was so concerned because Emil had the dengue before when he was younger, but this time, his condition seemed worse despite his age and built.

Accordingly, there were many possible cures for dengue from the many stories I had heard. They were such things like eating durian or 5 pugo eggs or drinking weed water called tawa-tawa.

I did the tawa-tawa concoction by boiling plentiful of tawa-tawa weeds. I let Emil drink the weed-water from the time he was admitted to the hospital and I provided more weeds from Cotabato. I think the tawa-tawa water helped him a lot. His platelets did not drop further after he took the water. He slowly recovered and after 4 days of confinement, he was released from the hospital.

When Emil was feeling better, I was on the other hand experiencing queasy stomach. I went to the toilet in the morning for three succeeding times. I was afraid of getting sick myself and I quickly drank a glass of tawa-tawa water to self medicate. Surprisingly I felt better immediately. My stomach stopped feeling queasy and I was whole again.

The tawa-tawa weed, I tell you, is really good!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yesterday's Funfares

Yesterday was mother's day. "It is a secular celebration but let us spiritualized our intention......." from the homily of Father Joel Baes DCC. I was the commentator during the mass. At the service, I coordinated well with the celebrator, co- lectors, choir and participants. I felt proud to have done the job well. I was very happy to be that close to the altar and doing my small service to the church.
Yesterday was a day well spent because of the many warm-hearted text messages and greetings from friends and family. My children who were either in Quezon City, Zambales, Seattle and Coventry tried to reach me as early as possible. I got Martha's beautiful email Saturday night. She was going to Zambales for an excursion and she sent me a beautiful picture and letter the night before. She also texted me a greeting while in Zambales. Marion in UK, could not be outdone. She sent me a heart warming email, as well as a text message from her roaming phone, even though it was not mother's day in England. Roy in USA contacted me through chat and I was happy to talk to him. I knew Tom and Angel greeted me first thing when they woke up in the morning. And maybe Emil, the first thing he did when he remembered the occasion :) Anyway, even without this promotional day of celebrating. I knew they all love me!!!
In the morning, I had light snacks with Lucas and friends Siolan and James Yap. There were also lots of people with their families celebrating.
Late in the afternoon, after my nap and taichi, my sister Jeannette surprised me by coming over. Friend and neighbor KianHua came too. We had supper together. Aside from the usual Sunday's fare, I served ngo hiong and sweet corn for our meal. After supper, my sister-in-law Tina came over to chat with us. I further served Pinoy sorbetes ice cream for dessert. A really nice day for celebrating.
Most importantly for this occasion, let us not forget the greatest mom of all - the Mother of our Savior and of all humankind too.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Prayers for the Sick

It all began last year when one of our employees had a freak accident. He was sucked up and got electrocuted from a misplaced high tension wire. Boyet, our warehouseman survived the horrible accident but he would need months maybe years of medical care and hospitalization. He may even become incapacitated for life.
Aside from the accident, another sad news followed. Abelardo, our top parts man, was diagnosed with a malignant tumor on the upper nape of his head. He must go to Davao City for radio active and chemotherapy treatments. (Abe is still at the prime of his life and his children are all young and needing him.) He asked for leave to be treated in Davao City.
After Abe's sickness, a third unfortunate thing happened. Our family driver Alvin was suddenly stricken with a mild stroke. We got to know later that Alvin lived a very unhealthy after-work life style of drinking, smoking and eating too much salty food.
Although LCT the establishment and my husband and other family members extended financial help and other personal supports, yet with all these unfortunate events occurring and coming too soon one after the other, it made us all feel helpless and sad. Our sympathy and aid may come in handy but I knew I had to do something else. I began to offer prayers. Everyday I offered a decade of rosary for those who were sick. I specially mentioned their names for healing. 
Then there were more:
- Norma Ngo, the sister-in-law of Jean (one of our trusted secretaries) was rushed to Davao for fear of gangrene. Her open wound on the foot was not healing for months despite treatment of antibiotics. Doctors here in Cotabato were dropping hints of amputation.
- Our retired parish priest Father Gerry Tiagga, DDC who had Parkinson disease was becoming very weak.
- The mother of my close friend Anita Go in Manila was bedridden due to a fall.
- My former classmate and volunteer fireman Mike Sy fell from a roof top during a fire duty in Cotabato. His fall caused partial paralysis and he was rushed to Davao and was later airlifted to Manila.
- My former classmate Ernesto T. Lim had reoccurring pains after being discharged from the hospital. He had just undergone a liver operation at St. Luke Hospital, QC.

The list of names included in my prayers were becoming longer and longer..................but I was seeing a good progress from the people I was praying for:

1. Norma Ngo was discharged from Davao Hospital and her wound started to heal.
2. Boyet was transfered to the care of Dr. Leopoldo Lugtu. He was discharged after several months in the hospital. Although his burns were not completely healed yet but his physical condition was now stable. He could continue his medication as an out-patient. He came to the store to visit a month ago in crutches. His worst burns were on the scalp and feet. He was still in pain but he was able to move around.
3. Abelardo finished his treatments in Davao City. He came back with a good fighting spirit and continued to work at the store.
4. Alvin took medication and went through physical therapy and rehabilitation. He came back to the store after 3 months. He was given light duty inside the store. He seemed to have recovered quickly though. He could not wait to be driving again.
5. The ladies of the church visited Father Tiagga at his residence hall in Queen of Peace Church. He was cheerful, lucid and looking good. Everybody commended him for a good physical appearance and aura. I was the first one who jokingly said. "Father nagpogi ka yata ah!"
6. I got to visit the mother of Anita Go while I was in Manila. And according to my friend, her mother was feeling much better after she was fitted with a lighter body and hip brace jacket which they bought at Divisoria Market. At her age (90 plus) she was mentally keen, talkative and in high spirit that day when Imelda, Arthuro and I visited her.
7. Mike Sy, after the fall went into medication and physical rehabilitation program. Although not quite fully recovered but he was up and about. He walked with a limp but or else he could get up and walked. He even attended school functions as a member of the school board.
8. We did not get to hear any more bad new from our classmate Ernesto Lim. He must be recovering I hope.

My prayers are not however over yet. I have to add many more names. I have now included Elena Yu Ekey, Johnny W. Tan, Suan Aie Siao Rosete, Chua Yu Beng and many others.
I may not have done any great things in my life but maybe I can help my neighbors and friends with prayers. (Faintly just like St. Therese of the Child Jesus.) I hope they get relief from their pains, and may they all get well soon.
God, please bless my family and my love ones too. Keep us safe and healthy.