Friday, September 30, 2011

Marion and Dylan

The morning before Marion left for UK, Dylan asked his soiko (youngest aunt) to dance. This was the Maguindanao Malong Dance that Marion practiced at home incase she has to showcase Philippine culture abroad. Dylan was her greatest fan.

Ayala Family Day 9/30/11

Today Emil brought us his parents to 'Ayala Family Day Around the World Celebration' at Le Pavilion, Manila. Lucas and I enjoyed the company's fun fare. Infact Lucas even won a bottle of red wine being one of the senior attendees of the affair. Hehe. As I walked around the different international food and booth stations; I got a free bracelet from China, two straw hats for lucas and me from Vietnam and two Thai dye scarves from Thailand. For snacks, there were hotdogs from usa, enseymadas from spain, siopao from china and sandwich wraps from India etc. Also free flowing juice and bottles of water were served to the guests. There were many photo ops inside the booths, henna paintings, art works etc too. But the pavilion was so cold, that we opted not to eat our evening meal there and went somewhere else at the Fort Bonifacio to take our supper. Lucas and I enjoyed however the day's event. It was a pity that we didn't anticipate the coldness inside, henceforth didn't bring our jackets with us. But thank you anyway Ayala for the family day. We do appreciate it very much.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Preparing Myself

Every time my children pass through hurdles and achieve a milestone; I am always filled with great pride. But somehow, I don't know why, in every commencement towards a new undertaking, I have always experienced some kind of a deep pang and become teary eyed. Is it due to the knowledge of their coming independence? Knowing that they will soon be departing from the comfort of my wings? Some such occasions were:
1. When Roy entered Philippine Science High School.
2. When he graduated.
2. When Tom and Emil (at different times) left for USA for their student exchange program.
3. On each occasion of my children's graduation either BS and/or MS.
4. When Roy left Philippines to work in Singapore.
5. When Emil left for work in Cebu.
6. When Tom got married. ( This even surprised me, I just shed tears uncontrol-ably when I saw him marched towards the altar. )
6. etc and many more....
Presently, I am now preparing myself for Marion when she shall leave for her one year study in UK next week. Even though I am a bit of a paranoid mother, I hate over thinking things. I trust my God to take control of the reins. I pray that He will have pity and compassion on us and give us his blessings abundantly. May I request my readers to please pray for Marion's safe and successful journey too. Thank you.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Marion Went Home to Cotabato

Marion went home to Cotabato last September 10. She had not been home for almost 3 years. She was busy working her head off ever since she started work at CITI Bank. Now that she teaches at Ateneo and is embarking on a further study, she took a short vacation opportunity and went home to Cotabato briefly for few days.
Home it was for her. She rested and slept well in the sleepy atmosphere of the abode.
People pampered her with Cotabato's favorite food. She was served dalag fish soup on her first dinner at home for purpose of invigorating her strength. Her aunt Conchita brought her home-grown lanzones which was a rarity because the fruit was not in season yet but the backyard was already in bountiful harvest. Her uncle Lucio gifted her the third durian fruit of his first orchard pick - the flesh was so thick and creamy and yummy. Marion snacked on fried banana and violet colored kamote. She also took chicken soup cooked in Chinese herbs to further boost her immune system. She got to enjoy the family's all- time-favorite banana soup, green mongo and lomie, and she was able to partake most of the comfort food that she craved for as a child.
It was a homecoming event : She played her piano pieces, learned basic cooking, practiced some dance, attended mass at Queen of Peace Church, visited the cathedral, enjoyed the roof top garden and watched tv with her parents at night.
Sadly I did not bring her around the city nor to her alma mater. Many friends were away and it was the time when Secretary Robredo was visiting, and the city was threatened with bomb explosions for consecutive days.
I prayed for all our safety everyday and I gave a big sigh of relief and thanksgiving when Marion safely left Cotabato. Dear God, please continue to watch over us everyday. Bless all my children. Thank you!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Events

Here is a list of events for this month of September. I pray for great blessings from the Lord for each one of them:
1. My uncle Ernesto Go will be celebrating his birthday in Quezon City come September 3 coinciding with my alma mater CCI founding anniversary day in cotabato city.
2. September 5 is the birthday of my son Emil Gabriel Tan. I have been offering rosary prayers for him for the whole month of September ever since he was born. I could have lost him during my pregnancy several times, specially on two occasions when I fell down hard on my buttocks. Once from from a slippery waxed floor on my fourth month of pregnancy and another time on a staircase during the eight month. I am forever thankful for this precious gift of life and protection from our Lord.
3. September 8 is the birthday of Our Blessed Mother. We human kinds are so blessed because of her.
4. Auspicious Chinese moon festival on September 12. It is our Magallanes home anniversary. We have lived here since 1980. May the Lord continue to bless this home.
5. Come end of this month, my daughter Marion is embarking for UK for further studies. I pray to the Lord to take good care of her on this one year academic journey. May our blessed Mother take over my worries and supervision and guide her in all her ways. May she be strong and healthy and may the Lord protect her and bless her always.