Tuesday, December 27, 2016

This Christmas

This Christmas, my children and grandchildren are home except for Roy who is in United States. Carlo, the youngest son of my sister Helen is also here for a Christmas vacation. Below are some pictures taken this season:
At LCT Christmas party: Carlo, Lucas, myself, Emil and Sui Ling.
Playing Catan at home
Getting some massage.
Wacky Christmas Eve party.
The wacky props masters. Thanks for making the props, Marion, Sui Ling and Martha.
More wacky pictures.
Haha, I am the wacky queen!
Opening of presents. Martha as the santa.
Gifts from my kids. Hey look at the Camino marker! Really love it.
Family and friends at the Grand Mosque.
Father and daughters.
Banana grams. A very competitive group.
Doing a unique wooden jigsaw puzzle.
The finish product. This is a really nice and unique jigsaw puzzle.
Bumming around.
Dinner at my sister Jeannette Yu's home.
More pictures to come on the next blog.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


This Christmas season, I have been attending several parties, one of which is the joint celebration of the three Masonic lodges of Cotabato City. At the gathering, I meet a lot of old friends, brethrens of my husbands and their ladies. My husband Lucas and I get to sit with James Yap, his wife Siolan, son Hemington and cutie granddaughter Aimee. Sitting with us on the same table are Moya Yu Ekey, his lady caregiver, his son Narciso, his daughter-in-law Gwen, and our neighbor and friend Romy Ma. On another table near us are Nelly Ma, Rodolfo Lim, his wife Nga Bin and his sister Lolita Uy, and also seated with them are other people I hardly know. Coming to sit on that table later are Robert Chua and his daughter Parisiana. Happily this is one occasion we get to see one another and warmly greet each other.
On a longer table near the wall are seated a group of younger wives and their pretty collegiate and grown up girls. The younger masons are hurdled at the back and at the farther end are seated the Demolay boys and the Jobs daughters. Some other tables' occupancy, I hardly know them at all. Everybody though seems happy. We have all come to celebrate, to enjoy the food, the games and the fellowship.
There are however some familiar faces that I miss like the Cellises, Embargas, Matingcals, etc., people who have moved to other cities., and those who stopped attending Christmas parties for one reason or another. Sorely missed though is Adelina de Leon whose husband Ruben passed away this year.
Looking around, I come to realize that my husband and I, together with James and Siolan Yap, Robert Chua, Romy and Nelly Ma - have become the ancient order. Sad but true. Yet thank God though for keeping us still, and pray, do keep us for more years and more celebrations to come.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ready For Christmas

The Christmas tree is up! Nine days before Christmas...
My new matryoshka nativity tableau from Alaska.
Center table crèche.
Madonna hall of fame.
Family portraits corner.
Christmas parol near the grotto.
Another parol on the patio.
Home sweet home. God bless our home.
Lighted corridor.
My husband is unaware that he is being photographed at our festive corridor.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

T'is the Season to be Happy

My second home in Manila is filled with Christmas spirit!
Christmas flowers at the garden....
Parol on my window...
Lighted Christmas tree at the sala....
Christmas nativity on display.......
On the piano top too, spot the creche.....
At the dining area.....
Lighted candle at the grotto with blooming peace lily and sampaguita garlands for our Lady.
The only unit that is lighted with festivity inside the compound.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2016


I have a handful of visitors this November and December:
First, my sister Helen Tansuk came on November 25th to attend the inauguration and blessing of the newly renovated church, our Queen of Peace Parish. My sister Helen lives and resides in Manila now, but she came purposely to represent my maiden family, the Ledesma for the donation of the church sanctuary's crucifix. The church event was to take place on November 27, and she arrived on the 25th. I hosted her at my home.
The next day, November 26, my brother Willie Ledesma together with his wife Solan enplaned to Cotabato to attend the same event. The couple had not been to Cotabato for quite sometime. The affair's invitation which coincided with the celebration of the 60th year anniversary of the Mary Mediatrix Ladies Circle was too good to pass. This double celebration was simply good timing for them to visit their hometown. This grand occasion does not happen everyday and surely it will not happen again in another 20 to 30 years. I was more than glad to have them as my guests too.
For this particular affair, I was myself very busy preparing for own my participation, and I was glad that Helen and Ollie and Solan could be here with me during this momentous occasion. I was assigned to be the second reader for the mass. I would also be singing with the choral group at night during the 60th anniversary party of the MMLC. Would not it be nice to have your own personal audience among a sea of people who were trying to best each other? Hehehe.

Below are some pictures of the double event:
Inauguration and blessing of the newly renovated church with Cardinal Quevedo presiding the concelebrated mass. The Ledesma family donated the sanctuary' s crucifix.
My husband Lucas, my sister Helen, the parish priest Father Charlie Celeste, chairperson of the renovation and past president Juliet Tsang, myself, my brother Ollie and my sister-in-law Solan.
City tour and to the Grand Mosque for sightseeing.

Seated with my siblings and friends during the MMLC anniversary party.
Our choral presentation. Many lauded us as the best performance of the night. We did well I think. Hehehe.

After the celebration, Ollie and Solan left Cotabato. Helen stayed for few more days. She then returned back to Manila on November 30. And immediately the next day, December 1st, I had a new set of guests from LA, USA in the persons of  Jose and Lolita Lim, the brother-in-law and sister of my husband, respectively. Below are some pictures taken during their stay:
Family picture with the Tans at the office.
The Tan siblings.
Family dinner.
City tour.

Visiting the old alma mater.
Dinner party with family and friends at Lucio and Conchita's place.