Sunday, April 16, 2017

More Asik Asik Pictures

My daughter Martha came home for the holy week. Aside from religious observance of church activities, the high light of her stay was going to Asik Asik Falls at Dado, Alamada, North Cotabato. It was a long ride to Dado and the trek was not an easy one. Thanks to Carlo Songcayauon a professional rescuer friend for coming with us at my request. He made the trip confidently physically easy for us. Here are more pictures from the excursion:
The 600 plus steps trek down to the falls
View from the stairs
Female Gandaff leading the way down. Hahaha.
Crossing the water through the fallen down tree bridge.
Photo op at one of the fallen down balete trees.
Asik Asik Falls was discovered after a big storm. The fallen down balete trees uncovered  the beautiful curtain falls.
At the falls at last.
Martha at the falls.
Lucas at Asik Asik
Martha wading the ice cold water.
Going to the walls..
Taking a direct ice cold shower at the falls.
The curtain falls
Awesome God's work!
Clear and clean water.
More crowds coming in. After lunch we decided to head back for the sky was becoming overcast.
Half way scenery with the overcast sky. Beautiful isn't it!
After the picnic lunch at the falls, we decided to head back as the sky was getting cloudy. On our way up, there were even more people going down. I was glad we came to the falls earlier during the day. In the afternoon the falls would be teeming with people and the place getting dirtied by undisciplined picnickers which were sadly and sickeningly aplenty. People should know how to keep this place and their environment clean!!!

March and April 2017 Activities

I have had a variety of activities these two months:

1. Visitors from Canada - The Tan family's Canadian contingents composed of Luson, Yvette, Sharleen, Jessica and Mexia came to Cotabato on March 7, 2017. They stayed at my abode in Cotabato for a duration of 10 days. During the day, they mostly go out with Yvette relatives, the Go's. At home, my maids prepared meals for them and sometimes I did cooked extra dishes too. The Canadians prefer to eat healthy food like fruits and fish. I observed they hardly take dairy, sweets, chicken and vegetable salad. They heated up their viands at the microwave oven before eating because they had weak stomachs. Despite that, Sharleen still had bouts of loose bowel movements. It happened every time she came to Cotabato. She got well pretty fast enough though, having Luson, her father being a doctor I supposed. A good thing the teenager Mexia was fine and good all through out.
The Tan brothers Luson, Lucio, Lucas at Lucio 's place for a family dinner party.
With Mexia at Sultan Kudarat Park, Cotabato City.

2. Lenten Retreat in Digos, Davao - The Lecom Ministry of Queen of Peace Church of Cotabato City went for a Lenten retreat at the Benedictine Monastery, Digos, Davao. We stayed at Our Lady of Peace Retreat House ran by the Benedictine nuns.
The Lecom ladies in green. Spot me with the yellow hat and sunglasses. Hehe.
With my roommate and kumadre Lily Tan from Davao City.

3. 17 days in Manila:
    a. For Lucas check up with his Neurologist Dr. Lokin at Cardinal Santos Hospital.
    b. Meeting with my lawyers Attys Vic and Marlon Marquezes for legal documents concerning my property in Manila.
    c. Repainting of my room and the study.

    d. Sundays walk with Martha and her dog Kiba at the park.

    e. Yoga and dinner with sister Helen, sister-in-law Diane and her siblings at the Chua's residences. (no pictures)

4. Back home to Cotabato for the Holy Week:
    a. Asik Asik trip with Lucas and Martha on Holy Thursday morning.

    b. Holy Thursday - Observing 'Washing of the Feet Ritual' at church at 6 in the evening.
    c. Good Friday - Stations of the Cross at 6 in the morning and Communion Service at 3 in the afternoon.
    d. Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil
    e. Happy Easter!