Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hello There.....

I was trying to post a picture, but the internet is running too slowly.....my internet provider ( Smart) may not have upgraded its equipment for a long time since! The weather is too hot. I am all perspiring and I am just simply impatient and losing interest, so I abort my picture post. But I haven't written for quite awhile and if you're wondering, I am still very much around. Hehehe.
Infact I visited my high school chum this morning. We had a very good chitchat, we always do. She is here in the Philippines visiting her sick parents. We talked mostly about her parents' conditions. We talked about our children too. Come to think of it, we were married in the same year of 1974. She in January while I got wed in February. She has 5 children and so do I. Both of us have 3 boys and 2 girls. Our second eldest boy got married first and we are still both awaiting for the other children to follow. Each time we meet, we like to reminisce the past and compare it to the present. We always think of our past as the better time. We have good memories for we had a wonderful childhood and equally an enjoyable high school life. We share many things in common but Rita and I are so different. Personality wise, my friend is calm, industrious and obedient, while I am frantic, lazy and rebellious. Hahaha. But friends can be so different and yet so interesting. Nice seeing you again, Rit. We'll meet again next year. Hopefully during our class 48th year batch reunion in Legaspi. See ya!