Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Fun-filled Saturday on April 27, 2013

April 27, 2013 - The family together with my sister Helen went to Glorietta to watch the early morning showing of Iron Man 3. It was a free movie date courtesy of my son Emil and generosity of Ayala Land, the company he was and is still working for. They gave us free Wendy's snacks too composed of burger, chips and dalandan juice. I enjoyed the movie better than the first two series. Maybe because I was in the company of my family or maybe because of the free passes and snacks or all of the above.
 At the movie house. I was pretty excited.

 Grandson Dylan and the Iron Man display

 The family ate lunch at Mu Restaurant

 Grandson Dylan, my sister Helen, myself and Lucas

 My children Martha, Marion, Emil and Tom

 My son Tom, his wife Angel and his son Dylan at Mu.

After the lunch, we left for Magnolia Mall in Quezon City to meet with my high school friends. We were supposed to go shopping but there was a freak summer weather incident nearby. A big rain with strong wind caused an electrical post in New Manila to topple down. Amidst the brown-out situation, the stand-by generator of Magnolia Robinson's was not functioning well, so we left the mall for the next lined up activity which was to go to my brother Wilson's place to chill and eat fresh lumpia. At my brother's house, we had relaxing time listening to his LP music collection. More than listening, we did some dance exercise and I taught my friends how to do the Gangnam style. For dinner, we had fresh lumpia with all the course work: soup, side dishes, fruits and cold desserts. My sisters Imelda and Jeannette came to meet us too. We talked about Cotabato, old friends, reunions and many others. After a long hearty dinner and conversations, soon daylight became night. My friends and I brushed up our dance few more times before we finally called it a day. I brought home my sisters and friend Anita Go who lived in downtown Manila area. Separately, my children Emil, Martha and Marion went to a 'hole in a wall' coffee house for a night cap. When everybody had reached home safely, I prayed and thank God for this wonderful fun-filled family and friends Saturday events. Thank you God for letting us meet and enjoy each others company all together. Thank You very much! I love You!!!

Lucas, Arthuro Bugayog and my brother Wilson

  My high school chums and I at my my brother's place.

 I was leading Sunie in dancing the swing.

 Inside the office room for the u-tube song Gangnam Style

 Me, my friends Corazon Taeza, Imelda Bugayong and Anita Go
They are all good dancers!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Tagaytay Family Outing

This summer I went to Tagaytay to take a breather from the heat in Manila with my children (except for Roy in USA) and grandchildren. We booked our stay at Hotel Kimberly.
We ate at Josephine's. Their fried tawilis was good. But the restaurant was jam packed with customers waiting in line to be seated and the service was not as efficient.

The family got seated.

We ate supper at Bag of Beans and bought some of their bread.
 Here is a loaf of their popular raisin bread.

With Lucas, Angel and Marion.
Nice ambiance.
To SM carnival

At the merry carnival site.
The ferry's wheel

 Grandson Dylan on the plane.

  Martha, Lucas and Marion with the Taal lake and volcano at the background.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting Away

I'll be out for awhile. Nothing particularly exciting but doing boring things how I wish I can do without like seeing my doctors, repairing my second home, replanting my small garden and keeping cool and away from the summer heat in Manila. I would however like to keep cool in some exciting manners like going to the beach, to Tagaytay, to some cool vacation places if my check-up schedules will allow me to. But since all my children are working, I'll only have the week end to spend my time with them. I'll make the most of it, you can count on me. I'll come up with something more interesting to do yet.............until'll be hearing from me again :-) long.....

Monday, April 1, 2013

Reposting Pictures of My Pilgrimage

  My family and I arrived Lourdes, France on October 11, 2012. It was just in time, we arrived during the onset of the "Year of Faith". Lourdes was so beautiful and peaceful. The Blessed Mother could not have chosen a better place to visit. Thank you for your numerous miracles dear Mother.

 There was a single rose in bloom when we arrived. For me, the miracle of rose was mine. We got to the grotto without much queue. We arrived after a period of showers and the cave walls had streaks of rain water flowing inside. I assumed the streaks of water on the walls was also mine and for mine family too. So lucky of us to arrive that very day. I readily caressed the cave and the water with both hands. My Blessed Mother knew how I felt and she consoled me upon my arrival. Thank you dear Mother and thank you Lord for giving us your mother!!!