Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kitchen Helpers

Yehey! I got 2 new kitchen helpers: a male stay-out cook (meaning he doesn't live with us) and a stay-in female assistant. The female assistant helps out and sees to it that the kitchen stays clean. But hmmm....this is the first time for me though to hire a stay-out helper. I have to see if this set up will endure. I hope it will. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Unofficial Family Cook

Since our cook left first week of July, I have been the unofficial kitchen helper of the Tan family. The Tan family comprises of 3 main houses: those of Lucio, Luna and Lucas. We have one common kitchen that prepares for our lunch and supper. Our food aren't anything special. They are mostly the usual meat, veggie and carbo viands. We are not picky eaters too. But I guess working in the kitchen is not an easy job, so occasionally the family encounters a change of helper now and then. Our last cook was the worst of them all. She was uninterested to learn new recipe and because of her religion, wasn't able to taste all of her pork dishes. (not a muslim by the way). Our meals are kind of scheduled for MWF and TThS. Sunday fare was always the same all through out. Haha! Worst than a school cafeteria. Even that, Lucas and I were always happy, thankful and contented of our three-square meals everyday.
Anyway, since I am the only member of the family who doesn't work in the store, so I tasked it to myself to help in the kitchen while we look for a more fitting cook. Honestly, I kind of love to work in the kitchen sometimes. To be a good cook though, one must need an abundance of good ingredients to make the food delicious. How I wish I can have a great kitchen too, so I can concoct good dishes like a seasoned chef. Hahaha!
I guess I'll just make the most out of everything and do my best. Hope to get a good helper soon

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whirlwind Path

My husband was only able to take 2 pictures, although we saw more of the devastation. Scary climate change!

Dylan and Yuri

Taken on June 2011