Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oct 31

I came to Manila last Sunday and my sister Helen was the first to call me up at home. When she asked me why I came back to Manila so soon and what was the purpose of my stay in Manila, I answered her: " To attend your birthday party." hahaha.  I really invited myself to her birthday party. I even suggested the venue for the bash, even the food. hehe. So tonight we will all be eating lechon at my brother Jun's place.
Today, Helen and I, we had lunch at my Uncle Fernando's house. Uncle Fernando has 12 children. And my cousins, they meet and have lunch with my uncle and aunt every Wednesday. Since we literally grew up with them, Helen and I would join them sometimes whenever we can. I suggested that she brought a fondue of chami as a celebration of her birthday. The chami was ordered from Mannhann Kitchen and  we enjoyed the birthday noodles. Auntie Elsa, my generous dikim gave Helen a big angpao.
After lunch, I did a bit of ads solicitation from my cousins for my school 15th anniversary yearbook. Luckily for me, Linda Herrera Yu ( family friend ) came over and I added one more solicitation. I didn't intentionally use Helen for my purpose. The opportunity just coincided. I know my cousins would have supported my request. It is just good luck and good timming to have things happened on my sister's birthday. Happy birthday Helen and may you have more birthdays to come. I love you!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I haven't watched movie for a long time because almost nobody goes to moviehouses anymore in cotabato city. I was busy for the past several months shuttling back and forth from Cotabato to Manila, that my time spent both in two places wasn't even enough for family,works and friends. During those months I opted not to spend my time watching tv or movies, rather I talked and talked with everybody over meals and meriendas and coffees. I chatted online too with my children and kept abreast with them through Multiply and other blogs. I almost lost my voice and got crossed eyed hehehe. But now I have one week break from work. I put off computing grades and I promise to leisurely spend my time and do things slowly.
So I arrived Manila yesterday afternoon, the first thing I did was to request people to take me to a movie. How I missed going to cinemas. I was surprised the ticket was costly though. But it was really pleasant and relaxing. The aircondition was cold and the seat comfortable. I was always ready with my coat and I couldn't do  without the popcorns and junk food too hahaha. To top it all, "Stardust" was an entertaining movie to watch. I did enjoy watching the fairytale, com-adventure and comedy film a lot. I never realized I miss going to cinema that much. hahaha

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First semester almost over

I am done with my exam. Enrollment is on going and I still go to school everyday even though I have less work to do. I hate to be idle and seeing people idle. So yesterday while waiting for time, I suggested and began a dance practice with the teachers in preparatiion for our annual school Christmas program.
We had fun. We were able to choreograph two Filipino dances for the kids: Planting Rice and Itik-itik. We got a "Planting Rice" music that is sang in English. I guess very few people now a days know the English version of the "planting rice". We incorporated dance steps and actions that would be easy for the kids. The children will be excited to perform.
After this week, will be the semestral break. Everybody is looking forward to this break. Many people will go on vacation. I on the other hand plan to look out for new Christmas arts and crafts to introduce to the children for their November and December classroom activities.
First semester is almost over but second semester is going to be much busier. I am anticipating more work right now. Got to start early. hahaha!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Tom and Angel came home to Manila today. After four weeks of being under my care, I now turn-over Dylan back to his parents. I love this little tot even more. I have not only played with him, but cooked his meal, lullabbied him to sleep, forced him to drink more water, ran after him, fed him healthy food. I also made him to sit down in his stroller, calmed him down by singing and playing nursery songs. I trained and taught him new antics and he learned them fast and quickly. I came to know him more, that despite his playfullness, he has a very keen perception of things and places, and like his father Tom, this little boy has memory as big as an elephant :)  He is now very happy that his parents are back home  and like the first day upon our  arrival here in Manila, he seems to be telling me ( through smiles and  hugs) .....Thanks. On the other hand, I should be thanking him for our good teamwork. Thanks to Tom and Angel though for their faith in me and giving me this rare opportunity to know my grandson well.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I am lucky this year. My husband and I got food gifts from muslims friends during their edil fit'r celebration. First there was tinagtag, then suman with chicken (instead of pastil), and dudol last night. The dudol was actually from the mother of Dylan's yaya. They are not muslims but they learned to make dudol, and dudol is one of my favorite muslim delicacy. It's like maruya except stickier and it's violet in color. yum yummy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ramadan almost over

The month of Ramadan is almost over. Either it will end on the 11th or on the 12th depending whether somebody is able to spot the new moon. The 12th has already been declared a holiday by the president. As is, we have already received some food from our muslim friends. One customer sent tinagtag this pm and we enjoyed eating them this evening. Tinagtag is like the local cookie made from rice. I am looking forward to pastil - rice with shredded chicken cook in banana leaf. Or dudol - sweet sticky coconut and violet malagkit mix. I just hope there will be mininal gun firing over the sky this end of Ramadan. Peace to all.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday outing

Ever since the kids were small, Sunday was always a family day for outing. Now it's Dylan's turn. This Sunday morning, we went to our lot in Gonzalo Javier. Dylan liked to run around on the green grass. In the afternoon, we went to CCI. After CCI, we went to our old pasyalan at ORC or the ARMM park site. But it was getting late, we had to come home. Next time around again.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Since the yaya has to go on off every thursday and saturday, I got to take over the babysitting. Thursday is easier since the off is only for two hours while saturday is the more difficult one for it takes the whole day until eight in the evening.
Making dylan go to sleep is the big challenge since the yaya has a certain way of swaying him to slumber. Last saturday was my first whole day babysitting date with dylan and he gave me a hard time. He had just barely adjusted to the new environment and his parents absence, when the yaya took the day off. He literally cried himself to sleep. I almost cried with him. haha

Last thursday though, was a piece of cake. I put him to sleep without so much fuss. I felt so happy to be able to do that.
Today is saturday and another big day again. I cooked his meal and he ate a lot. I also got him to drink plenty of water instead of juice. I guess he is now quite familiar with my presence because when I get tired of carrying him and would turn him over to the housemaid, he would cling to me so. He is however right now playing with his cousin chelsea. I hope we'll make a good team, like that of last Thursday. Here's wishing me luck. hahaha

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


August moon festival 2007

Instead of mooncakes, we have assorted gifts for prizes. Lucas and I hosted the dinner in thanksgiving of our 27th year since moving to this house and of other family blessings, including having Dylan visiting us on this year's auspicious date.

Monday, October 1, 2007

September to October

Last September was rather a good month that started happily with Emil's birthday, then of Roy coming home to Manila, of brief family reunion, and of baby Dylan coming home to cotabato; a  celebration of 27th year happy home anniversary on the Chinese August Moon Festival and of Roy, Tom and Angel's trip to USA last September 29th during the Feast of Archangels. They arrived Seattle safely yesterday.
Today, I went to church to offer prayers of thanksgiving . Inside the church was a group of people reciting tagalog prayers. I was made aware that it is now October - the month of our Lady of Rosary - a special month of dedication. Yes, I have so long ago dedicated all my children to her care. Now I include baby Dylan in my prayers too. Blessed Rosary month to all! Don't forget to pray.