Monday, June 30, 2014

Flowers at Home

Flowers that greet me "Welcome Home", "Home Sweet Home", "There's Nothing Like Home!"......

My Home Sweet Homes

Home is where the heart is:

In Manila

In Cotabato

Blessed Mother, you are the queen of our homes.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Taking Notes

I just want to list down the things I did since May 27, 2014, when I came to Manila with my husband Lucas primarily for an interview at the US Embassy. I just want to remember all that I have done for future references:
1. Dinner with old high school classmates at Magnolia Robinson's
2. Appointment with the US Embassy done on May 29, 2014.
3. Met Sui-ling Sarmiento and welcomed her to our home.
4. Had a heart to heart meeting and snacks with cousins Nelly and Adele.
5. Blood chemistry done for lucas and me. Everything's fine so far.
6. Visited my parents and grandparents graves at Manila Memorial Park.
7. Commemorated the death anniversary of my father Francisco Ledesma on June 5.
8. Called up Meralco due to buzzing sound created by the electric transformer located infront of our house.
9. Reenforced security devices on our doors and windows.
10. Repaired the window blinds of emil's and our bedrooms.
11. Fixed the first floor toilet leaks.
12.. Installed new water closets at the master and girl's bedrooms.
13. Had the alternator and regulator changed for our old car.
14. Repaired air-condition leaks on three bedroom window sills.
15. Condoled with my sister Imelda Yaw for the demise of her mother-in-law.
16. Movie date with old chum Corazon Taeza.
17. Repaired and painted the downspout leak on my bathroom.
18. Consulted with Dr. Samuel Ang for Lucas hernia problem
19. Admitted to the hospital for Lucas' surgical repair on June 17.
20. Discharged on June 19, 2014
21. Fixed the computer and modem problem at home
22. Repaired run down kitchen cupboards this morning.
23. On going works on gutters and downspouts.
24. etc, etc, etc....

Not to forget to mention spending time with my children specially Martha and Marion, going to mass, whiling time away at the mall, going to the movies, going to Baclaran with my siblings, pleasantly welcoming Salsa (Sue's dog), seeing people who came to visit Lucas at home, replying emails and writing blogs and many other more....... This year June 2014 is really such a long long month for me.......Hope to go home to Cotabato soon.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Things seem to be getting done little by little. Happy and proud with my little accomplishment. Lucas is feeling all right. Things are getting better. I feel calmer this morning after the kitchen cupboard is restored.
I went to Baclaran last night with my siblings. Not surprisingly found serenity inside the church and knew many things will turn out fine.
Thank you my Lord, thank you my blessed mother, and thanks to all the saints and angels during these times of my needs. Thank you so much!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


After a week of worrying about Lucas hernia problem and running after the surgeon who went out of town for a couple of days; my husband Lucas was finally admitted at Cardinal Santos Hospital on Monday July 16, 2014 and operated on Tuesday. He was discharged this morning, and is right now at home recovering from his surgical repair.
Correction: June 16, 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What's Wrong?

Things seem to be going awry since yesterday.
I went to get my senior movie pass booklet at the Quezon City Hall yesterday. And what do you know, my driver Benny locked the car key inside.
I went to SM North this afternoon to watch a movie with my friend Cora, to come back to a flat tire vehicle that was punctured by a big nail inside the parking area.
Lucas who has gone back to Cotabato recently, needs to come back to Manila again due to hernia problem. He may need to undergo surgical repair.
O Blessed Mother, please untangle all my distress. Please come to my aid. Why do problems come one after the other? O Divine Mother, pray for me and help me and my family so that everything goes well and smoothly for all of us. I love you and my Lord Jesus Christ. Be with us every moment of our lives. Amen.

Friday, June 6, 2014


After several days of tampering with my newly installed toilet bowl which was found leaking, I was almost at my wits end. I called up Wilcon, the store where I bought the water closet. This morning, they sent me a technician who came to investigate but it was my plumber who redid all the work. At first, we thought we had it done successfully, but we were wrong. When the technician left, the problem resurfaced, with even a bigger flow. I was there all the time watching the progress of the work and helping from beginning to end. The plumber, his aide and I, we worked on the unit several times again and again the whole afternoon. The problem however would come back over and over. The plumber himself was dumbfounded at what's wrong. After several unsuccessful attempts, we were all in despair. I quickly resolved to prayer as was my habit in times of need. I prayed to St. Joseph to help this poor man finished his task successfully. He was so worked out but not giving up. I was on the other hand so frustrated already. Finally, during the mid afternoon, I thought of going to another store to look at the model unit and hopefully to ask for help. When the attendant at the store showed me a part of the same Kholer's fittings, I realized that the rubber part of my water closet was too soft and short. I quickly knew what to do and bought the new parts. I went home and had it refitted and reinstalled. Wallah, the re-installation this time was successful. Before I left for the store, the plumber although had promised me that we would work on this problem over time today, yet thankfully he was able to finish his job shortly before 5PM. Just in time to go home to his family.

I know nobody likes to read about tedious repairs and works. But I promised St. Joseph and the Holy Family, that if the works get done, I would post the outcome in my blog. Thank you so very much for the enlightenment and great help!!! I love you so much O my Divine Family!!!

( I am in Manila by the way. )

Monday, June 2, 2014

Prayer to St. Joseph

St. Joseph, protector of the home,
Please help me. I am overwhelmed with all the repairs at home. There are so many broken down things. The family car is also sent to the garage this morning. Help! Help! Help! My dear St. Joseph please help me fix my many problems specially the leaks in the toilet and plumbing systems. My plumber here in Manila is not the best so far. But with your help, he can be enlightened and I so need you to enlighten me with your wisdom too.
People are more important than fixtures though, so I pray most specially for your protection for all my family members. Protect us from all harm and danger and diseases. Keep us safe always. May we live to be true Christians like you and our blessed mother in Nazareth. Come live with us. We welcome you to our abode in repairs. Help us in all our cares and concerns and pray for us in all our endeavors. Thank you.