Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Puerto Princesa Reunion Trip

CCI (formerly CCHS) Class '68 went to Puerto Princesa, Palawan for it's 44th year reunion trip. We were Bert Atienza, Bert Co, John Co, Tony Dy, William Lee, Albert Lim, Jose Lim, Ricky Lim, Ignacio Lu, Pablo Lu, Minton Quan, Benjie Tan, Gerry Tan, Robert Tan, Alfredo Uy, Robert Yap, Ramon Yee Fon, Imelda Bugayong, Remy Fornillos, Anita Go, Wee Eng Ong, Heddy Tan and Hermie Chew. 17 boys and 6 girls, a total of 23 high school classmates. It was one of the most successful reunions we ever had. We were excited liked little kids, and more noisy and rowdy than teenagers. The excursion lasted for 4 days and 3 nights. I hardly slept the first day but surprisingly my stamina was quite high. My bosom buddy Imelda was worse. I didn't realize she could be awake and ready to go at 3:30 in the morning. Hahaha! That's excitement for you!!! Anyway, I took a few shots from my phone camera. Enjoy the pictures.....

Monday, February 27, 2012

CCI Class '68 Reunion Party

It's again the leap year and so time for another reunion. This time, we celebrated our 44th year class reunion party at the Quezon City Sports Center. Below are highlights of the affair.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today is Ash Wednesday. It ushers the 40 days observance of Lent. Lucas and I attended mass at 7 o'clock this morning and received the mark of ashes on our forehead. Today Catholics are supposed to fast and abstain from eating meat. Because of my age, I am also supposedly excused from fasting already. Yet I think I am still able and capable enough of practicing self discipline, so I shall continue to do so. It is really not as hard as how the muslims do it. We Catholics are allowed two light snacks and one full meal. This morning, I ate half a pandesal with sardines filling and drank a cup of honey beverage. For lunch I had banana soup and two servings of tilapia and water. It's not so bad. I am not feeling hungry, except for that particular time when I went to Gateway Mall. The many food display there made me salivate. Haha! I shall have my full meal tonight.
Today makes me also think about last year's Lent. If I recall right, the first Friday of Lent last year, Japan was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami. Although it really happened in the month of March. I heard the horrifying news from my sister-in-law Jean on my way to Mount Carmel Church. For the culmination of Lent 2011 however, I was in Seattle together with my husband Lucas, my sister Helen and my children Roy and Marion. I went to church in Seattle and spent my Easter Sunday in Skagit  tulip farms. How time flies.............

Monday, February 20, 2012


I find myself these days in a dance frenzy. Hahaha. My high school classmates and I are practicing two dances at the same time in preparation for our reunion party  and trip : a costume dance and a retro number.  I am confident with the muslim dance but I tend to still get confused with my retro moves and sometimes I get out of sync.  The reunion is oh so fast approaching that I am beginning to feel the jitters.

After the reunion, I have my participation with my church group for the Federation of Chinese Catholic Women's convention in Dumaguete. Since my friends in the church are still in Cotabato, they have been continuously practicing the Filipiniana dance medley to perfection. All I have now is a medley copy which I have to practice the dance moves all by myself through memory. But I don't want to worry about it now. Let me take care of it after the high school hulabaloo is over.But I must practice by myself when I get back from our reunion trip in Palawan. I don't want to disappoint the audience. My friends, they do think I am good and I have to be. I hope and pray that everything goes well with all of my activities. Will talk to you again soon

Friday, February 10, 2012


This week, I began a dance work-out with friends in preparation for our trip to Dumaguete. I was feeling oh so hungry and drowsy when it all started, because the exercise has to be conducted during the noon time.
Luckily, I have adjusted to the schedule now. Here's how I do it: Before the practice, I eat some carbo snacks. (I even sneaked to Chowking once to eat a bowlful of mami. Hehe). Then I take a late lunch after the practice and off to my afternoon nap. Yes, that I can do it now because I don't have any good paying work or obligation to attend to anymore. If I were still teaching at school or working in the store, I could not have joined this group to Dumaguete. This is actually my first convention and presentation after saying so many no's to a lot of invites. I am looking forward to enjoying this camaraderie. I am actually having a lot of fun now and feeling lighter with my body. Hurrah to myself! Hehehe............