Sunday, March 30, 2008

Graduation Day


Graduation rite is always long, more so when the graduating students are more than a thousand which was the case with the Ateneo's commencement ceremony yesterday. It was tremendously hot and although Lucas and I had special seats, I could hardly see Marion marched in. I craned my neck long enough to see her though.
Marion was among the first 50 graduates under BS Management to receive her diploma. After walking up the stage, she came down and approached us accompanied by an usherette who was carrying her medal. Lucas and I got up. I bestowed the medal on her while Lucas took our pictures. It was most memorable. As it was with all my children, I always felt like crying during their graduations. I felt the same weakness yesterday but had to control myself. As I told my children, those who were present with me last night. "You are happy. We are also very happy. Your graduation is somehow our accomplishment too." I always feel emotional to see my children grow-up.  Congratulation Marion! You make us proud

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Testimonial Dinner

Lucas and I attended Ateneo's testimonial dinner for graduating honorees last night. It was heart warming because Marion was very happy. She was included among the honorees as she will be graduating honorable mention come this Marth 29th. She was excited to show us who's who in the crowd. She introduced us to her friends and also to one of her favorite teachers. We got seated on table no. 8 and I didn't realized we were just adjacent to the next table of VIPs among whom were Father Nebres SJ,  Mr. Rudy Ang, Mr. Martin Lorenzo the guest speaker and others. On our table were two cum laude awardees and their parents and guests. The program began right after a delicious supper. Unfortunately, the guest speaker gave a long and irritating speech. I don't like to say bad words but he was not a very humble person. I personally think people of such big stature need not boast. I honestly think that real big people are humble and lovable just like Father Nebres. Well, sour lemon maybe on my part for I am just simply a small inidividual. But nothing mattered because it was Marion's night. She was pretty, petite and younger than most. She was unfazed by big names and big people and big titles. She was almost standing side by side with Father Nebres when the school song was sung. Marion was simply happy. My heart swelled just looking at her :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Martha and Marion's birthday

I am presently in Manila. I came here right after the graduation at St. Martha School in Cotabato on March 19, 2008 (Wednesday) to attend the 21st birthday party of my twin girls Martha and Marion. I was pleasantly surprised. Angel, my daughter-in-law superivised the party magnificently well: the setting was artistically well arranged, the food was nice, the caterer service was efficient and courteous, to top it all, the expenditure was reasonable and worthwhile. Tom and Angel had seen through the party's small details, that I did not get to fuss about anything but simply ate and enjoyed the party. I am really pleased that Angel can be depended upon to be a good party coordinator.
Kudos also to my nephews Miguel and Martin for the bar. People at the party loved their exotic drinks. One that I drank was called the "artic" hahaha!
The guests were mostly my daughters' college friends from both schools of Ateneo and La Salle, but of course the relatives were invited too, to mingle with the young ones. Now, I am glad to have met most of their friends whom I have seen in pictures and whom they fondly and excitedly talked about. This birthday bash was like some kind of a coming out party for them. Some thing like a debut. As I jokingly said " They were too young at 18, now puede na magboyfriend." hahaha!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Visiting Father Caroff

Lucas and I visited Father Caroff several times these February and March. They were mostly on the spur of the moment Sunday morning visits which were done after the masses or after some eat-out breakfasts. Because we didn't inform him in advance, he was sleeping each time we were there. We got to talk to his caretakers in the Oblates House though, and we were glad to know that he went to Bugwak to spend his 84th birthday last February. We made appointment to visit him one Saturday afternoon too but he texted to inform us that he was going to Notre Dame University and asked us to postpone the visit to another day. It was heart waming though for us to know that Father Caroff was going out and making social rounds. Sometimes the people at the Oblate's House would bring him to the grotto in Tamontaka too.
Yesterday morning, we tried again to see him at the Provincial House but were there at the wrong time again, we decided to return late in the afternoon. We caught him outside of his room in a wheel chair. The sun was going down and it was not too glaring for him to be out in the open. He had many rashes on this forehead and was trying to scratch them with his feebled hand. I offered to send two bottles of coconut virgin oil for application on the rashes. He gladly accepted my offer and even said that I needed only but to send a small amount. Anyway we had small talk. He tried to be the perfect host asking me a lot of questions regarding my work and family. His memory, I noticed was not as keen anymore. The worst thing I observed were his feet. They were so swollen and big but he was not complaining about any discomfort. When we came to talk about prayers and micracles, he smiled and said. " It should be a cooperation between God and man."

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

a new job

I am closing St. Martha School this March. Despite the closure, I am proud of my 15 years of work and reputable performance. It is a work of love -no regrets and no tears. I am moving along to another task which I have finally accepted yesterday. I will be going to my alma mater CCI to head the kiddie department. Most of my teachers in St. Martha School will be absorbed by the school too. I have to adapt though to the old school style and methods specially with regards to  schedules, policies and traditions. But I am going to give it a try and see if it works out for me. See you in CCI next school year :)