Friday, November 28, 2014

With High School Buddies in Bohol

After the 3D2N reunion at Shangri-la Hotel, Cebu; my bosom buddies Imelda, Anita, Corazon (and Cora's husband Boy) and I went to Bohol for a side trip. I had been to Bohol two to three times already with my family in the past, yet this time I accommodated my friends specially Imelda and Anita for old time sake to be with them in this journey. The trip to Bohol was booked by Corazon entirely and understandably it was a budget fare. When we arrived Bohol, I was disappointed that we stayed in Tacbilaran town, as I was all expecting to be at the Beach where most tourists were billeted. However I appreciated the kind hospitality of the lodging house and enjoyed the countryside's simple yet clean accommodation. But I had been to Bohol before and I knew the beach was the foremost tourist destination, and so I began inquiring about going to the seaside. However the innkeepers (including the van driver) were hesitant to accommodate. It was a good thing I was persistent for I so wanted to celebrate my birthday on November 10, 2014 with my friends by eating seafood dinner with a real seaside ambiance. My inquiry was made fruitful, for at last they consented to extend our tour to the beach with additional fare. So after a whole day tour of the Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers Conservation Forest, Loboc River, Baclayon Church and the Assumption Dauis Church, upon my insistent and persistent despite being so tired, we were finally brought to the Alona public beach. Actually, I had been to a more beautiful beach strip before where the white sand was fine and the water pristine. I wanted to go there but I did not know where it was located. The driver though for unknown reason was not accommodating enough, he was beginning to be irritated with me. It was getting dark, so I settled to go to Alona public beach instead. My friends and I were not disappointed though, the local beach was teeming with inns and restaurants and foreign tourists were aplenty specially the divers. So we picked a restaurant along the stretch and chose some fresh seafood to be cooked. At sunset, we ate rice, crabs, shrimps and fish on the beach shore. My bare feet played freely with the fine white sand. That dinner was for me personally the highlight of the day. Hehehe.......!

 We called ourselves the Scorpians: Anita, Heddy and Imelda

With Cora and her husband Boy Taeza

At the Cholcolate Hills, Bohol

 Dauis, Our Lady of Assumption Church in repair after the earthquake last year.

At Alona Beach, Bohol

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Class Reunion at Shangri-la Mactan

Reunion of CCI Class'68 took place at Shangri-la, Mactan, Cebu this year on November 7 to 9, 2014. We were 26 attendees this year, much bigger than last year Tagaytay's get together which was 17; and the Puerto Princesa, Palawan in 2012 which had 23 attendance in all. This time we were (in random) Imelda Bugayong, Corazon Taeza, Anita Go. Rosalinda Ko, Wee Eng Ong, Hermie, Remedios Fornillos, Heddy Tan, Roberto Atienza, Ricky Lim, Manuel Haw, Joe Lim, Ernesto Lim, William Lee, Benjie Tan, Robert Yap, Roberto Co, Ramon Yee Fon, Quan Minton, Samto Uy, Vicente Uy, Geraldo Tan, Alfredo Uy, Ignacio Lu, Alberto Lim and Manuel Yap.
Sadly, my camera was left in my hotel room most of the time, so I was able to take few pictures only on the first day tour of Shangri-la Hotel. It was a momentous gathering of childhood friends. We were all rowdy and excited like high school kids.
As I keep on saying always....even though we are all senior citizens now, yet when we get together, we don't feel a day older because the spirit does not age at all. So happy seeing all of you guys....until the next time again!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

More of Virginia

Our gregarious hosts Domingo and Jackie brought us to places in Virginia Beach:

To the beach

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier with Jackie

At the Hermitage Light Show

Myself, Terry, June, Jackie, Domingo, Marion and Roy

Fields of changing colored bulbs - one of the many light displays.

Eating delicious dimsum

Shopping! Here Lucas sat down beside the Santa Clause manikin. Make a wish Lucas, hahaha.

Clowning at the Halloween Shop

Domingo took us sailing at Lynn Haven.

Family get together with Domingo's kids Christopher and Jon.

Early thanksgiving dinner with family members.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Trip to Virginia

My husband Lucas, children Roy and Marion and I went to Virginia to visit my brother-in-law Dr. Domingo C. Tan and his wife, Jackie. During our stay, Virginia Beach was all green and sunny, it felt like summer than autumn. We had a most relaxing time lazying around Domingo's estate. To date, it was the most beautiful private home I have ever been and seen. This was my 5th time to visit since 1986. Domingo and Jackie were very gregarious hosts. We enjoyed our stay and vacation. 

Dr. Domingo and his parrot
Domingo, Jackie, Marion, Heddy, Roy and the big dog Maggie.

Brothers Lucas and Domingo
Lucas at the frontage of the house

Me at the right-side entrance of the house with Jackie's sport car.

With Marion at the terrace

At the terrace over looking the lawn, the pool, the open fire place, the dock and the gazebo.

 From the terrace over looking people at the Japanese garden and koi pond.

Posing at the koi pond

The Tan brothers enjoying their drinks at the open fire place.

 At Domingo's private dock.

A view of his estate from the river.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Museums, Art Galleries and Others

In Washington, appreciating arts, food, galleries, museums, historical sites, parks, trails and symphonies, etc.........

Enjoying a stroll at Sammamish River trail.

Watching the ducks along the river trail.

 Eating delicious pizza at Serious Pie in Seattle.

 At the Seattle Art Museum Restaurant after the museum tour.

 At Museum of History and Industry in Seattle.

 Appreciating the Fall colors

 At Boeing Museum, after the plant tour.

 A quiet afternoon stroll at the Light House Park, in Mukilteo

 At the Asian Museum in downtown, Seattle.

At the privately own Frye Museum in Seattle.

All dressed up for the Mozart Symphony at Benaroya Hall in Seattle.
What a beautiful place! I would love to go back to Seattle again.