Thursday, August 28, 2014

What's New?

The Chinese "Ghost Month" is over. I am repairing my house again although mostly minor ones this time. Yesterday, I had the mezzanine wall checked and laced with Solignum for termites control, also replaced a small portion of the dirty kitchen's bathroom ceiling. Today, the carpenter is working on reenforcing the leaking dirty kitchen roof top and will soon work on the ceiling of my corridor. After which the painters will come to freshen up all those repairs. I will also replace my 40 year old rubber mattress with a new one. My shoulder and back have been aching lately, so I ordered an ortho Uratex foam from Davao. It will be delivered in two to three weeks time. Then when all these are done, I will get ready for a vacation to see my children and attend my class reunion in November. I am pretty excited about the trips already.

In the mean time, I follow Masterchef on tv. When I watch cooking show, I get inspired to do a little cooking myself. I try to do one special viand each day. I was able to cook crabs with misua last Sunday (too salty I think haha). Our cook served embotido on Monday, bihon on Tuesday. I did siomai on Wednesday and fresh lumpia last night. I might do a fish with soy sauce tonight. Hehehe. I just hope I don't get bitten by the lazy bugs. Hahaha! Happy eating everyone!

Updates: I cooked lapu lapu fish soup instead. A little salty again. I have to lessen my dash of salt from now on. Hehe.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Random Thoughts

It's almost the middle of August, and many schools in the Philippines are going through their first quarter examinations. But I have no test papers to check nor grades to compute; instead I watch my favorite tv shows and stay up late till midnight. Now that I'm retired, I do enjoy the luxury of waking up late in the morning. But watching news about the Philippines, the Middle East conflicts, the Ebola virus epidemic, etc, is so scary and depressing. I am actually such a paranoid, I over imagine and over think things. But despite all the negativity, I shall continue to hope and pray for good things to come:
1. May cures be found soonest for treating cancers and other deadly diseases.
2. May peace be still attainable in the world.
3. May there be peace and order and progress in Cotabato City.
4. May our leaders in the Philippines work for the betterment and welfare of its people.
5. May people turn towards goodness instead of wickedness.
6. May the Lord God have mercy on us all.