Monday, July 9, 2018

Birthdays in July

There are many birthday celebrations for the month of July. In my own family alone, I have two: Lucas on July 12 and Roy on July 15.

This year my sister-in-law Tina is celebrating her 80th birthday this July 10. Her children and grandchildren came home to give her a grand birthday party. Luna and Tina have the most grandchildren in the Tan family. They have 5 children and a total of 15 grandchildren. Not all grandchildren arrived though, some have to attend classes in Manila. If you must know, Luna and Lucas are brothers. We live in one building, our front doors are facing fronting one another. We have one common kitchen (aside from our own individual kitchens.) We have one common family cook that prepares our common meals. Sometimes we prepare our own special viands in our individual kitchen too, but most of the time we just eat whatever the cook prepares for us. Their children and our children literally grew up together in Cotabato City. My son Roy and his cousin Jocelyn belong To the same batch, and Tom my second son and his cousin Jacqueline were classmates from kinder to high school. Infact I can say, Tom and Jacqueline are the closest cousins among them. But aside from the family store and common events, our children's upbringing are totally different. I was the strict and disciplinary mother, while Tina was the pampering good mother. We did not interfere with each other in bringing up our children though. Which ever style we adapted, they all grew up to become fine young men and women too.

So Apollo the eldest son of Luna and Tina is likewise celebrating his 50th birthday this July 11 here in Cotabato. My in-laws house is in such a merry atmosphere. Too bad my children are all too busy with their work, they can not make time to come home for all the happy occasions of their Aunt and cousin. Anyway I have been helpfully assisting them in many ways like lending my children's pillows and blankets and/or bedding's and my maids help clean up our common places for them to use.

Lucas will have his own simple celebration at home on July 12. There will be a party for the workers of LCT Hardware. My children will not come for this occasion. We will soon be going to Manila anyway.

Roy's birthday falls on July 15 and he is far away in USA. I pray for the good Lord to bless and protect him always. Happy birthday to all July celebrants!