Monday, May 29, 2006

Back to the old salt mine

Hi, I am back home in Cotabato, back to the old salt mine. I spent two whirling summer trips to Cebu: One with the Ledesma group and the other with Lucas and my own family plus sister Helen. They are all fun-filled beach hopping vacations: The first Cebu trip, we went down south to Moalboal and island hopping to Badian and also went snorkling at the cebu fish sanctuary. 

The second lap, was a trip to Cebu and Bohol ( We went Dolfin watching at sea early in the morning and there were aplenty of them swimming upfront, infront of our boat like leading us somewhere out there in the sea). Emil also brought us up north to Bantayan Island. Helen and I really got to enjoy the beach and the cave swimming at Ogtong Resort. We were not getting out from the water and Emil said that we might start to grow gills and scales. Hehehe.

This summer I was really able to enjoy Cebu, Bohol, the beach and the scenery, the sun and sea and of course the family members altogether. I became as dark as chocolate. I am still however feeling the hang-over and hoping to go on another fun filled vacation again with my family and siblings. So waiting for me....... 

Friday, May 5, 2006


I went to see Dra. Lourdes Javier today to upgrade my eyeglasses. I have been having headaches lately specially after watching tv shows and browsing through the internet. I definitely thought the head aches have something to do with my eyes. After Dr. Javier confirmed that I needed a new pair of glasses, she further checked on my eyeballs. She immediately suspected that I have glaucoma and insisted that I see Dr. Lapuz, an eye specialist. She said she would not let me go home to Cotabato until I have seen Dr. Lapuz. And so I did and to make a long story short.......I underwent laser correction for glaucoma today. I am just so amazed how technology has advanced this far today. I went through a painless (but quite uncomfortable) laser treatment for less than 30 minutes for both eyes. Amazingly, When I opened my eyes, I could see as clear as day light. Then I went through my day activities as though nothing had really happened. Well, I need to drop eye drops though as prescribed by the doctor for one month. That's all least a happy solution to my problem hehehe