Friday, February 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner at Mann Hann

Evening of February 6, 2010
Thanks to relatives and friends for coming and sharing this happy celebration on the occasion of Martha's graduation thanksgiving party.

Martha's BS & MS Graduation

Martha graduated her BS & MS degrees in Industrial Engineering at De la Salle University last February 6, 2010. Commencement was held at PICC. Lucas, Emil and I attended the rites and were so proud of her. Martha went up the stage twice for both diplomas. Thanks to DOST and the university for encouraging and supporting her continuous masteral pursuit.

New Year's Eve (late posting)

New Year's Eve dinner at LCT Bodega. Lucio and Conchita hosted the Tan's family dinner. After the party, we went to mass at Queen of Peace Church, then home for the new year's count down. At home, we ate a happy hearty delicious noche buena as a prosperous starter for the year. It was altogether a peaceful New Year. There were lesser gun firing and less fire cracker accidents. A Happy Blessed New Year 2010!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Martha's Graduation

Martha graduated both her BS and MS in Industrial Engineering degrees from De La Salle University last Saturday February 6, 2010. Lucas, Emil and I attended her graduation held at PICC. We were so proud of her. She garnered two medals for her undergraduate studies: Honorable Mention and Best in Thesis, and she was able to attain her masteral degree under the co-sponsorship of DOST and her school. Infact she went to Japan under the same sponsorship with her professor and 2 classmates to present their theses last December 2009.
I was so proud of her. She looked so pretty, petite and happy. We gave her a graduation thanksgiving dinner at Mannhann Restaurant (aviary) to celebrate her special day with friends and relatives. It is a great wonder for me that Martha continues to remain shy and unaffected. She is right now applying for a job in the industry. At present she is part time teaching at De La Salle University.
Repeating my prayer before the meal during the celebration..... " For whatever Martha has achieved in her academic pursuit and for whatever she will achieve in the future, it is because of Thy will and for Thy glory O Lord." Thank you God!
Congratulations Tet!!!