Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lazy Sunday

It's a pretty lazy Sunday today April 30, 2006. We went to Mount Carmel Church at noon. Met Helen and Bernard in the church, saw Imelda Bugayong and Jed at a distance. Also met Roselyn Ho, had a little talk, came home for lunch and slept the whole afternoon away hehehe.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I had my little garden plots landscaped today: the front one and the little backyard with grotto. I never have green thumb with plants, but I love well manicured lawns and gardens though. Infact this is the third time that I have seeked for professional help in landscaping since we moved-in in 1997. Today it looks pretty and good. I hope I can maintain and keep it pretty always.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Hi, just came home from a week's vacation in cebu with the Ledesma siblings and families. We enplaned (angel, martha, marion and I) on the 11th of April. We were very happy to see Emil in Cebu and so did he vice versa. We met with the rest of the vacationers at night. The relatives of Janah treated all 18 of us to a yummy supper of fried chicken, liempo and rice. Imagine one whole chicken per person and believed me, you'll still want to have more.

 We went to Moalboal and stayed in a resort for 3 days and two nights. We swam at the white sand beach, went to Kawasan Falls and took the boat to Padian Island in that order for the three day activity. (Others went diving when Emil took us to the falls.) The scenery to kawasan was superb, the trip to the falls was literary a walk and the water was icy cold. Everybody took a dip though except Angel who was into her 5 months of pregnancy.

We went back to Cebu after the Moalboal expedition and stayed in Princeville villa. We rented a big boat and went to the Fish Sanctuary. It was really my first time to go snorkling. I was like in the middle of a beautiful aquarium except that the tide was kind of strong and it carried most of us away from our boat and there was difficulty getting back. Those volunteered life guards in small motor boats were aroung to pick us up though. But for their jobs, they were brazenly asking for money tip in return. That was the only sour part in that snorkling expedition and we paid for the entrance in the fish sanctuary, I had half expected a guided tour or help. I had infact scolded them and said "Must mabuti pa sa Bicol."

But for a that little sour note, the vacation was most enjoyable specialy there was Emil to take care of us. Us were Boy, Dianne, Helen, Ollie, Janah, Gary, Bernard, Carlo, Miguel, Martin, Julia and her yaya, Aileen ( gary's girl friend) Emil, Angel, Martha, Marion and myself.

I am planning to go back this May with Lucas, Lubeng and the twins. We'll see Emil again and proceed to bohol and Davao. Will post pics later from emil's file.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006


Tying the loose ends and I'll be off for the summer. That's one and a half month of happy vacation!!!