Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day Trip to Lake Sebu

Yesterday June 14, 2012, I went on a day trip to Lake Sebu with the Mary Mediatrix Ladies Circle of Cotabato City. We were a big contingent of around 50 persons under the able tour group leadership of our parish priest, the reverend Monsignor Antonio Pueyo, DCC. He used to head the Notre Dame College of Tacurong in Sultan Kudarat for more than 12 years and knew the vicinity well. The group was divided and accommodated into 4 transport vehicles. I joined in with the bus contingent. The outing was well planned and well organized. Kudos to Monsignor Pueyo and Celia Te, president of the MMLC.

 Inside the bus

 Father Pueyo giving pre-departure instructions to the driver.

 At Notre Dame of Tacurong convento with the Rector, Rev. Fr. Bong Fuentes DCC

My sister Jeannette and I with our able parish priest Monsignor Antonio Pueyo DCC
 at the Tacurong convento

We were served snacks. I loved their banana turon most specially. Ate two pieces of them.

 Road side scenery on our way to Lake Sebu.

 Arriving Lake Cebu at Punta Isla Resort, I took a picture with the Tiboli dance family.
They welcomed us with Tiboli songs and dance.

" Hi, I'm in Lake Sebu. "

 Juliet and Precy's miniature size propped up the grand view. Hehe..

Group picture with President Celia Te in blue top.
 Our buffet lunch

Chicharon tilapia and others

 On our way back to Cotabato.... Tributaries of Allah River looked like they were almost over flowing.

We left Cotabato City at 8 AM, took lunch at Lake Sebu at noon, left for Cotabato around 2PM and arrived home few minutes after 5. Thank God for a safe and pleasant trip.

Monday, June 10, 2013


I am not a compulsive shopper, but I enjoy shopping and sometimes window shopping. In Cotabato, I buy only what is necessary, but when I am in Manila, I love looking at the latest fashion and accessories. How I wish I were that slim to fit into those dresses. The next best thing I do is buy clothes for my daughters because they belong to those extra small and small sizes. But when it comes to spending for my own self, I choose things pretty quickly. I am not very meticulous and I am easy to please. Often times, I am up to date in my get up but I am sure nobody really pays much attention to how I look.
Some years ago, when ladies of the houses in Cotabato City went crazy with Chinese ornamental jars, I stayed put. I actually thought those gigantic vases were some kind of a cheap imitation. One day, I bought a small Ching dynasty antique saucer. (there were excavation sites of buried porcelain in Dulawan). I bought the antiquated piece from a local Chinese dealer and displayed it on the shelf.....but alas my maids soon broke it into pieces. That's the end of my mocked up porcelain acquisition.
Shopping is mostly done during Christmas time but I rather give baked goodies to friends rather than buy trifle things that nobody really want. Sometimes though, I am possessed by Mrs. Jolly Good Christmas Spirit and splurge on nicer gift items. It makes me happy to be a little generous during the yuletide season.
Whenever I go abroad, I spend more on food than shopping. My luggage allocation never gets over weight. But woe, each time I reach home, I don't have enough presents to give everybody.
Shopping for clothes sometime is a bit tedious. Obviously because I don't have the figure for good suitability. However few days ago, I went shopping with my children at the greenbelt area and I was just so happy to finally find the right place to buy short length but oversize pants. They were just the right fit for me and no need for alteration. One pair was a little bit costly though. No matter, for now I know where to find the store for my proper fit. I also bought one dress for my daughter and I was really happy to spend my time and money shopping with them.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Class '68 Tagaytay Outing 2013

My high school classmate Rita Cua Uy came to the Philippines from Canada to visit her parents in Cotabato. Taking the opportunity of her short stay in Manila, CCI batch 1968 arranged for a mini overnight reunion at Tagaytay on June first. Sixteen of us former classmates responded to attend the outing. Namely: Imelda Bugayong, Corazon Taeza, Herminigilda Chew, Anita Go, Remedios Fornillos, Robert Atienza, Ricky Lim, Robert Tan, Quan Minton, Manny Hao, Pablo Lu, Ramon Yee Fon, John Co, Pepe Chio, Rita and I.

For our class outing, the batch hired a coaster big enough to shuttle the group. We were picked up at two junctions, one at UCCC Tomas Morato, Quezon City and another one at Cash and Carry, Makati. After everybody was picked up at the two meeting places, we requested a drop-off to get our packed lunch at Manyann, Makati. We then proceeded to Naia terminal 3 to await for the arrival of Rita from Cotabato at 1 PM. When Rita arrived, we were all so joyous to see and welcome her. Losing no more valuable time to go on our trip, we ate our packed lunch inside the coaster. Because of time constraints and because not everybody was capable of climbing steep terrain, our initial activity to cross Taal lake and trek Taal volcano was cancelled. We arrived Tagaytay around 4 PM. Booked and stayed at Tagaytay Vista Lodge. It was an old renovated classic inn considered as having the most ideal panoramic location in town. Instead of doing the trek, we visited the MH family resort at Alfonso to chill out. We took a sumptuous supper at Leslie's Restaurant and went to the Casino at night. Three of our classmates who took chance to play, won!

The next day, on June 2nd which was a Sunday, we leisurely took our buffet breakfast at the hotel, attended mass inside the hotel area, checked out at noon and off to Minton's Batangas farm for late lunch and recreation. For our hungry stomach and thirsty palate, our most gregarious host Minton prepared lechon, grilled tilapia, lechon manok, Indian mango, tinola and young coconut. After lunch, some boys played poker, others catch-up and talked with each others; the girls did karaoke singing and practiced dancing together. We also picked up plants from the farm such as celery, leeks, basil, green mangoes, ripe bananas to bring home to our respective families. Before going home we were served sibut soup to increase our stamina. And off we went back home, exhausted but cheerful, happy and gay, hoping for another class reunion to happen again next year.

To date, this was my fourth trip to Tagaytay since February. It was as enjoyable each time with sets of different companies. For our mini class reunion, the place was nice, the company even better!!!

Below are some pictures taken:

 Imelda and Minton on the bus

Class 68 at the airport welcoming Rita (center green)
Cora, Remy, Anita and Hermie at the hotel lobby

 The guys: Ramon, Pablo, Ricky, Robert, Manny, Pepe, John, Minton

 Berto, the only thorn among the roses with Hermie, Cora, Imelda, Heddy, Remy, Rita and Anita

 Class'68 at MH family resort

The girls at the hotel lobby at night

 At Minton Batangas Farm
Roses from Robert Tan. He gave a bouquet of roses to all the girls.