Thursday, January 31, 2008

picc show

My siblings and I, and sister-in-law Jean, niece Janah and nephew Bernard watched the Chinese New Year Cultural Show at PICC last night, performed by the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation Little Companion Art Troupe. The tickets were free and the audience mostly Chinese were aplenty. Time indicated was 7 PM but it started at 8. The performers were talented and cute but the show was too long and boring.
The chorus sang too many songs, the instrumental numbers played too many pieces, the local dances were too long, the solo numbers seemed to have identical tunes, even the Philippine Wushu exhibition overdid their sword play too. In the middle of the program, people started leaving, several pews infront and at the rear of us became empty. I was wanting to go home too but surprisingly my companions were very patient last night and I endured it to the last.
There were a few numbers that I liked though:
1. The song Mo Li Hua
2. The suona (wind instrument) solo - A Hundred Birds Are Paying Homage to a Phoenix
3. The wushu exhibition
4. and the piano solo.
Their costumes were very very pretty, and of course to specially mentiion that the  troupe's young emcees were quite impressive; specially the youngest girl who presided in English, she stole the whole show.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

bad day

Have you ever had a very very bad day? Yesterday was it. ( I'm in Manila by the way )
1.The ref was leaking - Tom called up the repair man.
2. The PLDT telephone unit needed to be replaced - I called for technical assistance
3. The dish dryer was not functioning - I brought it to Imarflex center.
4. The repair man for dish dryer was out, so I brought the dish dryer home.
5. The new house maid left home without prior notice. That was the biggest blow of the day. (although this might be a blessing in disguise.)
6. Talked to Mariion's doctor regarding mal-alignment hip muscle pain.
7. Lost the car park ticket.
Tom and Angel brought us all to SM to eat out, watch a movie and relax. Before the show begun, I was praying silently for all things to get better. Smile!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Davao and back

Lucas and I and friends Siolan Yap, Conchita Co and Lena Kaw went to Davao last Sunday morning. I went to the DFA office on Monday for my personal appearance and came back home to Cotabato right immediately. My friends went with me for the ride and comaraderie.We had lots of silly talks and fun time shopping too.  It was a short and pleasant trip. Thanks to my friends for keeping me company. 

Friday, January 18, 2008

busy January

I have been busy lately and everybody seems to be very busy too. It's a nice start for year 2008 though. Being busy means you have something doing and going on.

Last week had me worrying about martha getting sick. Maybe it's the allergies and maybe the flu too. What's important is, she is well now and busy attending to her school work. I wish everybody will take more steps in preventive health meeasures.

Today, we just finished our last test for the 3rd quarter examination. The results are generally good with several students getting 100% in their examinations and with high average results too. There are however isolated cases of failures, one in each class. I talked to the parents regarding our concerns for we've got to address the problem next quarter. One of the pupils concerned though is leaving for Honkong disneyland this February and its the fourth quarter grading period already, almost the end of the school year at that. The parents promised him a Hongkong trip for his birthday. I think you can guess the reason why that particular child is out of focus in school. 

Sunday, January 6, 2008

January 2008

The last batch of children left for Manila this afternoon and all is quiet in the home front tonight. I busied myself cleaning up the mess they left behind. I lit up the Christmas lights and lanterns for the Feast of Epiphany which formally ends the Yuletide season today. Tomorrow classes resume for 2008.
While trying to keep myself busy, I took stock of what transpired in 2007. To sum it up, 2007 was truly a good year for me and my family:
1. We had family reunions and get-togethers aplenty, whether they be in Cotabato, Manila, or USA. We got to see Lehua (Lucas sister), Domingo (Lucas brother), Grace (Lucas niece), Roy (our son), Jeremiah (Lucas nephew) as well as other relatives and friends in different time and places. Capping the event was the family homecoming last December 2007 where Tom and Angel and baby Dylan, and Martha, Marion and Emil came home to spend Christmas and New Year in Cotabato.
2. There were also promotions, salary increases, graduation, work opportunities, bonuses and good grades among members of my family.
3. Most importantly, God has generally and individually blessed us with peace, harmony and good health.
I have so much praise and thanksgiving to give to the Lord, for which I continue to pray for more graces to come. May we all have a happy outpouring of gifts and blessings this year 2008!!! Happy Epiphany to all!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve 2007

eat out

We ate out almost everynight but only few pictures were taken.

Visiting Father Caroff before the New Year

After the Sunday mass on December 30, 2007, I brought my family to visit Father Caroff at the Oblates Provincial House. We took some pictures together with his caretaker Wat. Father Caroff was trying to be a good host but his mind was kind of muddled that day. The caretaker said he was sleeping a lot these few days. We brought him out of his room for a bit of fresh air and light. Chatted with him for awhile. He was happy to have visitors.

ballroom dancing party

The Saturday dance group organized a small private ballroom dancing party at Kitoks last December 26. I brought my family to enjoy the meal first. After dinner, Tom and Emil left the party early while the girls were dancing. Lucas and I taught Angel, Martha and Marion a few dancing steps. It was a fun night. The party ended at 11:30pm.