Monday, August 25, 2008

among many other things

It's been awhile since my last blog. I was preoccupied mostly with olympic games and events on tv and the internet.
But I was also paying attention to the latest MILF atrocities war news here in Cotabato. My printer's representatives from Davao fearful of the battles in Pikit, Aleosan and Midsayap cancelled all their trips to Cotabato City, that my St. Martha School, 15th year commemorative yearbook final proofing has been delayed.
I was also conducting first quarter examinations, evaluating and computing grades for 4 kiddie classes in CCI.
At the same time teaching the kids a field demonstration number for their participation in the school foundation day...
 And continuing lessons for the 2nd quarter, as I am about to go to Manila for a check-up. Until then.....
If all of these weren't busy enough.......

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Father Caroff has gone home to his Maker

Lucas and I thought that Father Caroff had left for Manila already last July, but it turned out he was not able to leave Cotabato, instead he was hospitalized last week. When we went to see him last Sunday morning, he was already released from the hospital but compared to the last time we saw him, he was so much frailer. He could not raise up his hands anymore, he was a little breathless and his speech was weak and slurry that we could hardly hear him talk yet he tried to speak audibly for us to hear. When Lucas greeted him " How are you Father?" He replied with humor " Waiting for departure." Lucas wanted to make some joke with this statement but thought better not too. Father Caroff asked him. "How's business?"  and we were glad that his mind was ok. After a few small talk he also asked "How's LCT?" and asked about his old friend Lucy and told me to send his greetings to her. Lucas and I did not stay long for we did not want to tire him. We thought he may want to lay down, so we said goodbye.
This morning, we learned that Father Caroff had passed away. He died yesterday. He has now gone home to his Maker.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I watched the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony on tv last night. It was a spectacular, splendid awesome show of culture, arts and lights. Immediately, the opening drum performance gave me goose bumps. The ceremony was magnificently beautiful. Man power and human grace were undeniable present on stage, plus hi-tech showmanship of lights and effects. I clapped my hands at every fascinating performance. I couldn't help but I thought of my late father who loved to watch athletic events. He was a Sino avid and a mainland advocate. How happy he would have been if he were alive to see the olympics being held in China today.
The parade of the nation's athletes was always grand but whereas, it used to be stiff and boring, last night parade was joyous, friendly, cheery and gay. Congratulations China! Hep hep hurrah!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Long weekends

It's official - there will be no classes in cotabato city and other maguindanao municipalities from august 8 to 11 due to the  ARMM election.  It's going to be a long weekend from Friday (tomorrow) to Monday. Since we just learned about it this afternoon, we have to reschedule our examination dates which was supposedly to begin tomorrow. We had not anticipated these holidays besides I was in a hurry to finish my first quarter lessons. I had hope for the first quarter to be done with because I am scheduled to go to Manila for a check-up.
I would be a hypocrite though to say that I wasn't happy about the holidays. For one thing, I can wake up a little later tomorrow and stay home to watch the olympic opening ceremony on tv (yehey).  I can also finish preparing my last test paper without hurry. Maybe I can finish reading the book "Memoirs of a Geisha" of which I just started this week. It had been gathering dust on my shelf for a long long time. hehe. Most specially I can rest my voice for 4 straight days now. Then I can get better and start talking to my family members. hahaha!