Friday, September 28, 2007

A lively home

With Dylan at home in Cotabato, the household has become gay and busy. What with the little boy running around all day long. It's a good thing the house is big enough for him to run. I take to relieve the yaya during her lunch and supper, and the other maids are on call too whenever somebody has to relieve the yaya anytime. The grandfather comes up to the house several times a day to see how the apo is doing and all the windows at home are opened again for fresh air to circulate. The piano is being bang occassionly by Dylan, nursery music is played too, and all those running and laughing and screeming or crying make this house really lively again.
I thought I was too old for all these energetic activities but I am surprised at myself, I found out I was still strong enough to take care of him for two hours last Thursday. Hahaha

Monday, September 24, 2007

Dylan in Cotabato

Dylan is now in Cotabato. He and his parents Tom and Angel flew in last Sunday. He is now living with me. This grandmother, although a little overwhelm with the tot's physical activities, is very very happy to play the dotting nana. The grandfather is really really happy that Dylan is here with us. He made an improvise steering wheel for his grandson to play. hahaha!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Exasperate at gov't

I am exasperate, so disappointed and frustrated at the how our goverment functions these days. Not to mention anything regarding the anomalous and scandalous ZTE deal, the futile Abu Sayaf war in Zamboanga, the many unsolve crimes in Cotabato.....and...etc..

But instead for the happy homecoming event turns sour because of the tedious and long POEA process in Manila that hinders my son to come back to his hometown in Cotabato City, made me really seethe with resentment that the goverment is not really working for the welfare of it's people or workers but harrassment instead for those who have the chance to work abroad.

Can those top brass POEA people ever make the medical exam simplier? Can they even shorten the POEA orientation from 4 hours to 1 hour? Can't they upgrade their application process through the internet? You bet, it is harder to get a POEA card than getting a visa to United States.

Friday, September 14, 2007

homecoming parties for Roy

So Roy came home unexpectedly and we were all elated for this homecoming event. Jean, my sister-in-law gave Roy a welcoming home barbecue party. Roy stayed with Jun and Jean for the longest time while he was growing up and studying in Manila, from the time that he was 8 and 9 to 10 years old for his medical care and when he studied high school in Pisay.
The barbecue party was lively, happy and filled with delicious food. Jean with the help of Janah knew how to throw a good party and the Ledesmas of course were really really mean eaters. hahaha! It was very heart warming for Roy to see everybody. He felt at home and happy. Thanks to Jean and Jun and their children for the wonderful party.
Lucas and I also gave Roy a combined bienvenida, graduation and good wishes party at Gloria Maris Restaurant. We invited the Tans, Ledesmas and Roy's godparents and other close family friends. The lauriat food were specifically ordered " no crabs, shrimps and shellfish." for Roy to really enjoy the courses. For the first time he was able to eat everything. The guests were also satisfied with most of the food. I'll post some of the pictures taken sometime soon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mine family reunion

I was in Manila from September 1st to the 12th. I was there to visit my children. Martha had  a short semestral break. She got in the dean's list last semester and started her on-the-job training with SGV immediately after the school enrollment. I knew she would get good training from the company but I kind of worry about her daily commutes. She takes her training job very seriously.

Roy came home to Manila too on short notice and Lucas and Emil enplaned to be with us for a family reunion.

When the family is together, the household is always noisy. We like to talk, argue, exchange ideas, taunt each other, eat and play games.

Seeing the children together, gave me pangs in my heart. I was happy but I knew soon we had to get back to each our works, our own places of endeavors, to different destinations and different lives. I only hope that God will keep us one, wherever we are. And I really thank Him for this wonderful unexpected short family reunion. Thanks a lot O Lord. Thank you!