Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ten Days in Manila

My husband Lucas and I went to Manila for 10 days. Those 10 days seemed like a month for we were able to do many things aside from celebrating Lucas 70th birthday on July 11 and  July 12 which was earlier posted in my blog.
For those 10 days:
1. Lucas and I had our blood chemistry done. Lucas had his check-up and he was given a clean bill of health by his urologist. I was also able to see my ENT and my eye doctors and everything was all right too. (except a dead mosquito was found in my left ear and it was soon taken out by my doctor. hahaha. Gross!! I really did know something was wrong with my ear.)
2. I attended the wedding event of Lenibelle Taeza, now Lozano. (also previoulsy posted)
3. I more or less supervised the pest control work in attempt to terminate rats and cockroaches at my home. Martha and Marion were pretty scared to heear scratching sounds inside their ceiling for few nights. I wanted to make sure it was properly done to my Quezon city home without accidentally harming anybody in the process. The terminator guy though knew his work well. I was glad that there was no infestation yet so far. Maybe just a strayed bat or bird.
4. I borrowed my brother Wilson carpenters and was able to successfully fix the leaking third floor bathroom ceiling many days ahead, before Typhoon Basyang came howling down unexpectedly.
5. Stayed awake all night listening to the scary howling of the winds while Lucas slept on liked a baby. The lights all went out before midnight. When the storm hit Manila, the family was thankfully safe at home.
6. We commemorated the death anniversary of grandson Tyler on July 16 with a mass.
7. Went shopping and fetching children specially Martha and Marion from work.
8. Resolved our Meralco bill problem for the month of June.
9. Went to Delta office and bought international tickets for our trip to USA.
10. Lucas took down the unsightly toppled gatepost lamps knocked down by Typhoon Basyang.
11. And we enjoyed relaxing evenings with my children and grandson at home.
All in all a pleasant and fruitful 10 days vacation in Manila.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Celebrating Lucas Birthday

The family celebrated the 70th birthday of Lucas for two days.
On July 11, 2010, my husband and I and the children attended Sunday mass at 8:30AM. Then we proceeded to Tagaytay for lunch. We went to Tagaytay purposely to eat at Antonio's. It was a fine dinning place with an old Filipino ambiance that's very captivating. I was wistfully thinking how I could have a place built like this in Cotabato. Antonio's fine dinning surely it was! It took us almost three hours to finish our lunch from 12pm to three! And we didn't even feel the time lapsed by. We ate our meal course slowly from the salad, to the soup, to the main entree and to the dessert enjoying the food presentation and plating as it was served to us in good intervals. The cost of the lunch was pricey too but we don't get to have and enjoy this kind of celebration everyday. This was a special celebration for a special person!!!
On July 12, 2010, I woke up before 6 am to personally cook a birthday breakfast of longlife noodles and hard boiled eggs for Lucas and the family to eat. Everybody partook and enjoyed the longlife food heartily before they set out to work!
In the evening, the family hosted a dinner at Chef Laudico Bistro at Bonifacio High. We invited the Tan's and the Ledesma relatives to a unique supper which my son Emil requested Chef Laudico and his wife Chef Jackie to prepare for us. It was an "order all you want and eat all you can" clean plate dinning. But I guessed the chefs did not anticipate the eating capabilities of the Ledesma clan specially of the young ones. They ordered and ate almost all the food that was in the menu! I was happy that everybody ate to his heart's content! Hahaha! Happy Birthday Lucas!!! And more birthdays and blessings to come!!! Lots of love!!!  From your loving wife, Heddy 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wedding Reception at Glass Garden

Yesterday, July 10, 2010  while my daughters brought their father, Lucas, to his doctor for a scheduled check up at Cardinal Santos Hospital;  my friends and I went to the wedding of John and Len Lozano. Len was formerly Lenibelle Taeza, the daughter of my friend and former classmate Corazon Te Taeza. The bride and groom were a handsome couple, so much in love. I sincerely felt the happiness of their parents. Both families were truly happy and proud of the union and the formalization of the relationship. Friends on both sides were equally happy for them.
For this wedding event, I would  specially like to mention the place of reception which was held at the Glass Garden in Marikina. The venue was very charming, enchanting and romantic. I regretted not being able to bring any camera. I would have shared another nice place for everybody to see. The food was nice and abundant. I loved the Elar's lechon. hehehe. I sat on table 11 with my friends Imelda and Arthuro Bugayong and Anita Go. With us were former Cotabateneos Yolanda Ting, Ricky and Bing Lao and Mr. Rudy Uy.  We had a wonderful dinner and the company of good friends in a splendid wedding ambiance made it a truly an enjoyable day for me. I am glad to have come to Manila and attended the wedding.
Congratulations and best wishes to the newly weds.