Monday, April 26, 2010

Summer Holiday! CCHS Batch1960

Leg two:
My husband and I were very lucky to join a reunion trip to Canyon Cove Resort, Nasugbu, Batangas last April 23 through the courtesy of my brother-in-law Dr. Domingo Tan who invited us free of charge as his guests. The trip was well planned, well organized, as well as a well fed. Hahaha! We had great feasts starting from the Lauriat welcome dinner which was held at Gloria Maris to the return trip home 'eat-all-you-can' fete at the Resort World casino's dining. The reunion culminated its activity last night on April 25 with a grand reunion Hawaiian themed party held at the Montgomery Club House with many other invited guests attending as well.
Lucas and I enjoyed the events most. We had center front seats with no responsibility whatsoever. We were mere observers and everybody else was very kind and accommodating. We were treated very hospitably and royally by all the members of batch 1960. Lucas and I had a wonderful and great time. How lucky can you get! 
We will have a third leg of summer holiday activities this coming May. I'll post pictures when I get home to Cotabato. See you all soon!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Summer Holiday! Subic Freeport

First Leg:
Lucas and I and my family went to Subic Bay Freeport this weekend, together with his brother Dr. Domingo Tan who is currently on vacation from USA. Subic was our first destination among many other places we are going to see this summer. We stayed at Forest View, Binictican. We were initially disappointed at the facade of our rented superior villa. It was old and unsightly and the garden was barren and arid. Inside the house though the rooms were clean and well kept. It was a very hot day, and that afternoon we mostly lingered inside the house and the pool side. In the late afternoon when the sun wasn't too hot, we went sight seeing. We went down town and to the sea shore where the stretch of restaurant and bars were located. We came down to the shore and mingled with group of people catching the Bay's dusk view. There was a group of Aikido enthusiasts practicing their martial arts while nearby audible music was being played over a make up stage with glaring lights and all, in preparation for a night event. We did not stay too long at the seaside though, nor eat at the restaurant. The whole family had supper at the villa. We brought along our cook to prepare meals for us.
Sunday morning, we went to the beach. To our amazement, Camayan Beach was jam packed with people. There was no available cabana for rent, instead we went to the nearby Adventure Beach. It was smaller with less people but we had a good swim and an extra sighting of watching dolphins being fed in a nearby sea enclosure. We were able to see a lot of them jumping happily before being fed. Infact Domingo while leisurely walking around was able to cross over to the Ocean Adventure site where people were watching shows and mingled with them without realizing that it was another private paid area. He had an extra plus Adventure! Hahaha!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


There is an abundance of mango this year. I used to buy "manga manila" at 20 pesos per kilo long time ago, now a days, I have them free inside my own backyard and more!
Since last February, I had an abundant supply of young green mangoes of which I ate them everyday during meal time with soy sauce and rice (weird?). I brought a boxful of them to Manila early last March and distributed them to friends and relatives. When I came home from Manila, I further harvested a big basketful and decided to let them ripen. I have been eating ripe yellow mangoes three times a day since I came home and giving them away to friends and relatives as well. Last week, Jaymar an employee of LCT Hardware proudly gave my husband a handful from his own backyard of which we could not really refuse; and this morning Eugene, not to be out done, gave me a basketful of mangoes picked from his own fruit trees too. Hahaha!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Post Holy Week Reflection

Lucas and I observed the holy week tradition in Cotabato City. It had been a most meaningful celebration for me this year because I personally felt the compassion and saving grace of our Lord which he readily handed and poured out to enable me to attain salvation. 2009 had been a roller coaster year, without my faith I would have succumbed to despair. I thank God for giving me family and friends, without them I would not have been strong. I felt a special closeness for having understood the slightest pang of pain and sacrifice of which I am most scared of even until now. I am no martyr and I pray to be spared, yet I know God was with me and is always with me all through out my life. Even before I was born, He died to be able to save me today.