Monday, January 26, 2015

Weak and Naive

How can the Philippine government, the Philippine National Police, the Arm forces, etc, be so naive. They are in "Peace talk", "Peace negotiation" with the Mindanao rebel group by giving concession after concessions. The rebels are given money, territories, attention etc while bombings, kidnappings, atrocities continue to flourish in this sicken land. While they continue to talk peace, the rebels on the other hands are building arms and territories. So recently, this group of Philippine police went into their enclave hoping to catch an international bomber without the Moro's permission and so they were met with gun battle. Unfortunately, the government troop were not well informed and well trained; and forty three and maybe more of these policemen were horribly killed. They just sent themselves into a suicide mission.
How can a government be so weak and so naive!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Meeting the Pope

Don't be misled by the title for I was not able to meet Pope Francis, nor was I able to see St. Pope John Paul II, the two times he came to the Philippines. 

My topic today though is about meeting Pope Paul VI, the first Roman Pontiff who came to the Philippines - That was a long time ago in 1970. I was then a college student studying in Manila. I loved my pope but I was never an avid follower of personalities, aside from the fact that I really had this aversion to big crowds. So when classes were suspended for the pope's visit, my sister Helen and I, instead, thought of watching a movie at down town Avenida. From Quezon City, we took the jeepney to go to Avenida where most of the cinemas were located. But when we were on Espana St. near Quiapo Church, there was a road block and jeepnies were not allowed to proceed. We therefore stepped down to walk, it just being a short distance to our destination. We thought of walking passed through Quiapo church, crossing Carriedo Street and then to the movie houses. Along our way though, we were met by a line of steel railings blocking the side of the streets. Few people were beginning to line up along the railings. We were curious, why? Then it suddenly dawned to us that the pope was going to pass by. In just a few minutes, I could already see him approaching. In few seconds, and he was there in front of us, standing and blessing the people from his top down vehicle. From our vantage, without thinking, I raised my right hand to reach out. He was so near and I saw him very vividly. Although there were not very many people, yet there was great elation. I was overcame with joy. Indeed I felt God had greatly blessed me. My sister Helen and I were so lucky to see Pope Paul VI.(And without so much attempt at that.)

I wonder, among a sea of many people these days, where upon can I ever catch a glimpse of our very recent pope. Still, I do continue to love my church and the vicar of my Christ. Thank you Pope Francis for coming to the Philippines this January 2015.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

And It's January 15

The year 2015 has come, and now it's already January the 15th!
1. Tom and Angel and grandchildren left for Cebu.
2. Emil's girlfriend Sue had gone home too.
3. Work has resumed for everybody.
4. Lucas had colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures first week of January. Thank God, all is well.
5. I hesitantly took down my Christmas decors.
6. My colds and cough are getting better now.
7. I am always hungry and looking for some left over to munch. hehehe
8. I play tetris and crossword puzzle with the new mini ipad 3 nightly. They are quite addicting.
9. I worry about my children's love life and career advancement.
10. Praying more fervently for the Lord to guide and bless them all.
11. Resolve to take matters slowly, one thing at a time.
12. And to thank and think and love my GOD even more.
Seems like a promisingly good and happy year!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As the greeting goes, it was indeed  a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! My children except Roy (Who was in Cancun, Mexico) and the grandchildren, together with Emil's girlfriend Sue all went home to Cotabato to spend the Christmas with me and their father; after which we all flew to Manila to have our new year celebration at our second home. We hosted parties in both places. Everybody helped and prepared the food we served, most specially during the new year's eve family gathering. It was a busy home as of old. Presently I call my home a 'full house'. All the rooms are occupied and all sorts of family activities transpire from eating, piano playing, watching tv, playing games, and so on and so forth. My heart is grateful. Thank you Lord for keeping the family together. May the New Year 2015 be blessed with good health, peace, prosperity and love.

Merry Christmas!!!

 New year's eve fare

Happy New Year!!!