Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve '09

Christmas eve dinner at home in Cotabato City with close relatives and friends. We went to mass at Queen of Peace church at 9 PM. Opening of presents after the mass and noche buena ensued. Merry Christmas to one and all!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Joined Masonic Christmas Party '09

December 20, Sunday evening was a well attended and well prepared 3 lodges joined Christmas party at El Manuel, Cotabato City. We had fun eating chatting and getting together. The three lodges gave one dance presentation each. The Kutangbato Lodge had an all funny-boys dance series, the Shariff Kabunsuan Lodge gave a graceful retro & modern dance number which I participated and the party hosting Bantugan Lodge had paired couples swaying and swinging to a popular medley dance and carol number. Parlor games followed but Lucas and I went home earlier during the parlor games because lucas has been having a spell of bad cough these few days. Merry Christmas to you all!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent '09

Lucas and I arrived Cotabato from Manila on December 10. I had to quickly prepare my home for the Christmas season. I like to decorate my home by myself and it takes a while for me to do it.  First and foremost I need to have a general cleaning of the house before any decor is put up. I take time to do the decorating slowly.
Next day on December 11, I happily received a batch of order of 200 pieces of cupcakes which has to be delivered on the 16th.
On December 12, I received a confirmation of a previous order of 200 pieces cupcakes to be picked up on the 23rd. I kind of panic. I need a supply of more ingredients and big boxes for my cakes.
Then I got a call  to participate in a dance presentation for the mason's party on the 20th, this coming Sunday. So, I went to my first dance meeting last Monday night and I need to go for more practices every night.
I had my second practice last night, then attended a party after the rehearsal.
This morning, I delivered my first batch of order. I intend to bake more cakes to give as presents.
I still have to put up my Christmas village and the lights on the window........
I haven't wrapped my presents yet and gifts from friends are already coming.........
Quick, quick! Why am I still blogging here.....................

Saturday, November 28, 2009

ballroom dancing

I went ballroom dancing last Thursday night at Club Filipino together with Boy & Cora Taeza, Art & Imelda Bugayong and Anita Go. We were a pleasant group of six people. It was a church fund raising event and lots of people attended the occasion, ready to have a good time. The venue was fine. It was was big and spacious enough to accommodate the social activity. The food was good and the waiters were quick to serve. The liveband played good music and the ladies were beautiful in their dance outfits and dresses and they were really able and graceful. Although we arrived late and were seated far from the dance floor but one DI (dance instructor) accommodated and took turn dancing with us girls. I enjoyed rhumba, samba, regae, tango  etc and really danced with gusto. But while on the floor doing rhumba, I broke one of the straps of my step-in. Oh no! but luckily my shoes did not fly away and nobody noticed it! Hahaha. However I hadn't had enough of it yet, that I changed shoes with Anita Go. But Anita was also in the midst of a dance frenzy hehehe, so we took turns dancing with her shoes and my broken step-in. Hahaha! It was such a fun evening, specially enjoying it with my high school friends!
I guess you'll believe me if I say "my toes were all sore the next morning"
Thanks to Cora and Boy for inviting us. Do invite us for more! Hahaha!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

horrendous massacre in maguindanao

I received several emails from friends and relatives inquiring about our safety in cotabato city. They are of course mostly from people who lived in cotabato before. This horrendous massacre in maguindanao have reached national and international concerns because of the brazenness of the perpetrators, who think they can do anything with impunity because they are that close to gloria macapagal and the arm forces of the philippines. Imagine a group of more than a hundred heavily armed men stopping a convey of vehicles in broad day light. They ambushed, killed, raped, decapitated not only their political opponents and supporters but also media men and other civilian motorists who were traveling the high way near the vicinity. So they think they can killl with impunity because they can deliver votes and goods; and that no local nor natiional authorities can discipline them as they are favored, condoned and fed by the most powerful men of the government. More likely, expect to see these killers get away from punishment. Scary to think that majority are still free roaming or hiding under protection.
But there is an all powerful judge who will hold some people accountable for creating the monsters and ills of the nation (Ondoy and all). If not now, in the next future for sure.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

full schedule

I came to manila last week and spent time with marion during her mandatory work leave; also together with martha while she was completing the revision of her ms thesis. I have been enjoying myself a pretty full load of activities:
1. Went to Baclaran church with my siblings.
2. Ran and walked at Ateneo with marion.
3. Shopped with martha and marion.
4. Had confession at CRC
5. Attended a recollection with sis helen.
6. Attended a merienda sena about "anti aging" at Manhann sponsored by a ladies circle.
7. Saw a doctor at St. Luke Hospital.
8. Had my blood chemistry done.
9. Watched "2012" disaster movie with my children
10. Planned a shower party for janah.
11. Fitted my dress for Janah's wedding.
12. Held a "best wishes" shower party for Janah at home.
13. Ran and walked with Martha and Marion
14. Checked with my cardiac doctor at Tytana, Binondo, Manila
15. Went to 202, San Juan and visited Baclaran church again
16. Going to ran and walk with martha this morning
17. Going to a ballroom event with my high school classmates tonight.
I am really enjoying this my full schedule in manila ! See You!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

boxing champ

I have never been an avid fan of boxing, even with manny pacquiao as our central unifying hero, still I follow up pacman news just like any other interesting national/international sporting event.
Last few months when I heard people talking about the bout "who do you think is going to win?" Even if the questiion was not directly directed to me, just as long as it was within my ear shot. I readily gave my answer.
"Pacquiao of course! Look at his fists and knuckles. They are big and broad. Compare to those of cotto at their latest pictorial, you will see that pacman's fists are double the size and two times wider than those of cotto." Several times, people gave me a quizzical look, as though they hadn't seen the barehand 'fist to fist' pictorial.
"Of course manny pacquiao is going to win." I added "TKO yan sigurado" I said with conviction.
Yesterday morning after the mass, I had snacks with some friends. I heard the same question asked. "Who do you think is going to win?"   Again I gave my logical reason for Manny having extra big fists and knuckles against his opponent. They of course gave me the quizzical look again.
Yesterday afternoon, I did not get to watch the fight on tv. I took my afternoon nap at 12:30 pm and had a wonderful good sleep despite the din outside the gasoline station and our housemaids watching the fight on television at the sala with the big volume on.
I was having wonderful dreams. Yes, didn't I know who was going to win?! Haha!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank You !!!

I woke up this morning at 8:30 AM to loads of text messages and more greetings still through out the day. They were from my children, family, relatives, friends and former St. Martha School teachers. Most unexpectedly, coming from some CCI co-teachers whom I got to know only last school year. Thank you! I am touched, really touched.
One message I got which made me really happy was a result confirmation text.
"Gud pm. ok naman po result (............) sa biopsy. benign po. ty. jenny, ofce of dr. samuel ang"
Thank you! Thank you Lord!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

short vacation in manila

Lucas and I were in Manila on November 2009 for a short stay. The nights were cold so we were mostly in sweaters. hahaha!

Proudly Lasallian

Nov. 3, 2009 - I went to La Salle to look at the pictures of Martha posted inside the university. I even invited Helen to come with me. I took some snapshots. Martha was shy to pose with us but she couldn't say no to her mother. Hehehe. We only took pictures in 3 places. That was more than enough to make a mother feel proud and happy :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cold November Nights

It has been cold at night since I came to Manila last October 31. With rains and showers during the day, it's cold in the evening. These few nights, I sleep without air conditioning. I even shut the windows closed and wear light sweater to sleep. I wonder how people in other countries are able to bear the autumn and winter weathers? Brrrr........

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Lucas and I went to Cebu on October 29, 2009 to attend the wedding of Charisse Lao and Vicente Osmena on October 30, 2009. We were billeted at the Marriott Hotel. It was nice place to stay, very conveniently located near Ayala Mall and the Terraces and the Golf Sport's Club Center where the wedding reception was held. The wedding ceremony was officiated at the Redemptorist Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help Cathedral and the reception at the Sport's Club grandballroom.
It was a nice break for Lucas and me to be in Cebu. The prenuptial dinner at Cafe Ecila which was own and operated by the bride's family was well prepared and very sumptuous. I even compared the prenuptial dinner to be more delicious than those of the wedding reception, except I was not able to eat the lamb shop which was served late during the reception.
I got to meet some familiar faces during the prenuptial. Special mention were Mr. Ceres and Mrs. Rose Chua formerly from Cotabato City who are now residents of Canada yet they still continue to operate their spare parts business in Cagayan de Oro. Meeting them, made me  proposed to be their guests in Cagayan de Oro next summer. Hope it will materialize hehehe
Next day after the wedding October 31. Our flight to Manila at noon took off on schedule despite Manila being hit the night before by typhoon Santi. We arrived at Manila airport in quite a chaotic state though. There were many flights arriving almost at the same time and so many passengers that ground logistics were not efficient enough. There were no carts available and ground personnel didn't know how to guide the confused arriving passengers. Anyway we were able to get our luggage after long wait and Emil, Martha and Marion were at the airport to fetch us home.
It was oh so nice to be home with the children. Tom and Angel carved each a pumpkin. They carved them so nice and with the candles lighted inside, their jack-o-lanterns looked really festive. We brought the jack-o-lanterns to Brooklyn where Helen was celebrating her 60th birthday. The Ledesma siblings and families were almost complete. We had fun eating and talking. I loved the sushi platters best although the roast ducks were really nice also and the big platter of bihon guisado and cakes and ice cream. It was a really nice party.
But unlike previous year, this year I did not go with them to the cemetery due to my peristent coughing and itchy throat. I sent my candles for Papa and Mama through them and I went home to rest and sleep for the night. Tom and Angel went with the Ledesma though to visit the graveyards and pray for the holy souls of relatives and friends.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oct. 28, 2009

Lucas and I went to visit the graveyards of his parents this morning. We went ahead of the Nov. 1 All Saints Day schedule because we will not be in Cotabato on that particular day. We will be going to Cebu to attend the wedding of goddaughter Charisse Lao, the daughter of Edgar Lao who is both our compadre and business associate.
This morning I had candles lighted, incense burned, flowers placed and rosary recited for the holy souls of my parents in-law, as well as my parents, Tyler David and all the holy souls of our relatives and friends. May their holy souls rest in peace with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I was sick for days. I was so scared that it might be the H1N1 virus and I was so scared of giving it to my husband Lucas. I stayed home and took home care medication but what I learned from Roy during one of his several trips from Manila to USA was a great help. From him I found out that flanax is more effective than biogesic for treatment of flu. I took the medicine with care though. I used only half a dose and it did good. I might have gotten the virus from Davao last week. Do take care of yourself everybody.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Typhoon Pepeng

Typhoon Pepeng came back the second/third time and wrecked havoc on northern Luzon. Seeing all those pictures and clippings from newspapers and television made my heart ached with sorrow. I also get infuriated when oftentimes I hear some experts say to the effect "We will pull through because we are Filipinos and we are a resilient people." But now-a-days I am not proud to be resilient. Instead of being resilient why can't we be sated or satiated people. Why do we have to keep on suffering again and again because of the short sightedness, greed, corruption, inefficiency and complacency of our leaders. Why can't we be progressive, abundant, advanced, acclaimed and full-filled instead. What's wrong with us?!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Peaceful Sunday

Typhoon Pepeng hit Cagayan yesterday and left the Philippines today. I am thankful that it had spared populous metro manila from a horrendous second disaster. Maybe the prayers for divine mercy from the still suffering multitude were heard. I was one of the throng who went to last Friday's afternoon Sacred Heart novena mass to ask for mercy. Coincidentally it was also the feast of the guardian angels. That day, I texted and requested my children to pray the guardian angel's prayer for their own protection. I was kind of scared. It was maybe due to the several calamities that have struck Southeast Asia these past few weeks. But now that the typhoon has passed us, let us not forget to still be alert, careful and prayerful. I don't care if I am going to sound irrelevant but October is the month of the holy rosary. I am sure, the Lord will have mercy on us. Be good everyone.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


After typhoon ondoy, I have been musing lately. Although cotabato has never been directly hit by a typhoon, yet we are not immune to natural or man made calamities here. I have had my own experiences of big flood, earthquakes, fires, theft at night, bombings, war and etc that I have now acquired paranoia behaviors such as:
I check and double check the door locks,
I close the window shutters at the onset of rain at night,
I unplug unnecessary wire connections before I go to sleep,
I have flashlights inside drawers,
I stashed candles and matches even inside the bathrooms,
I keep fire extinguishers in my kitchen and one of the bedrooms,
I try to replenish as oftenly my food stock and water supply;
basic medicines like paracetamol and first aids are kept handy....lest my love ones are caught in harm's way and left empty handed, yet still sometimes I personally get caught unprepared in many ways. (Believe me if I tell you that I even have three life vests in one of my dressing shelves in Manila - those were from our Butanding excursion to Sorsogon.hehe)

And yesterday, after having heard about the earthquakes and tsunami in Samoa and Indonesia and another typhoon coming to the Philippines....Last night I called up my children  and instructed them about safety measures at home and in work places. Before I went to sleep I checked to see whether my husband's and my second pair of eyeglasses were tucked inside the drawers of our night tables. I also recharged the portable fluorescent light and my cellphone too. What a paranoid!
This morning, I am really happy to have waken up to sunshine and good weather. May God protect us from all harm and danger. Take care everybody and keep safe.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Angel posted her baking goodies of cakes and cupcakes in the facebook, and I was thereby enticed to revive my baking skills. As Christmas season will come in three months time, I will have time enough to practice and show off. hehehe
Last Sunday, I went to South Sea's Mall and there I met the parents of a former pupil. We had small talks and when the father heard that I was baking too, he gregariously ordered 200 pcs of assorted cupcakes for December 23. Suddenly I find myself embarking in an entrepreneurial vocation......I have to really get serious with baking now.....I am even thinking of getting more customers.
But there is a down side to it though. I have to taste my own products and this morning I ate already two deliciously hot cupcakes.I will get doubly fat from this!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

cheap and/or free fruits

We tend to get a lot of free and/or cheap fruits these days:
1. pineapples from sis jeannette
2. fresh young coconuts from our city plot
3. durian from store customer
4. marang and maharlika rambutans from our driver's daughter who came home from Kidapawan.
5. cheap papayas from a regular seller
6. lanzones at P45.00 a kilo
7. tundan banana at P20.00 a bunch
8. 3 kilos of fresh young corn from the Chua's
No mangoosteen yet. They are still at sky high price.

And since we are in the season of Ramadan, Lucas was given muslim pilipit made out of bean paste by a customer. Few days ago, siolan gave me dudol who got it from a friend in Dulawan. The dudol is my favorite Muslim delicacy. It is specially yummy from Siolan's friend because they are not made for sale and they are also not super sweet. hehehe. No wonder I am full to the brim every, help!....I am getting fat!

I think I wrote a similar blog some two years back hehehe.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday night

I look forward to Saturday nights where my friends and I continue to exercise at home by way of group dancing. Actually it was more of the camaraderie and keeping in touch that we look forward to. The remaining few of us are siolan, sofia, kian, tina and I. While the girls are doing the cha cha routines, James Yap and Lucas sip tea ( not beer :) and they watch Chinese tv shows in the sala.
For the past several weeks, we have decided to fore-go the old chacha, instead we opted to do new challenging moves. hahaha! We are now practicing "My Little Grass Shack" a Hawaiian dance, follow by a mild modern tahitian number "Jeho" (not sure of the spelling :) and also a modern Chinese dance which concludes our workout for the night. But these three new dances that we taught ourselves make us all topsy turby. There is a little difficulty with memory and mobility but we are still dead set on catching up the new challenge :)
It so happened that last night we tried to out-do each other. We did 6 rounds of hawaiian, 3 rounds of tahitian and 3 rounds of modern chinese. On the final round of the Chinese song, Siolan and I were so tired that we were all in a hurry to finish the dance. At the end, we were all dancing it wrong individually and I was always ahead of the next steps. While dancing, I could see Sofia seriousness in trying to remember, Siolan"s confused expressions and Tina and Kian efforts to keep up. Siolan did several wrong turns and twice I looked like a comedian doing a number ahead of the others that I laughed out loud and long. I laughed so hard that my rib cage hurt. I have not laughed liked this for a long long time. Hahahahaha... What a Saturday night!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

the marines are back!

Hahaha......rather my maids are back from vacation! I can lay back and let them do all the household chores again. Two weeks into it has made me a scrub and shine freak. The scary part was, I was kind of becoming obsessive. (Arranging and rearranging things neatly and putting all the things back to its proper places.) But hey, don't you worry, it just so happened that given a work, I must to do it well. I just want to enjoy whatever I am doing. Now, it's back to laid back time once more..hehehe

Sunday, August 30, 2009

slip nd fall

I over did it maybe for the floor was a little too shinny. Lucas came home late after a fellowship. He was happy and went to sleep immediately. After an hour or so, he woke up to go to the bathroom. It was dark but he did not open his night lamp and suddenly he slipped and fell on the floor near his bed. He bumped his head on the wall and hurt his wrist. I awaken to his fall and fretted on him, but after going to the bathroom, he just went back to sleep immediately. The next morning, he had a bad painful swollen wrist. We went to see a doctor but the doctor said it was alright, no need for an x-ray. I was relieved, for after all, I was a little conscience stricken for mopping the floor too often. It was not entirely my fault though and I scolded him for being clumsy. Now learn a lesson from this incident...Don't scrub your floor too clean and shinny. Beware of accident!
(note: by the way, this happened last Thursday :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

beginner or late bloomer housewife?!

My maids are both on vacation for fiesta and wedding. I am busy at home keeping house. It's hard work but I am still having fun..hehehe. I wake up at 6 AM to prepare breakfast. Lucas brews the coffee and I try to innovate the morning meal.
day 1 - luncheon meat and scrabbled eggs
day 2 - yangchao fried rice and fish
day 3 - oatmeal with cacao and bread
day 4 - homemade skinless longaniza and eggs
Tomorrow is day 5. Tonight while Lucas is in a meeting,  I have already precooked my native chicken adobo. I'll just simply heat it in the morning before serving. hehehe.
It's kind of like playing house except my house is simply too big. I have stopped my taichi for the meantime as I am actually getting a harder workout. hahaha!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Life in Cotabato is kind of slow specially now a days. I try to do something worthwhile like do my taichi in the morning, check my mail, supervise the repair of the 'dirty kitchen', cook something for Lucas and me, play my piano pieces ....somehow when all these things are done and I look at the clock; my gosh, it's not even 11oclock yet! hahaha!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hahaha It's Dylan's Birthday

Today is my 3 year old grandson's birthday, so this noon, I called up to greet him.
Over the phone I sang "Happy Birthday Dylan". I sang the first-two phrases twice and there was silence at the other end of the phone. I knew he was listening, but after my song Dylan ran away to play.
Angel, his mother called him back to say "Hi, Ahmah". Dylan usually do not respond to telephone conversation though.
Coached by his yaya and mother, Dylan came back to the phone and I sang him again two phrases of the birthday song.
To my surprise, he said... "Thank you".
"Hahaha.." I laughed at his spontaneous response.
"Dylan, say 'hi ahmah' " I heard Angel over the phone.
And Dylan did it!
He said "Hi Ahmah" loud and clear!
Hahaha! Happy Birthday Dylan!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cory Aquino on Dec. 9, 1988

I saw President Cory Aquino on December 9, 1988 at Malacanang Palace. I was chaperoning my 13 year old son Roy Patrick Tan and other Caltex Science Contest finalists and winners for a courtesy call. My son was representing region 12 together with Tisha Lee Eduave and Jakeson Angulo as a team. They got qualified to the magic five and thus therefore given the honor to meet the president. There was a short program in Malacanang for the particular occasion. The children were of course seated infront while the parents and teachers at the back of them. It was a short interlude seeing the president, but I like to share my impression. Cory appeared to be more fair and beautiful in person than in pictures. Why so? Maybe because of the way she carried herself with dignity and class... a more enduring effect one sees in a real person even for brief moments of encounter.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Flooded Magallanes St.

These pictures taken in front of our store in the morning of July 31, 2009.

Hosting Roy

Roy comes home to visit every other year. This year, he came specially for his father's birthday. The family ( this time including Tom and Angel ) in Manila played host by bringing him to Los Banos for a dip in the hot spring water. Lucas, Roy, Tom, Angel and Dylan also spent an afternoon enjoying the Manila Aquarium.

post party trip to Davao

Next morning, after the birthday party, we went on a trip to Davao. On the way we stopped by Agco and ate at Kidapawan. We almost got lost looking for the Pearl Farm Marina :) - a relatively new nice place to stay. We also spent another day touring and enjoying Pearl Farm Beach Resort at Samal. The trip's merry company was composed of Lucas, Roy, Martha, Marion. Rachele, Hershey and I.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Lucas

During the birthday party on July 12, 2009 - the family presented a simple and short program. It was intended for a meaningful evening. The guests were pleased and Lucas enjoyed his birthday party.

July 12, 2009 - A Birthday Celebration

Lucas 70th birthday celebration was held at South Sea's Ballroom, Cotabato City. The party was well attended by family members and friends despite the turbulent situations given to Cotabato City. We sincerely thank our guests for coming and giving us the support. Bless the Lord for this successful milestone celebration.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Late posting: Visitors to Cotabato July 10 & 11

We were preparing for the upcoming event of my husband 70th birthday celebration on July 12, 2009 . There were many concerns prior to the event:
1. the spate of kidnappings in cotabato city
2. the bombing in front of the cathedral
3. and the upcoming protest of the town folks to close shops on July 10.
I was worried lest no people would come to the party but my son Roy had already arrived Philippines from USA for his father's birthday. My daughters high school friends from Manila Rachelle Yu and Hershey Buena  were set to come for a vacation. Joemar Ledesma ( my brother Jun's son ) was taking a leave to be here and Jackie Tan (Luna's daughter) was coming home as well. My other children Emil, Martha and Marion were all prepared to host the homecoming break except sadly for Tom and Angel who needed to attend to their new born Tyler for some very serious congenital heart conditions. We also intentionally let grandson Dylan stayed home in Manila to be with his parents.
Our visitors came in two batches on July 10 and July 11. July 10 was when the city was closing shops in protest of kidnapping, bombing and terrorism. It didn't dampen our excitement though as we went to the airport to welcome them. We toured them around town, the school and the store. But what we did mostly was to feed them with food, specially those popular here in cotabato city like haluan soup, pastil, native chicken barbecue, lechon, crispy pata, crabs, sweet ginataan, green mangoes, lanzones etc etc. Everybody here in cotabato love my visitors. We took precautionary measures to make their stay safe too. Lucas and I were simply thankful and extremely grateful for their goodwill in coming to this special occasion.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Goodbye Tyler

Goodbye Tyler. He is in heaven with his Creator now. He did not make it through the surgery despite all efforts to keep him with us. But we sincerely thank all our families and friends who helped and prayed for us during these difficult time of anxiety and loss. It's difficult to understand God's way but we trust He knows what is best. 

Monday, June 29, 2009

Out of job

Ever since I stopped teaching at CCI last March, I have been out, free and unemployed. A year before my unemployment, I closed my beloved St. Martha School because I was literally asked to leave the premise by my landlord and business partner Tony Dy. He wanted me to buy the lot at a non-negotiable price but I did not bite. Instead of relocating and applying for a new DepEd license and operation which I had done all the work in 15 years by myself, I was disheartened and decided to close the school. After closing the kiddie school, I was then asked by Atty. Rosa Linda Masot to help out at CCI which I readily accepted. Working at CCI for a month, I knew I wouldn't last long but I decided to finish my commitment for one year though; and so last March after the graduation, I finally finished my work and resigned.
Honestly, I don't feel like I failed. I did my best to offer and give more than I can. (Both at St. Martha School and CCI).  I just felt that the circumstances were not running right, so I made decision following what was best for me. There was an offer by the CCI school board to take me as the next principal but I declined. I didn't like how the school was being run. It had been done in such a manner for more than 9 years now, that if ever I change an iota of the system, I will be creating a big havoc.
At the moment, I am entirely enjoying my self retirement. Mind you, this is not sour grapeing. In fact I think it is some kind of a blessing in disguise. As Jean Ngo Valentino told me "Pasalamat ka ma'am na nagbulong ang Diyos sa tainga mo na mag stop ka na, kundi malaki ang problema mo ngayon." She was in a way right.
Last Thursday, a 4 year old kid of Muslim Chinese descent was kidnapped from his home in the college area somewhere near my former St. Martha School. If the school were still operating now, most likely the kid would be my pupil, and how devastated I would be. I would be right now so stressed securing the area for the safety of all my pupils, even my own. Fear and protectiion would be a big issue and concern. Kidnappers were seen several times roaming around the college area. In fact this little kid happened to be enrolled as a Nursery pupil at CCI this school year and he was kidnapped from his house right after coming home from a tutorial session with Mrs Jalen Jao. Many families have fled from Cotabato due to this recent spate of kidnappings.
May the Lord protect us from all harm and danger.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I hate to sleep in total darkness, so sometimes in the 90's I started using a small 'nightlight' lamp. (This so called 'nightlight' is a mini plastic florescent liked thing that you plug in directly to the outlet.) It gave a soft glow that enabled me to go to the bathroom and/or drink my glass of water without switching on the room's incandescence. In fact I think I had been using a third replacement already ever since.
Last night, Lucas and I came home from a masonic party. Before I went to sleep, I switched on the small nightlight. I had a real good sleep because I was happy and tired from ballroom dancing. I was suddenly roused however at 3:30 AM from a bursting sound that came from the wall where the nightlight was plugged in. The sound was quite loud for Lucas got up at the same time too. I was the first to stand up though, and I saw a red glow from the outlet. When I got nearer, there was a small fire already forming.
"It's already burning! It's already burning" was all I could say.
I ran back and forth, not knowing what to do. I was thinking of getting the pitcher of water near the bed and throwing it at the fire, but my husband was more handy at hand. He used his blanket and beat at the fire hard. One quick big hard blow not only snapped the fire out but it also threw the nightlight off the floor. The wall was a little charred. One leg of the male plug was still stuck at the outlet but the danger was over.
Thank goodness, I don't use curtains in my room and the concrete wall is as plain and flat without appliances or decorations nearby. We are wondering why the circuit breaker did not trip though. Yet, after all the mussing of the near fire incident early this morning, there is only one thing I can say. "Thank God for keeping us safe."
Now, I am writing this blog for all of you to take precaution with your nightlights and sockets and plugs. Please unplug unnecessary electrical connections when you go to bed or leave the house.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New addition to the family

Angel gave birth to a new baby boy last June 8, 2009. Welcome to the family, Tyler David C. Tan. He looks like his father Tom 

Friday, June 5, 2009

Still in Manila

I am still in Manila. I have been here for almost 2 weeks now. Spend much of my time with my children and siblings.
Today we commemorated the death anniversary of my father, Mr. Francisco Ledesma. He passed away 18 years ago on June 5, 1991. He died from a massive cardiac arrest here in Manila. Most of us his children were at his hospital bedside when he passed away. I was about 39 years old then and had a family of my own but I felt so bereft and orphaned. Many of his grandchildren were still very young then. This year however, two of his grandchildren: Janah and Gary are contemplating to get married; and two grandchildren likewise Desa and Tomas will soon be adding two more babies to the family this June. How time flies.......

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meralco stockholder meeting

Since I am already retired or rather resigned from work, for the first time, I decided to attend the Meralco stockholder meeting this year. First I called up meralco to inquire if my stock share however small will enable me to attend or vote. After getting positive response from my inquiries, I was more determined to see how my little investment was all about. Good thing, Emil was free to accompany me. So this morning,  I woke up earlier than my usual schedule to be at meralco theater for the annual meeting.
First of all, I was surprised at the number of people. There were hundreds and hundreds of individual stockholders present. When we got there, the theater was already fully packed. Many guys as well as ladies were already sitting on the stairs and walkway. I could spot some seats not yet taken though, but every time I asked. " Is this seat taken?" Somebody would answer me. "Opo". (I was however able to get hold of a vacant seat and one for emil too which were really reserved for friends by some of their colleagues.)
I was also surprised at the age group of most of the attendees. They were either old retirees or young professionals. There were more young professionals to be sure. I supposed they were mostly company people who got rewarded with stock options. I was able to talk to one of my seatmates and asked him.
"Do you attend stockholder meeting every year?"
" Sometimes, not every year?"
" Is it worthwhile?"
"Yes naman, specially last year."
"Why? what about last year?"
"Kasi it was more controversial"
I tried to engage him into more conversations but soon the group left the bench and other people got seated. One beside me slept all throughout the annual reports. hehehe. I  almost felt sleepy myself too, what with the air conditioning in the theater and the hush hush of the audience at hand.
I was somehow disappointed for I was anticipating to be able to elect the board members. I tried to look at their pictures and learned about their profiles. There were outgoing board members like Cesar Virata and Jose Cojuangco (absent) etc. Manuel Pangilinan was definitely one of the prominent incoming person. As I soon learned, there were eleven seats  and there were also exactly eleven persons for those prestigious seats. So there! No election was actually needed. The meeting was adjourned around 10:30 AM. Well...well, all's well that ends well.
On the way home, I presented my claimed stub for meal and token. There were plenty of people and several long queues. The guy behind me, seeing my impatience told me that it's ok. I don't have to worry about the line. They got plenty of stuffs over at the counter. He had a yellow ticket for meal and drink. So, I got to take home a package of jollibee meal and a bag of goodies, including a meralco white rain jacket . I think I am going to attend more meetings in the future, if not for the election, well for the goodies that I will bring home.hahaha!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Malacanang of the North etc

On our way home to Manila from Pagudpud, we made short stops to tour some landmark places like Malacanang of the North, Paoay Church, Marcos Mausoleum and old Vigan town.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trip to Ilocos on May 26 - 29, 2009

First stop - Vigan : Went to Baluarte Zoo, Bell Tower, and just in time, we attended an Ilocano mass at San Augustine Church.
Arrival - Arrived Saud Beach at around 10:30 PM. It was windy and raining, so we went to our respective rooms immediately for the night.
2nd day - Woke up on a wonderful beach front house where we had breakfast overlooking the beach and the sea. Explored our resort's beach frontage which had a scenic rocky view with big waves splashing high. I just loved the seaside scenery.
Pagudpud tour : Bangui light house, Bangui windmills, Blue Lagoon Beach, sea caves, Kabigan Falls.......more beautiful than Hawaii.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Emil's Graduation at AIM

Emil graduated Master in Management from Asian Institute of Management on April 29, 2009

CCI faculty trip

One memorable trip to Davao with Cotabato City Institute teachers on April 6, 7 and 8, 2009. Unable to get some swimming shots though.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holy Week Observance 2009

My husband and I, successfully followed all the holy week rituals at our parish, the Queen of Peace Church in Cotabato City this year and loved them.
1. We had confession on Holy Thursday, attended the "Last Supper" mass and did 30 minutes of vigil at the transfered tabernacle. The confession and mass was heard and presided by Monsignor Antonio Pueyo, DCC. Father Pueyo used to be our parish priest some 15 years ago and I think he was here this holy week to help out our ailing priest Father German Tiaga, DCC. Father Pueyo and Father Tiaga were former classmates in the seminary.
2. We also got to follow the Way of the Cross procession done on Good Friday morning. One of the stations, the Six Station was put infront of our store at Magallanes St. This was a special favor given to my sister-in-law Conchita A. Tan, who has been a very active leader in the church. I was the lead reader of the Six Station. In the afternoon, my husband and I also attended the Adoration of the Cross and communion service at 3:00 PM.
3. The Easter Vigil Mass with the renewal of the baptismal vow on Saturday was the longest mass ever but the rites in Queen of Peace Church didn't make it feel that long. I was able to attend Easter Vigil masses in many other churches in the Philippines, and I must say, I do appreciate it more inside my own parish church.
4. Then my husband and I woke up at 4AM this morning to join the "Salubong" and happily we participated in the Easter Sunday Eucharistic Celebration. I was also inducted as a new member of the Lecom community. Happy Easter everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CCI faculty trip to Davao

It was a well organized faculty field trip, kind of a year end fellowship excursion. We were more than thirty members but only 26 came along. Transportation was sponsored by book companies Phoenix and SIBS. They provided the school with 3 vans and 3 drivers plus cost of fuel for 3days and two nights from April 6 to 8. I brought my own car and driver though and together with Lechu, Sofia and Tuanchu, my travelling company went on convoy with the rest of the groups.
Our first itinerary was Agco, Kidapawan - the now popular hot spring location at the foot of Mt Apo. I had visited the place before but this time I climbed a wee bit higher with the teachers to have a bigger view of the steaming hole. The scenery was magnificent and beautiful. I can go back again and again and not get tired of the view.
We reached Davao at four pm and were billeted at the WaterWorld Resort. We stayed in a two-room dormitory with 10 bunk beds in each room. The karaokes at the resort played all day and all night. Some teachers slept early, others woke up early. Some teachers slept quietly, others noisily. hahaha!
When I woke up drowsily the next morning, the teacher at my right bunk Mrs. Grace Quinones was already afresh and dressed up. I looked at my watch and thought my watched had stopped at 3:30 AM.
 " What time is it Maam? " I asked softly and sleepily.
 " 3:30 AM Maam, Good morning" Came the cheery reply.
 "What?!" I really couldn't believe it! How can they be up that early!
I thought I needed to go to the toilet, so I got up. Along the way I saw most of my colleagues already awoke and talking. I slouched myself silently through for I wanted to go back to sleep, but all the toilets and bathrooms were fully occupied. I had to wait for 20 minutes or so, by that time, I was fully awake liked the rest of them. Hahaha!
Day 2 - We went to the Philippine Eagle Center, Malagos Garden Resort, GAP Farm. By 4 pm we were already all sweaty and hot, so we decided to forgo the Crocodile Farm. We went to SM Mall instead and stayed there until 9 in the evening. That night I went to sleep at past midnight serenaded by all forms of snoring. hahaha! but I didn't hear the karaoke blasting all through-out the night though, for some of them sang until all their money were gone.
April 8 and most of the teachers woke up later than the previous day. hahaha. Sofia and Tuanchu and Mr. Benjun went to market to buy the necessary things for our cook-out at the beach. The beach was nice and clean and the water not icy cold. We took our swim before the sun became too hot. We had early lunch at 10 AM with sinugbang bangus, barrileson, liempo, fresh cucumber, tomatoes, mangoes, latu and lots of rice. After the picnic lunch, we got all set to come back home to dirty and troublesome Cotabato and home sweet home :) It was a really a fun worthwhile trip! I'm going to miss the outing next year! Hahaha!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Off the hook

Finally! I did my last day of reporting on March 31, 2009 at CCI.
It was card giving day and most of the class advisers were busy. Since I wasn't a class adviser, I had actually nothing much to do except helped an English class adviser answer questionnaires for a student who was transferring. Then together with the Chinese teachers, I had an early pot luck lunch at the Chinese faculty room. While eating with the Chinese teachers, I participated in a discussion that concerns faculty membership fees ( or a refund of them ) - an issue that divided into two factions of thinking and grouping. Since I was relative new and didn't know what transpired many years ago, I stayed passive and neutral. The Chinese teachers though had plenty to say but the problem with them was few were vocal during faculty meetings. ( Probably there is only one teacher who can really voice out her opinion but sometimes she is short of hearing and understanding of meeting agendas.) They wanted me to speak for them but I told them that I'm out of cci starting April 1st and that the next faculty meeting would be on April 16. Infact I told them that the issue had been discussed already during two separate meetings and since they were present but nobody opposed, the refund (or in any other form of name) was already approved. If they wanted to take up the matter again, they have to be present during the next cci faculty meeting which will be on the 16th. The Chinese teachers this time wanted the meeting to be moved earlier, infact right that day,  for they were kind of heated up already but the English department teachers wouldn't agree to it. One Chinese teacher became nasty though declaring war, and they moved the meeting one day earlier from April 16 to April 15...............which I doubt would make any difference.
I had lately taught at cci from June 2008 to March 2009. For those ten months I was there, many things were so unorganized and still are............. I am glad I am out, finally!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a very long March

This March finds me working hard, finishing my tasks in school:
1. Going over all the notebooks and work texts of the kids, pasting all remaining quizzes,  finishing remaining exercises, computing all the grades, getting the weighted percentages   etc etc
2. Preparing finals test papers - I make lively test papers with lots of picture clues. I enjoy  making good looking test papers though. hehehe
3. Signing pertinent papers and records as department head.
4. Deliberation of honors
5. Graduation rehearsals ( lots of issues here )
6. Graduation Day
7. Recognition day for undergraduate honor pupils ( many issues from the parents )
8. Parties, parties and parties
9. Reports and clearances
10. and everything is not over yet....hehehe...more eating engagements to come

To add to all of these physical activities an emotional concern for my family in Manila....... Two weeks ago, a house maid in Manila got sick. After an on and off recurrence of fever, she was confined at St. Luke Hospital. The doctors there would not admit her in the ward but rather put her instead in a private room for suspicion of infectious disease. After undergoing several blood testing, she was diagnosed to be sick of german measles. Angel, my daughter-in-law who attended to the sick helper while at home was six months pregnant and this really got us all worried that she may get contaminated with rubella. For the boys,  Tom and Emil had either contracted or was vaccinated with the disease but the girls, nobody could recall. Angel went to see her OB and the twins, their pediatrician. They went through certain blood testing to determine whether they had the illness before. While waiting for the results which took days, I asked all of them to pray. We were most concerned about Angel and the baby in her womb. (The sickness is most critical to the unborn child.) During those few days, I think my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach. I prayed really hard... I added my call for help to the Blessed Mother who is a mother to us all, to St. Joseph - protector of our homes, to St. Therese of the Child Jesus to intercede... and finally Angel's test result came and lo, I was so happy for she had been exposed to the illness before and is immune from it already. I am really really very thankful for her protection. I love you my God for loving us.
Updating the blood results, the twins had negative indications and so they went for their vaccinations last Saturday. After which they celebrated their birthday with their high school peer group at trinoma.
And Tom has renovated and repainted the children's room this March. I saw the pictures from Tom"s site. What a long March :) Done so many things and the month is not over yet. hahaha

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

cci finals

CCI is having its final examination week. All testing must end this Friday, yet today March 10 is already my last day of finals in English Communication. But there is no relief yet. There are still test papers to correct and grades to compute and deliberation of honors and faillures too. Infact a lot of parents came to school this morning: those who were fetching their children to bring them home earlier after the exam, those who came in behalf of their children to ask for special consideration due to illness, some parents came to see me to discuss about a kiddie graduation party in the premise; and a lot more parents I saw in the administrative building discussing with teachers and department heads regarding their children behavioral and academic problems. (By the way the principal was not around the whole day through). There was this one unreasonable mother crying. She was angry at a certain teacher. She couldn't believe her daughter would lie to her and blame it all on the teacher. Then as if things were not chaotic enough, we were informed of a faculty meeting at 10AM. I left all my uncorrected papers hurriedly to attend the meeting. The faculty meeting was conducted by the president of the faculty organization. It was about our forth coming teacher's excursion in April and the sewing of new sets of uniform for the next school year. Hahaha Surely, I'm going to miss the hullabaloos at cci next school year. hahaha!

Friday, March 6, 2009

35th year wedding anniversary

Our 35th wedding anniverary was happily celebrated with with friends and relatives. Sister Jeannette gifted us with an anniversary cake and it was fun eating it and drinking our champagne too :) hahaha! Enjoy our pictures. ( I just realized that I wore the same outfit as I did during the Chinese New Year) hehehe. What a happy prosperous coincidence!!!

Chinese New Year Pics

The three senior Tan brothers were present this year namely Lucio, Luna and Lucas. Conchita was out of town, Tina was around and I did most of the preparations at home. Lucio came in early. Eugene and family were late, so there was no picture of them. Lucas took few pictures only. I think he was busy drinking beer with Lucio :) hahaha

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy February

Congratulation! My daughter-in-law Angel graduated MS Chemistry from De La Salle University last February 7. We were very happy for her for achieving that academic milestone. Congratulation Angel!!! She was and is really brilliant. She passed all her comprehensive examinations despite her being in that difficult early stage of pregnacy. ( I could hardly imagine myself passing inorganic chemistry in college! hahaha! ) Although we were not in Manila to celebrate with her, yet we were truly happy and proud.
In Cotabato on February 17, Lucas and I celebrated our 35 year wedding anniversary. Our children were not present to celebrate with us but it didn't matter, because although we are widely dispersed, yet the family continues to grow and remain one in God's favor. Lucas and I celebrated the special day with a small circle of friends and relatives, eating and singing karaoke music at Connies Restaurant Diamond room. It was a memorable evening. There were sharing of cake and toasting of champagne. Hehehe I'll post some pictures later.
And hurrah! as a mother I am proud to say that my daughter Martha hurdled with flying colors all her papers and thesis competitions in Industrial Engineering. Both taking first place from last week February 22 inter-university competition in Pampanga; and yesterday, February 28 hosted at De La Salle University. Yesterday was really unimaginable, for her two competitors were both from the University of the Philippines. And if anybody knows my Martha, she is really kind of shy. Yehey! I am so proud of you Tet! Congratulations!
I am ever thankful to God for his kindness! Thank You !!!