Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dance, Snacks and Chika

Since Lucas and I came home last July, I have not missed any of my chacha sessions yet, so far. Even with the recent kidnapping incident and other rumors circulating in Cotabato City, they have not dampened mine and my friends weekly exercise enthusiasm. For it is not only the dancing sessions that we look forward to, rather it's the camaraderie of lively friends that we enjoy most.
Anyway, these few weeks, we sweated on a series of chacha line dance. We also added moves from Lady Gaga  "Bad Romance". Hahaha. (Can you ever imagine?) Hahaha!
And for every dancing session, I also create and prepare snacks for my friends. I have tried my hands on:
1. cheese cup cakes
2. chicken arroz caldo
3. bihon guisado
4. longaniza pasta
5. chicken macaroni salad
6. fried meat balls
7. misuako (Maybe embotido or  tuna sandwich for next week.)
I also serve different kind of beverages like:
1. lemon grass tea
2. cinnamon lemon tea
3. huckleberry tea
4. malt tea
5. Chinese green tea
6. earl gray and
7. sodas
My friends also bring fruits such as lanzones and mangosteen etc
Lucas says how can we ever lose weight for we enjoy eating as much right after the exercise. Haha and talking as much too! We like to keep up with the most recent:
1. business latest takeover or scam or bankruptcy
2. showbiz headliners like Kris and James Yap divorce. Would you like to know that more people are sympathetic with James Yap?
3. common friends quirks and maladies. hehe
4. Chinese tv soap opera developments
6. Healthy herbs and remedies
7. Crimes in the city
8. updates of our families and friends
9. etc...etc
We talk and laugh, get scared and frightened, learn something new and get enlightened.We mostly forget about the time until .....goodnight, till next week again, to once more dance, eat and chika. This is but life's simple joy when you're no longer one to fifty one.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Snatching at Transit Stations

My daughter Martha was a victim of snatchers at the MRT ortigas station last night. Her necklace was forcibly grabbed and pulled away from her by kids hanging around the stations as beggars. The three boys were around 10 to 12 year old. They approached as-though begging and one quickly snatched the neck piece away. Martha was stunned, called for help from a security guard. The guard ran after the boys but they quickly ran down from the stairs and were gone. It was a good thing the chain broke easily or else my daughter would have been hurt more.
There were police around but they did not even run after the boys. They just logged down the snatching incident and put it in blotter. Later they approached my daughters (martha and marion) when they were about to ride the train home and asked them what do other people say?
Even the train stations are no longer safe anymore. Why do they allow kids begging inside. According to the female security guard, an elderly woman was also snatched of her cellphone by the same group of kids. The guard accordingly tried to patrol the area but the kids would run away each time they see her. HEY WHAT ARE THE POLICE DOING INSIDE?!
People, be careful of criminal modus operandi in train stations. Keep safe everybody.
Pray, may the Lord protect us from all harm and evil people.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Beautiful Day

This morning I wake up at 5:45 AM to the sound of alarm clock . I need to be at church before 6:15 as I am assigned by my LECOM ministry group to read for the first mass .
Happily today is also my grandson Dylan's birthday!
I arrive at the church early before everybody else . Today is the feast day of St. Lawrence and the reading is about bountiful blessings the Lord provides for those who give heartily . I also offer the mass for the birthday blessing of Dylan . I pray that he may grow to be strong, bright and good . May the good Lord bless him abundantly.
It's a beautiful day. Praise be the Lord Jesus Christ!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Flight Schedule Beyond My Control

I try to plan my trip many months ahead before schedule. I study mine and other persons calendar activities properly so that there will be no messing up of dates here or abroad. I give ourselves allowances in between scheduled flights so we don't get to rush and panic unnecessarily. I pride myself in buying good and cheaper fares because of my careful planning. Everything seems to be going on as planned. I now have all our passports, visas, tickets, receipts all bound together waiting for the departure day, although it may still be several months ahead.
Who would know, Philippine Air Lines decides to reschedule the flight many weeks after I have bought my tickets. Now everything goes awry. Can you imagine I have to either wait for 7 hours inside the airport for my next connecting flight ? Or reschedule my international non PAL domestic flight and pay additional 150 dollars from my own expense?
Who do you think has to shoulder that extra expenses caused by the inconvenience? If not, how can PAL ease our physical discomfort specially that we are not so young anymore?
I am so exasperated that things have gone beyond my control.
Those who are in control what can you suggest to alleviate our plight.