Friday, July 20, 2012

Modus Operandi !!!

Smoke belching emission test! What a scam!!! They target certain type of vehicular car.
Yesterday a group of bullies and burly looking men in blue t-shirts stopped our car particularly in the middle of the road in Makati. My son showed him a test emission certification. The scalawag said it was expired na. The certification was issued last April. But it was only good for three months, according to that scumbag force...even if the car had no emission, the certification had to be updated every three months. My son was so angry. He was accosted three times already, twice at the same location. He asked that bullying fellow a lot of questions. He asked him where to get a certification that's good for one year. I was very angry too. I said "Bakit sa dami ng mga sasakyang diyan, bakit kami ang parating ninyo hinuhuli!" When the scumbag saw that my son and I were so angry, he let us off, but he reminded us to get hold of a new test emission certification. What a scam!!!!!
Please read PhilStar today dated July 20, 2012, CTALK by Cito Beltran second to the last and last paragraph to know that this is a rampant practice in Makati!!!

Kids in EDSA
There are a bunch of well trained kids specially boys that hide themselves among the post or island walls of EDSA or other thoroughfares. They target mostly taxi cabs but their sharp eyes can spot private cars as well. One kid would try to knock or distract their victim by prying open the passenger back door, while another kid would swiftly opened the front or the other unlatched door and snatched anything from the car. They would run swiftly counter traffic flow to escape. Be sure there are no police around when they do their open daylight robberies.
I have heard several tales from several eyewitnesses before, yet I personally saw this happened yesterday. The operation was so fast, just a few seconds or minutes away. The kid pulled a pouch from the taxi driver's side when he was distracted by the knock at the back. Too late he realized his money bag was stolen. The driver was so stunned. He stopped the car and wanted to chase them in the middle of the road but the kids ran like trained athletes in counter traffic flow. This was in EDSA. We were all stupefied by the scene.
From these, I wanted so much to cry in despair:
1. I so pity the driver who lost his hard earned money.
2. I am fearful these kids would turn out to become harden criminals. And there are plentiful of them these days. Watch out for them everywhere, be it in malls, at transit stations, on streets and highways and others.
3. I worry about what our country is going and coming through: all talks and pride but wallowing in criminalities from kids to the cops to the top echelons.
4. I don't think it is more fun in the Philippines!
Please also read Sketches, column by Ana Marie Pamintuan - Unsafe Streets, Philippine Star, July 20, 2012.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Domestic Helper Woes

There is always domestic helper woe in the family. I have had my share and more, since I took over domestic responsibility after the death of my mom in 1971, at the age of 19. I encountered more frantic problems when I got married and had my own kids. There were unending needs for baby sitters, cooks and helpers. I changed and hired new maids more often than I have bought new shoes. Somehow though, help came when I needed them most. I have ever become so dependent on them.
In my own capacity, I can do some household chores pretty good. I can cook, wash clothes, iron, wash dishes and clean my own room. I am not good at taking care of babies though and cleaning the toilet and dusting and sweeping floors too. I live in a relatively spacious abode and when house-helps are abundant, I like to entertain and have parties occasionally.
But sadly, the family still continues to have house-help problems, specially regarding nannies for my two grandchildren. I am not much of a big help to my daughter-in-law with regards to baby sitting. I pray that she gets good nanny that will stay with her for long. Soonest possible I hope.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Of Old.....

Last June, Lucas and I attended the wake and burial of Mr. Tomas Atienza in Manila. We condoled with the bereaved wife Rosa (Bibi) and her children. The wake was well attended by the Atienza's clan, blood relatives, extended families, business partners and friends. The Atienzas were big, prominent  families in Cotabato City. They were civic minded people and good community leaders. Because of kidnappings and safety threats, it's a pity, they have now left the infamous place to its deterioration.
During the wake, I met several people, specially those who were close and contemporaries of the deceased. My husband Lucas was also a contemporary friend, peer, masonic brother and neighbor of Tomas Atienza. Not to mention that his brother Lucio is married to Conchita Atienza, the deceased elder sister.
I like to mention a few people I met. There were Enrique and Tina Cheng, Robin and Christine Go, Oscar and Deborrah Tan Abing, (Mus and Bai Sandra Sema), Ikiat and Manuelita Jao, Lourdes Mastura, Faustino and Anita Yu, Lily Tan, Deana Du and her brother Jimmy Yap, Ledesma siblings: Imelda, William, Helen and Ollie, Homer and Jane Go, Luna and Tina Tan, Sensio and Lena Tan, Joe Co and his wife, Johnny Co, Nonie and Tess Chio, Yu Seng and Judy Chua etc.........Everybody I met there looked older from what I remembered them from yester-years. I was sure Lucas and I looked older too. Although it was good meeting old friends and reminiscing the good old times and catching up with what's new: but it just made me realized that time has flown so very fast, separated us from our beloved place and made us all grow older.
Only the good memories remain............................