Monday, April 18, 2016


Two major earthquakes in Japan in 2 succeeding days, then one fatal one in Ecuador yesterday. Even before the Ecuador quake, my daughter Marion in New Zealand had already sent us Internet links about possible "big one" and internet tips for survival preparedness. So last night while I was in bed, I began to think about preparing my own survival kit.

Actually I am a worry wart, a safety paranoia mother. Even early on, my homes both in Cotabato and Manila are already stocked with flashlights, candles and matches, even inside our bathrooms. This morning, when I went about filling water containers with clean water for emergency use, I found out I had some 3 gallon of water stashed away last summer in the recesses corner of my room, still there anticipating for water shortage. I also have surgical and dust masks in store for when earthquake struck, as I had experienced before in Cotabato in 1976, all the accumulated dust inside the house and on the ceiling will come falling down. Dust specks will fly for several days, even weeks. Children and elders with weak constitution, soon begin to suffer respiratory problems, diarrhea, severe asthma attacks, fever and other ailments, etc.

I continue to think about the big earthquake in Cotabato in 1976. Our abode toppled down, and my son Roy, my mother-in-law and several others were rescued from the rubble. We had no house, no business, no electricity, no water, no shelter. We stayed with our closest relatives, depending upon the generosity and/ or hostility or kindness or moods of kindreds.....until we could get back on our own.......

If ever, even surviving the aftermath is difficult. Oh, so I pray to God to have mercy on us and spare us from any calamity. O Lord, have mercy, O Lord, have mercy, O Lord have mercy.

Take care everybody and be prayerful always.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Jigsaw Puzzle

This year March 24 to 27, my children came home to Cotabato for 4 days to observe and follow the Holy Week tridum celebration. After church activities, for family recreation, I put out the the most recent jigsaw puzzle my mischievous brother Ollie gifted me when he went to Japan. ( He mischievously enjoyed buying the most difficult puzzle for me to piece. Hahaha.) Martha and Sue (Emil's girlfriend) worked on the puzzle with very little help from me. Indeed it was a difficult one to do for they were not able to finish it when they left for Manila.

This much they did when they left. Although they hope to finish it themselves when they come home again, no way I am going to leave this thing undone. So I task it upon myself to finish it. My eyes are not as sharp anymore, so I am not as good as I was before, and beside I get color confused after hours of looking at the different shades of green. Haha.  Anyway, this is what I have done so far after 2 weeks....