Saturday, November 28, 2009

ballroom dancing

I went ballroom dancing last Thursday night at Club Filipino together with Boy & Cora Taeza, Art & Imelda Bugayong and Anita Go. We were a pleasant group of six people. It was a church fund raising event and lots of people attended the occasion, ready to have a good time. The venue was fine. It was was big and spacious enough to accommodate the social activity. The food was good and the waiters were quick to serve. The liveband played good music and the ladies were beautiful in their dance outfits and dresses and they were really able and graceful. Although we arrived late and were seated far from the dance floor but one DI (dance instructor) accommodated and took turn dancing with us girls. I enjoyed rhumba, samba, regae, tango  etc and really danced with gusto. But while on the floor doing rhumba, I broke one of the straps of my step-in. Oh no! but luckily my shoes did not fly away and nobody noticed it! Hahaha. However I hadn't had enough of it yet, that I changed shoes with Anita Go. But Anita was also in the midst of a dance frenzy hehehe, so we took turns dancing with her shoes and my broken step-in. Hahaha! It was such a fun evening, specially enjoying it with my high school friends!
I guess you'll believe me if I say "my toes were all sore the next morning"
Thanks to Cora and Boy for inviting us. Do invite us for more! Hahaha!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

horrendous massacre in maguindanao

I received several emails from friends and relatives inquiring about our safety in cotabato city. They are of course mostly from people who lived in cotabato before. This horrendous massacre in maguindanao have reached national and international concerns because of the brazenness of the perpetrators, who think they can do anything with impunity because they are that close to gloria macapagal and the arm forces of the philippines. Imagine a group of more than a hundred heavily armed men stopping a convey of vehicles in broad day light. They ambushed, killed, raped, decapitated not only their political opponents and supporters but also media men and other civilian motorists who were traveling the high way near the vicinity. So they think they can killl with impunity because they can deliver votes and goods; and that no local nor natiional authorities can discipline them as they are favored, condoned and fed by the most powerful men of the government. More likely, expect to see these killers get away from punishment. Scary to think that majority are still free roaming or hiding under protection.
But there is an all powerful judge who will hold some people accountable for creating the monsters and ills of the nation (Ondoy and all). If not now, in the next future for sure.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

full schedule

I came to manila last week and spent time with marion during her mandatory work leave; also together with martha while she was completing the revision of her ms thesis. I have been enjoying myself a pretty full load of activities:
1. Went to Baclaran church with my siblings.
2. Ran and walked at Ateneo with marion.
3. Shopped with martha and marion.
4. Had confession at CRC
5. Attended a recollection with sis helen.
6. Attended a merienda sena about "anti aging" at Manhann sponsored by a ladies circle.
7. Saw a doctor at St. Luke Hospital.
8. Had my blood chemistry done.
9. Watched "2012" disaster movie with my children
10. Planned a shower party for janah.
11. Fitted my dress for Janah's wedding.
12. Held a "best wishes" shower party for Janah at home.
13. Ran and walked with Martha and Marion
14. Checked with my cardiac doctor at Tytana, Binondo, Manila
15. Went to 202, San Juan and visited Baclaran church again
16. Going to ran and walk with martha this morning
17. Going to a ballroom event with my high school classmates tonight.
I am really enjoying this my full schedule in manila ! See You!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

boxing champ

I have never been an avid fan of boxing, even with manny pacquiao as our central unifying hero, still I follow up pacman news just like any other interesting national/international sporting event.
Last few months when I heard people talking about the bout "who do you think is going to win?" Even if the questiion was not directly directed to me, just as long as it was within my ear shot. I readily gave my answer.
"Pacquiao of course! Look at his fists and knuckles. They are big and broad. Compare to those of cotto at their latest pictorial, you will see that pacman's fists are double the size and two times wider than those of cotto." Several times, people gave me a quizzical look, as though they hadn't seen the barehand 'fist to fist' pictorial.
"Of course manny pacquiao is going to win." I added "TKO yan sigurado" I said with conviction.
Yesterday morning after the mass, I had snacks with some friends. I heard the same question asked. "Who do you think is going to win?"   Again I gave my logical reason for Manny having extra big fists and knuckles against his opponent. They of course gave me the quizzical look again.
Yesterday afternoon, I did not get to watch the fight on tv. I took my afternoon nap at 12:30 pm and had a wonderful good sleep despite the din outside the gasoline station and our housemaids watching the fight on television at the sala with the big volume on.
I was having wonderful dreams. Yes, didn't I know who was going to win?! Haha!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank You !!!

I woke up this morning at 8:30 AM to loads of text messages and more greetings still through out the day. They were from my children, family, relatives, friends and former St. Martha School teachers. Most unexpectedly, coming from some CCI co-teachers whom I got to know only last school year. Thank you! I am touched, really touched.
One message I got which made me really happy was a result confirmation text.
"Gud pm. ok naman po result (............) sa biopsy. benign po. ty. jenny, ofce of dr. samuel ang"
Thank you! Thank you Lord!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

short vacation in manila

Lucas and I were in Manila on November 2009 for a short stay. The nights were cold so we were mostly in sweaters. hahaha!

Proudly Lasallian

Nov. 3, 2009 - I went to La Salle to look at the pictures of Martha posted inside the university. I even invited Helen to come with me. I took some snapshots. Martha was shy to pose with us but she couldn't say no to her mother. Hehehe. We only took pictures in 3 places. That was more than enough to make a mother feel proud and happy :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cold November Nights

It has been cold at night since I came to Manila last October 31. With rains and showers during the day, it's cold in the evening. These few nights, I sleep without air conditioning. I even shut the windows closed and wear light sweater to sleep. I wonder how people in other countries are able to bear the autumn and winter weathers? Brrrr........