Monday, March 29, 2010

A thing of beauty...

The narra tree across the street, right infront of my room came to full bloom when I was in Manila early this March. I was so happy to be blessed to see this beautiful sight. Not everybody, nor anybody could capture and smell this thing of beauty right infront of his bedroom window all through out the day. My husband laughed at me when I began reciting "The Tree" by Joyce Kilmer over and over. I was simply stunned and captivated by nature.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grateful Homecoming to Cotabato

Summer is definitely here. Manila is hot: Cotabato is hotter! I just came home with Lucas from a three week stay in Manila; not for vacation purposes but for medical reason. I have reason to be happy coming home today despite the heat because Lucas can now see clearly after undergoing two cataract surgeries.I am thankful that both procedures went well. He can now get back to work and do other normal things. We spent three weeks in Manila without much physical activities. I did not get to see my friends and cousins or go ballroom dancing but spent more of my time at home for my husband's post operation care. I verily thank God for bringing us home today hearty and sound. I love you, my Lord. Thank You. Thank You for my husband eyesight.

Monday, March 1, 2010


It is the month of March. If I were still teaching I would be at this time extremely busy preparing for the finals and evaluating grades and the performances of pupils; but since I am self-retired, I have been of late shuttling back and forth from Cotabato to Manila, mostly for several routinary check-ups for Lucas and  myself. Results are good but Lucas needs to undergo 2 cataract procedures this March, so we are going back to Manila soon again. I am thankful that I am free to be able to accompany him. I hope and pray for the successful and easy operations on his both eyes.

There had been more than a couple of sad incidents last February though:
1. The untimely demised of Giok Lan Tansuk, the sister-in-law of my sister Helen. She died peacefully and without much pain and struggle from cardiac arrest at the age of 72. She died 2 days before the Chinese New Year, was cremated and interred in Manila Memorial Park beside the grave of her brother Felipe. She had no known relatives except for my sister Helen and my sister's subsequent blood relations. All of us siblings were there beside Helen and her children to help them bear their griefs and console their sorrows. We were sad that she was not able to witness the very soon forthcoming wedding of her eldest nephew Gary this coming March 7. She will be happy for him though and give her blessings from heaven for sure.

2. A most tragic death for Johnson and Haydee Wee and their children Kim Patricia and John Lorenzo. The whole family succumbed to suffocation due to fire inside their residential flat in  Cotabato City last February 24, 2010. My comandre and good friend Remy Wee ( mother and grandmother ) survived the fire with first and second degree burns. She was in stable condition though while still being treated at the hospital. She had hoarse voice and was coughing from smoke inhalation and being nebulized when I visited her last. I was at a lost for words to console her. I could not imagine how courageously she could endure the loss. May God give her strength. Everybody will surely miss Johnson and Haydee who were doing very well in their travel and ticketing business. They had been very accommodating in making my many travels easy, light and convenient. Kim and John were my former pupils at St. Martha School. They were intelligent, lovable and smart kids. They were still so young.......I can not understand why we lost many a good people like them.....

3. Such as Joseph Datuwata Cuan, who was gunned down and killed this February while on his way driving his kids to school. He was such a likeable person, a good businessman, a generous soul who intended to run for a seat in the city council. Johnson and Joseph were high school classmates and very close friends. They had bright and good future ahead of them. They would have been good citizens and contributors to our society. What a big lost to all of us. May their souls rest in peace.