Friday, August 25, 2017

Family Dispersed

My family is all dispersed: My husband and I live in Cotabato, my eldest son Roy is in Seattle, Washington, USA, Tom works and lives with his wife Angel and children in Cebu City; Emil and his fiance Sui Ling are in Mandaue City, Cebu, Martha is a six sigma black belter consultant working in Manila and Marion is currently doing her ph.d research in Wellington City, New Zealand.  However, this is not as though it is the first time for them to leave home and to live independently away from the comfort of the family. In fact, 3 of them: Roy, Martha and Marion left home to study high school in Manila at the young age of 13, while Tom and Emil left home to pursue their college education at a later age of 16.

Roy was my first born and hence the first child to leave home. He was a severe asthmatic and a sickly child but I encouraged him to apply for a national scholarship at the Philippine Science High School in Diliman, Quezon City. I was an ambitious mother. I saw his great potential as a fast learner, I was afraid he was getting tremendously bored studying in Cotabato City. In spite of his frail health, I had no second thoughts enrolling and boarding him in Pisay when he surpassed the quota grades required of the entrance examination of that prestigious high school in Diliman. I didn't care even if  people tagged me as a hard hearted mother. However before his Pisay intership, I told him. "Roy, let us agree on this...we will try this out, from day to day basis, progressing to weekly and monthly bases. If in any case your physical health will not allow you to proceed, we can easily go home to Cotabato. I am pretty sure there are many other schools who will take you in."  So Roy got enrolled, studied and boarded at Pisay. Thank God, he survived four year of academic struggles. He even seemed to become healthier living a spartan life at the dormitory. (There was one major asthma episode though that sent him to the hospital because I fed him hotcakes with pure maple syrup while I was in Manila. He was highly allergic to the substance, we soon found out. My too much mothering was making him sick I guessed.) While Roy was studying away from home, nobody and nobody here on earth knew that I was a total wreck, putting up a brave front. My husband Lucas was 101 percent supportive of our efforts though. Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing.

The other siblings looking up to their eldest brother, soon followed suit in their own time and pursuits. I began to raise up all my prayers to God to take care of all my children where ever they are and where ever they go. For we can never do it rightly without the goodness, graciousness and blessings of our Lord.  I pray...Keep them always safe and healthy, O Lord! To my Blessed Mother, the Queen of our Homes, give us the mantel of your maternal protection always. Amen.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Celebrating Lucas' 77th Birthday

Last July, after the trip to Cebu, Lucas and I proceeded to be with Martha in Manila. In Manila, Martha and I planned for Lucas' birthday. Every year since we got married, whether big or small, I have never failed to celebrate Lucas natal day. This year since Martha was the only person left at my second home in Manila, it would be quite lonesome to have a dinner comprising only the three of us, so I thought of inviting my siblings and their children. With my siblings around, it would be a happy get together.

So I decided for us to go to this relatively new dinning place called Peking Garden at Greenbelt 5, Makati. The place was known for its good food and nice ambiance. Aside from that, the catch was a 50% discount if I were a Metrobank platinum card holder. Luckily as I asked around, two of my nieces were of good standing member. Martha reserved two tables for 12 persons each. The place was fully booked though. Despite the heavy traffic in Makati, everybody tried his best to get to the place early and on time.

That evening of July 12, 2017, Martha and I personally chose an ala carte 8 course dinner. The nice food made for a great celebration with a special choice of Peking duck served two ways. A beautiful and delicious cake was gifted by niece Desa where in we all partook and enjoyed. We were also served long life buns and the personnel sang the birthday song twice. Hahaha. It seemed that all the customers that night were also celebrating their birthdays. Hahaha. Some confusions regarding the cakes also added to the gaiety of the occasion. Hahaha.

Happy 77th birthday Lucas!!! No love word is better said aloud than actions. Of course you know that!!! I love you!!! Happy birthday my dear husband!

The lovely birthday cake and long life buns

Martha, Lucas and I

Happy birthday song

Thank you, thank you...from the celebrant

A great celebration, a happy group
Happy Birthday Lucas!!!