Sunday, October 13, 2013


I am physically, mentally and emotionally preoccupied and drained out. As much as I wanted to write about life and about the recent security concerns in our homes, yet my mind can only think about my family and  the divine Lord. Thank you God for protecting and loving me and my family. God really lives among us and he sends his angels to protect us. He protects those who call on him. Thank you Lord, I am forever grateful. I will try my very best to be pleasing to you. Do continue to love and bless us O Lord.
When my mind shall begin to relax and be at peace, I'll come back to my blog and maybe write a long story about the break-in that happened to my second home in Manila.
For now, I can only thank, pray and communicate with God who is forever good and beautiful. I love you my Lord. Please be with us always.