Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Derby Days

After July 4th, came Redmond Derby Days. There were all kinds of competitions in town: running, bicycle racing, etal. The town center was very gay. There was a free concert at the park at night and we went around the carnival fair too after supper. We were so lucky to have participated in all these July celebrations without even planning them. Thank God for all these wonderful holidays and vacation opportunities spent with my husband Lucas, my son Roy and my daughter Martha. Thank you very much!
Concert at the park.
Dancing to the music.
The ferry's wheel
The carousel
At the game booth.
Daring ride
Look at me...I am at the fair! Hehehe.....

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Chihuly Glass and Garden

Free family picture at the garden.
Colorful ethnic weaves inside the museum.
Glass sculptures inside the museum.
Beautiful glass hangings.
At the garden - glass sculptures complimented the beautiful blossoms.
These were real blossoms. So beautiful!
 Enjoying with Roy and Martha.
It was drizzling on our way out, the Chihuly Glass and Garden was located near the Space Needle. We decided to take a photo with the Seattle's famous landmark.
We also took a picture with this sculpture near the Space Needle area. Let me tell you, the new generations do not even know that this sculpture is a piece of office (typewriter) eraser. Hehehe.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Brewery and Winery at Redmond

Red Hook Brewery
Attentive visitors
Samples of beer.
The factory
Lunch at the brewery restaurant.

After lunch we walked to the adjacent winery - Chateau St. Michelle :
Grape vines along the path.
Look at the bunches of budding grapes.
Wow, bountiful.
At the chateau.
Rested at the lobby.
With glass sculpture at the lobby.
At the winery garden. "What are these berries called?" They looked like blueberries.
Bear berries?
Fragrant tree blossoms!
Can't resist taking a picture with the pine tree too. Hehe.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lavender Farm

It was a nice day to visit the lavender farm.
So pretty!

They had all kinds of merchandise inside the lavender shop, including lavender cookies and ice creams. Even though a little bit pricey I couldn't resist buying their little knick knacks. And we all ended up eating their ice cream too. Hahaha.
Lucas painted the beautiful scenery of a creek beside the farm in watercolor.