Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thank You for the Music.....

I am thankful for the piano lessons I took during my third and fourth year high school days. I am grateful to my friend Rita (née Cua) Uy for encouraging me to do so. She also enjoined me to be under the tutelage of Mrs. Sylvia Ocsio who was the best piano teacher ever. During those days I did not have a piano, but I practiced from my neighbor's house. My first piano piece "Starlight Waltz", I learned from Mrs. Dadivas; yet it was Mrs. Ocsio who improved me and gave me much motivation. My first piece under her was "Nocturne", followed by "Melody in F". On December of 1967, I was all excited for my first piano recital held at Young's Theater. I practiced hard and played well my difficult recital piece "Swaying Daffodils". I also did a 'four hands' medley with my neighbor Rosalinda (née Uy) Dy. Several days after the recital, I was informed by Mrs. Ocsio that somebody from the audience, a friend of hers, praised me for my good performance. Belatedly, I was given an honor lapel pin of which I did not really quite expect.

My piano playing days however was a short interlude, for about a year and a half. After high school, I went to study at a university in Manila, as did all my siblings before me. My mom even offered to buy me a piano in exchange that I stay in Cotabato for my tertiary education, but I chose to go to the big city instead.

When I reached Manila, I stayed with my uncle Fernando Go. My uncle was a rich man with 12 children. My cousins Nelly, Adele and Marlin were about my age. We were of one to three years old difference only. They were pretty, smart and talented. They had a piano at home and they were all taking lessons. They were very good. Compared to them, I was below par. I started my piano lessons late in my teens. Although I learned fast those last couple of years in high school, yet I wasn't good enough. I read my notes very slowly. I tried catching up by taking piano lessons from the neighborhood noted piano teacher Miss Manalo, but alas, even with a piano at home, I could not practice well, for I was barely catching up with my courses in the university. My piano teacher In Manila scolded me for not being able to improve much. I was equally frustrated with myself, so I decided to stop. It was a waste of money spending my meager monthly allowances on something I was not good at. From Miss Manalo though, I remember parts of my Christmas Medley which I play seasonally up to the present, specially during the holidays.

So whenever I have a chance to lay my fingers on the key board, I repeated play the songs I so dearly memorized. Mrs. Ocsio advised me to memorized my pieces, that I may play a song or two anytime a request was made. Aside from that, I personally get interested with popular tunes and self taught myself by getting hold of new simpler notes. I practiced new pieces incessantly and persistently, to thwart family members complaining about listening to the same old music over and over. Hahaha.

These days, I have a piano of my own. Now that I am retired from work, I have time enough to play simple pieces. Today as I enjoy playing leisurely at home, how grateful I am for those lessons learned from my childhood and for my own persistently. I am no great pianist. I play for my own enjoyment for nothing beats satisfaction from doing something on your own. I may be slow, but now I can play pieces like "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head", "Somewhere Over the Rainbow",  "Star Wars", (hahaha), "When You Wish Upon a Star", even Fur Elise (hehe)... etc. Although it takes me painstaking time to read and learn and finish a new piece..... yet time I have plenty enough .....hehehe. Seriously..........
Dear Lord, thank you for the music!!! 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Finished My Jigsaw

I finished piecing up together my jigsaw puzzle yesterday. It took me more than one month, from April 3 to May 13. In between I went to Manila for 2 weeks together with my husband Lucas for his check up. I came back home, and I did not know how to continue for awhile. This puzzle was really tough. Hahaha, yet with determination, I completed it in less than one month time (not counting the days I was in Manila.) Thanks to my brother Ollie for the pasalubong from Japan.

Philippines Election 2016

The people of the Philippines has spoken. We have elected a new president in a landslide victory for Rodrigo Duterte, a stark (uncouthed) opposite of outgoing elitist Benigno Aquino III who moved mountains of money to sit his anointed Manuel Roxas III, but failed. Now that Duterte will be our next  president, I pray that the Lord will help him straightened out this criminal laden country, instill discipline on our people, bring out our best qualities and usher order and prosperity to the nation. Everybody needs to help better our country, it must not lie on the shoulders of one man alone. May God help this country and our people and the newly elected president.