Thursday, May 31, 2007

Seeing others in USA

 Aside from visiting my son and relatives, I also got to meet other people. We were able to see Cristina Punzalan who is a close friend and a distant relative of Martha and Marion. I was so glad to see Christina well and happy with her life in usa. She is taking up nursing and I am sure she'll have a bright future ahead of her.
We also met Efren Yap and his wife Lorna and daughter Letlet and her kababayan boyfriend Junie Ma who was Emil's childhood bosom friend in Cotabato. Infact Efren and his family treated us to eat in an expecieve restaurant at Maggiano's at the Grove in LA. Mapakarami namin that night. Rowena Valescas came over to meet us too at the Grove which was a really a very nice place. It was a grand evening of get together for us the olds and the kids as well.
I also met my former student Albert Arsad Unayan who is now an immigrant officer. He took us to a Chinese DimSum Restaurant. He kept me abreast of the many news of my former students. I was excited to meet him and I was happy to see that Albert Arsad has remained the same, unaffected by his position.
Then I also met my auntie Pilar and cousin Viveca. My aunt was frail and walked with difficulty but she was keen in mind. Vicky was busy with work and kids but she took special time to bring auntie pilar to see us.
Of course I got to spend time living with Lolita's family. Her husband Gonga Jose was very hospitable, her children Jay and Tracy gave up their rooms for us. Jay is now a chef and tracy is taking up nursing. Jay is a nice young man and tracy is quite mature in her outlook.
I was very happy meeting all of them. I am blessed to see them all during this trip. I thank God for this wonderful gift of people. Thanks a lot!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hi, I'm back

Hello, I am back in the Philippines after a month sojourn in USA. My husband Lucas, my children Emil, Martha and Marion and my sister Helen and I, we went to LA, San Francisco, Atlanta, Virginia, DC, New Jersey and New York. My travel was primarily to see my son Roy in Virginia, but along the road we visited Lucas siblings Lolita in LA and Domingo in Virginia, niece Grace Tan in Atlanta and nephew Jeremiah Chua in New Jersey. They are all doing great and we had a wonderful time staying with them in their respective places.
USA is a wonderful place, with all its wealth and modern technology but the Americans are all in a rush, impatient and in rage. They tried to be pleasant by saying all those niceities like "how are you today" but they don't really mean anything because they don't care. I love coming back home to the Philippines, but after USA I find things moving too slowly here. Well we just can't win them all and have everythig we want too
Coming home is coming back to reality with all the domestic, work and everyday problem. Coming home also makes me miss Roy more. I have come to realize that those who are there, will remain there. That what we have here,we must make the most out of it. That each one of us has our own life to live. What connects us is our love for each other, not through our worth or capacity but through the mercy of God.