Thursday, November 29, 2007

failed coup

I have no love lost for gloria macapagal arroyo's goverment nor for the past presidents and their officials who plunged and plundered our country into debt, poverty and disorderliness, But I had doubted the capabilities of Trillanes and company ever since the first coup attempt in Oakwood that they were anything but foolish soldiers without any good sense of strategies to have holed in themselves in classy venues, simply banking on the idea of support from the people. In the first place, who would in their right mind support a group that is so high class in their ideals of rebellion and without any plan of contingency? The scenario looked more like a personal self serving purpose other than patriotism itself. What happened yesterday created a disturbance that most people did not like to partake but hoped for to succeed. It also exposed an administration that is martial in operation. Alas!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

no classes

The mayor of Cotabato City suspended classes for two consecutively days, yesterday and today due to inclement weather condition. Ironically the weather yesterday turned out good and sunny. This morning however, the sky is dark and brooding.  School officials of course want the children to be safe but I worry about some pupils who missed classes last week and those who will be missing classes again  tomorrow because their parents have to go to Davao, General Santos or whatever places due to business, health or family concerns. The parents brought and bring their children along with them during these trips and there seem to be a lot of accrued cutting of classes this November. I really hate it when a number of students fall behind.
For a last minute decision, I have decided to call back classes. The sky seems to be lighting up and the weather turning good. There are many lessons to catch up as tomorrow will be dance practice day and Friday is another holiday.
(updates: We had classes today. The weather was windy but fine. I was really glad to have recalled the classes this morning. )

Thursday, November 22, 2007


As soon as I said it, the parties began rolling in. I had three parties this week and we'll be dinning out again with friends this evening. So you see the need for exercise because I can't resist the lechon in each occasion. And we're only in the midst of November yet!
My dresses are fine. I am quite up to date although not very noticeable.  I am frantic because I can't fit in some of the new clothes I bought and my old clothes are just too big for me now.
And by the way, I won a toy car from the parlor game "musical chair" last night. I didn't realize I was quick in grabbing a seat. We were around 15 to 17 ladies playing the game. hehehe Maybe a lot of my slender friends were afraid to collide with my size or maybe I was just faster because of the constant taichi hahaha! Whatever!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Health or Vanity

What do I do? Exercise!
Aside from my work in school, I am deligently doing my taichi and so far I have not missed my chacha for 2 consecutive Saturdays already. I am hysterically doing additional time before the yuletide season really begins.
Feasts and celebrations will start as early as December 2 or even earlier. Infact tonight I have a wedding party to attend and another post wedding celebration on December 8.
For why do I exert so much effort? Health or vanity?
But I have to fit in all the new clothes I bought!

Friday, November 9, 2007

At 56

As I turn 56 years old today.... I recount the affective ages of my life.

at age 19 - I lost my mom.
          22 - I got married to Lucas
          23 - I gave birth to my first born Roy
          25  going to 26 in 3 more days - I gave birth to my second son Tomas
          27  nearing 28  in 2 more months - I gave birth to my third son Emil
          36 - gave birth to my youngest children, twin girls Martha and Marion
         (40) 39 - in Manila when my father died of cardiac arrest
         (42) 41 - I started St. Martha School, Cotabato Inc.
         (51) 53 - Tom got married and I added a daughter-in-law Angel to love
         (52) 54 - I became a grandmother to my first grandchild Dylan

At 56, I just wish to continue and have a healthy and peaceful life. hehehe

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What to say

Last year I was the talk of the town. I lost more than 20 pounds right after my gall bladder operation. Without even trying, I kept on losing more weight. A lot of people did not like me thin. They prefered me chubbier. I knew losing a lot of weight made me looked old, haggard and sick but I didn't know why I just didn't have much appetite. This got me and my husband Lucas to worry so I went for a colonoscopy check, there was nothing wrong with me though.
But now, after one year, I am getting back and fast. I have easily regained my appetite again. People say I look much better but that I should not get fat again.
Easier said than done. hehehe....

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I am physically tired from travelling. I can not sleep in a car or on a plane. I don't feel comfortable sitting or reclining for long hours. I need a bed to fall asleep.
A day before departure,  I get all hyped up - I need to buy these and that, pack up early, check my belongings over and over. I am fearful less I forget something important to bring.
Day of departure - I have to go to the airport early for I don't want to be late for my flight. I hate to be in a rush, but I get to wait long hours too.
Unpacking is a another thing - check if there is anything broken in the luggage, putting clothes and things back to where they belong, sorting the pasalubong, storing the new things  etc etc. Travelling can be tiring specially if it is done too often.
And I have done that for the past few months but they were well worth it. To be able to see and spend time with my children. To hear their common daily grind and eating and shopping and going to movies together. The last visit, I have watched 3 movies in a week with them. hahaha. I even loved going to bed with all the noises still going on, knowing that they were all at home with me.
Well, December is approaching, and this time the children will be coming home instead of me going to see them. I will have respite from travelling for awhile until come next year.
I once told roy, How I wish there is a space tunnel where in you can just enter a door and come out of it to wherever place you want to be. Saves a lot of time and airport hustles! hah!