Monday, April 28, 2008

Hongkong adventures and misadventures part 3

April 24, 2008 - Since Lucas had a good day rest on April 23 and Domingo brought him a cane to help him walk, he decided that he would join us at the hotel heated pool. The pool however was not heated well enough for us to bear, so the oldies went to dip in the jacuzzi instead. After the dip, we ate at the hotel Chinese restaurant. Three of them ( Helen, Martha and Marion) could not eat sea food but when I pointed to the picture which I thought was a chicken vian, it turned out to be a sea food stew. The other things I ordered were not as tasty as I thought they would be. Anyway....we tried to finish all the food we ordered :) Luckily nobody complained hehehe.
In the afternoon, Lucas and Domingo went for a nap while the rest of us went to Northern Point district to shop. I bought polo shirts for Tom and emil, shorts for Lucas and me, got 20% discount for tea courtesy of my brother Chiong Bian. We didn't buy a lot of things though and decided to call it a day.
In the evening, Lucas joined us to Tsim Tsa Tsui. Together we walked slowly liked old lovers hahaha! He bought for himslef a dragon head crystal figurine. Despite his disability, at least he got to shop like the rest of us too.

April 25, 2008 - back to the Philippines.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hongkong adventures and misadventures part 2

April 23, 2008 - Everybody came to see Lucas the next morning. I was thinking of foregoing the Disney tour to bring Lucas to the hospital but Domingo examined him and said that Lucas would be ok. He didn't think that there was any fracture. He said it must be muscle pain and some torn ligaments. Domingo dressed his wounds and they appeared to be drying up too. Lucas and Domingo encouraged us to go on with our Disney trip. Domingo promised to take care of his brother and so we left for Disneyland via the train system with Chiong Bian in the lead, although it was his first time to go too....the train system was quiet long and a little bit complex but Martha and Marion took interest to where we were going....................amazingly, the last train was designed specially for disneyland. Inside the station, one got to feel that you were departing for some magical kingdom with colorful train seats, mickey mouse shaped windows, mickey mouse shaped hand holders and metal disney characters figurines incased in glasses on display. We started taking some pictures already inside the train. To make the story short, I would say I enjoyed Hongkong Disneyland more that the three times I went to LA disneyland. The park was not too big that we had to hurry in order to catch up with all the rides. The queue was not too long either and there were more adults than brats during the weekday. We were able to go on a slow pace and yet saw most of the things we wanted to see. We stayed up until the fireworks show which we never did elsewhere. ( the fireworks is really something everybody should watch)  We ate our supper leisurely too and took the train back home at night without fear of not being able to catch our last bus home to the hotel. Martha and Marion can do the disney tour anytime now whenever they are in hongkong. They know their way around already by train :) hehehe

to be continued......

Hongkong adventures and misadventures

April 19, 2008 - Lucas, Helen (my sister), Martha, Marion and I embarked on a 7 days and 6 nights vacation to Hongkong. It was an all planned trip intented for a leisurely tour. Included in our itinerary were a half day hongkong tour, one day macau tour, meeting with Domingo and Jackie and spending some time with my Hongkong brother Uy Chiong Bian and of course a day in Disneyland. Unfortunately, our plane was not able to touch down in Hongkong due to bad weather conditiion. We were 20 minutes to landing and imagine how frustrated it was to know that we had to be diverted back to Manila again. We spent the late night in Century Park Hotel, we were roused at 3 AM in the morning to catch the 7 AM flight and finally the plane took off at 8 o'clock in the morning the next day.

April 20, 2008 - Arrived Honkong and billeted in Harbour Plaza Hotel Metropolis which was a really nice hotel with very courteous and hospitable staff. Met Domingo and Jackie in the same hotel and spent the afternoon sleeping due to tiredness from lack of sleep (hehehe). At night we ate a sumptuous Peking duck dinner in the Kowloon star ferry area, then had a very nice long leisurely walk back to our hotel. The harbour walk was breezy and very scenic at night. I suggest everybody to do it when in hongkong.

April 21, 2008 - Went to Macau for a day tour. Macau is now a nicer place to visit compared to 1989. It had improved a lot. The casinos were and are still the main attractions but this time you can see more skyscrappers and new foreign attractions. We went to the tallest tower, to the old church ruin, took a buffet lunch in Fishermans Wharf and enjoyed strolling down the area and looking through the shops. You can see the locals really sprucing up the place. I am happy that they are giving Hongkong a good competition. I bought myself a toy slot machine  for Macau souvenier. It was a pleasant trip all in all.

April 22 - Half day Hongkong tour, ended the tour at Tsim Tsa Tsui, went shopping at the district. At night, my Hongkong brother Uy Chiong Bian came by to pick us up and brought us to his place in Lan Tian (BlueFarm). We had super supper with his family and went visiting their residences. Chiong Bian brought us back home at around 10 PM. The misadventure happened when we  disembarked from the train to go up to Hung Hum Station where our hotel was located. As we took up the escalator, Lucas who was always staying behind us fell down.  I turned my back just in time to see him staggering with his balance and lost him from my sight. I screamed his name out loud and Dr. Domingo was very quick to the rescue. He could not pull him from the front, so he went to the back and helped him get up. Lucas' fingers and elbow were pinched from the running steps. His elbow had a big open wound and we quickly called for first aid assistance at the station which they also quickly responded. But the fall had a great impact on his buttocks, he could not walk properly. He had a fretful sleep that night due to much pain despite the medicine he took.

To be conitnued.......

Monday, April 14, 2008

works getting done

I am happy that most of my St. Martha School closure work is finally getting done. Some of which were: I paid my last phone, water and electric bills last week, had all the meters removed and disconnected. Sold a lot of my school tables and chairs. I made a closure inventory and properly turned over the school building and other fixtures and school things to Corazon Araral (sister of my business partner and landlord). I attended to and said goodbye to my bookkeeper and accountant. This morning, I finished doing the commerative yearbook dummy, then submitted and partially paid my printer late this afternoon. When the yearbook shall be finally done and  distributed, my work 95% of which is almost done. A good start and a proper closure is my honest intention. I am relieved. I can have a good and long happy vacation without much worry for the next school year. Thank God. I love my school and my work but this closing of St. Martha School I know is a blessing in disguise....I move on to another school next year with lesser responsibility but not lesser pay, I hope. Hahaha!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Children all dispersed

I was following Roy's flight schedule yesterday from USA to Norway. He was going for a computer software conference. His research while still in Virginia Tech was accepted by the conference committee and he will be there to present his study papers. Microsoft, the company where he presently works for is sponsoring his conference expenses. Knowing Roy, who is always in a last minute rush and absent minded self, I couldn't help worry. As of present writing, he is still on his way to the Scandinavian country. (He forgot to bring his Microsoft badge though)
Follow-up thoughts - I couldn't help think about the day before yesterday when I was giving Marion a last minute instruction as to what to pack for her trip to Singapore. "Bring an extra pair of eyeglasses" She is at present with a group of friends on vacation.
Being a worrywart mother, I always worry unneccesarily so I resort to praying which is my only solution. Thinking about it, I really worry about them all............
1. Of Martha taking her finals and preparing for her thesis defense - Is she sleeping? Drinking lots of fluid in this hot weather? Catching up with her school work?
2. Of  ever busy Emil working in Cebu....Is he happy? Is he healthy?
3. Of Tom, Angel and Dylan - Are they doing ok with work? Is Dylan eating well? Are they handling and balancing their time and finances wisely?
All these and many more.........why do I worry? because I am in Cotabato and not with anyone of my children. My family members are all dispersed and this causes me to feel paranoid regarding their health, safety, happness, education, work, undertakings, etc, etc...
A last minute thought.... Not to worry though, for God keeps us together..........pray.