Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Repairing again......

I am back to repairing my home in Manila. There are so many broken down things like faucets, downspouts, blinds and others. I am also having the roof repainted and may have to repaint the whole house in and out, in the very near future. These repairs are tedious and costing me a lot of money. But I need to provide a good shelter for my family, so I maintain the usability of my home the best way I can. Some works are done well, others have to be redone. I pray hard to St. Joseph to guide and teach these workers of my home to do their job well. St. Joseph is the patron saint of the workers, at the same time he is also the protector of the homes and family. I reach out to him for help, so that my family and I may have a home that is safe and secure like his own in Nazareth.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Best Compliment

The best compliment I ever received, was from one of mine former teachers, Mrs. Angelita Alejandro Hornido. She said " Ma'am, I have learned a lot from you as a teacher. Thank you very much!!! Honestly I get to learn more from St. Martha School than from the 4 years I was studying in the university, not only as teacher but also as a person. That's true ma'am." This sincere gratefulness was given several times:
1. While as a relatively new faculty member under my supervision at St. Martha School,
2. When I was about to permanently close my school and preparing my teachers, as well as the pupils to move to CCI,
3. And many years later when both of us were no longer working together at St. Martha School, and when I was no longer her department head either at CCI.

Mrs. Angelita Alejandro Hornido is now a public school teacher in Upi. She hails from that municipality. She never fails to thank me whenever we meet. I do really feel the honesty of her compliment. I am equally glad that I am able to exert good influence and make an impact on her, both as a teacher and as a person too.

Thank you likewise Angie Hornido. Thank you!

Saturday, February 7, 2015


What have we in February?
1. Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes on February 11
2. Valentines Day
3. Forty one year wedding anniversary
4. Chinese New Year
Happy celebration everyone!!!
P.S. And oh... Ash Wednesday on February 18 - the beginning of Lent

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Thank You Guys!

Last Christmas 2014, my children gifted us (Lucas and me) a mini ipad 3. The gift was a big surprise since I specifically told them not to buy any thing for us. All I wanted was for them to come home safely and spend the Christmas with us. But they surprised us anyway with their present.

The story behind started when Lucas and I went to Seattle. Since my son Roy was a computer guy, I asked him to help me look for a cheap tablet for his father. Lucas for sometime, wanted to own the now popular gadget which he oftenly saw his brother Lucio using. I reasoned him out that we didn't really need the ipad for we were already broad band pc users at home. But since I felt that he really was curious about it, so there, I asked Roy to help us look for one. In Seattle, several times, Roy brought us to Microsoft and Apple stores to view the items. But I just couldn't make up my mind. It was for me too costly. My point was - "We really don't need it." With emphasis on the word "need".

Honestly though, I know that tablets are useful, specially when travelling. When I was in Japan last March 2014 with my siblings, I had several times borrowed from my sister Helen when my cellphone failed me. Most evening in Japan, I used it to follow up on Philippines and international news. Also every night, I checked on the weather forecast too. I would tell my siblings the degree of temperature expected the next day to prepare us for the proper rainy or winter clothing.

Coming back to then our trip in Washington. When I decided after all not to buy the mini ipad 3 that Roy recommended us, although he kept his silence yet my son did not seem too happy with my decision. Unknown to us however, when we left Seattle, Roy secretly gave my daughter Marion some money and told her to buy one from the Philippines instead.

So Lucas and I went to Cebu after our trip from Seattle. While in Cebu, I mentioned to Tom and Angel that I regretted not buying the mini ipad in USA. Anyway, I told them, when I get home to Cotabato, I would buy one from my nephew Eugene who owned a computer store in Cotabato. Upon hearing my pronouncement, Angel quickly called up Marion and told her of my intention; Marion on the other hand hurriedly called up Eugene and told him that they (my children) were already in the process of buying one for their father and me. And to please not mention about this their secret to us.

When Lucas and I came home to Cotabato from Cebu and Manila, I started getting busy with the Yuletide preparation and the children's homecoming, that all too soon forgot about my wanting to purchase.

Now, you can just imagine my surprise when Lucas opened our gift. Hehehe. In Infact, Martha and Marion delayed no time installing a router, the first thing they did upon arrival. Where for, after receiving our gift on Christmas, the girls aptly configured and set up accounts and sites that Lucas and I preferred. They installed games we elders like to play such as soduko, tetris and crossword puzzles, etc.

Currently, Lucas happily prefers to view his facebook from the ipad. He says, it is faster than the pc. Hehehe. I, on the other hand have been playing tetris and crosswords nightly up to the wee hour of one o'clock in the morning. It's really addicting! You guess right, I also just installed one more crossword pack and a scrabble game. What a challenge!!! Hahaha!

Thanks a lot guys: Roy, Tomas & Angel, Emil, Martha and Marion. Thanks for the present. I love you all!