Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Late Posting: MMLC at MH Family Resort, Tagaytay/Cavite

Last March 8, 2016, after four day of religious ladies federation convention in Legaspi City, my sister Jeannette Yu invited the Mary Mediatrix Ladies Circle of the Queen of Peace Church from Cotabato City for an overnight stay at MannHann family resort, Tagaytay/Cavite. Out of a big contingent of more than 40 members, 26 attended the sortie including our parish priest the Rev. Father Charlie Celeste. DCC.

The family resort is actually owned by the Chua's family. My brother Wilson is married to Dianne (nee Chua). When business started, he and his wife literally physically handed and managed the start and the expansion of the restaurant. He is so far and by far an integral part of the family and business.

Since my brother Wilson was busy, he tasked me and Helen to welcome the Cotabato ladies to the family resort. He provided us with a car and a driver. He also sent in an advance team of housemaids and cook to prepare the accommodation and food for the visitors. The guests rooms were big and spacious and properly provided with beds and linens. Each room has a rain forest themed toilet and bath. The ladies picked their own places to sleep, while the priest and his chaperon were given the coolest suite.We sisters Jeannette, Helen and I occupied one bedroom for ourselves too. The resort was so cool and calm at night. The best place to relax and chill out. I hope the visitors were able to enjoy and appreciate the accommodations at Mannhann family resort, through the invitation of sis Jeannette.

In the morning, we ate a breakfast of green salad, hongba with hardboiled egg and cha misua, bread and coffee or tea. My brother Wilson came over with sis Imelda later in the morning to meet the MMLC, who were then preparing to leave, while Helen and I minding our business, waddled luxuriantly by ourselves in the pool. Hehe. I always enjoyed my vacation to the max. Hehehe.....Thank you Boboy and/or Wilson. Thanks.

Marilou, Leng leng, Precy and Connie by the pool side.
Amelita Manubang on the piano.
Doris and Evelyn
The ladies and the morning sunlight
Remy and the MMLC chaperon Ceasar
Father Charlie Celeste, DCC and his angels. Can you spot me there?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

48th Year Class Reunion at Bagac, Bataan

CCI/CCHS Class'68 celebrated its 48th year class reunion excursion at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bagac, Bataan from March 3 to 5, 2016. The resort was unique and quite charming and the ambiance really rustic. Walking tour was available upon request with plenty of sights to see and stories to hear. We were billeted in old houses with big beds and spacious rooms and even bigger living rooms. The hotel museum-liked old rooms created wild imaginations for many of our old classmates. The girls were afraid to be left alone. Hahaha. The old charm made the reunion hilarious and enjoyable. I did not get to capture interesting scenery for I was a real poor photographer. Let me share a few shots though. Enjoy the pictures:

Class'68 48th year class reunion - excursion at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.
One of the old houses - Casa Lubao - from the ancestral home of Macapagal.

 Getting into Casa Binondo. 

Despite the on going expansion, we were able to relax and swim at the beach.

Early morning calm......

Eating together.

Playing games.

 Hilarious cookie eating (cheating) game.

My roommates: Cora and Remy,

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Doctors Who Let Their Patients Wait for Hours.....

My husband and I have been doing the rounds in hospitals, seeing doctors for check up, diagnosis and minor procedures. We make appointments and come ahead of the appointed time but the doctors never arrive on time. Rather they let us wait for hours. Other doctors see their patients on first-come first-serve basis, still even if you're registered first or second in line, you still have to wait, for the doctor will arrive two to three hours late. The longest wait was in UST hospital for more than 5 hours and the eye doctor never arrived because he was caught up in a meeting. After several hours of waiting, even if he asked some other associate doctor to examine my husband, still it wasn't right. We could have consulted other doctor if we wanted to. Some and many other doctors gave excuses about being caught up in traffic or in a conference or what not.....for me that is no valid alibi. The only reason would have to be an emergency case.

This is my question. Why can't doctors make adjustment to their schedules, and not let their patients wait so long? Most of the patients are infirmed and old. We go through the traffic ourselves, cancel family or business schedules to keep our appointments. Our time is as important too. And we don't pay pennies for using their time. Why can't they be more professional with their profession? Are they so full of themselves? If more than 10 patients can come ahead of him, why can't he have the decency to arrive according to his own office schedule.

Doctors, please be more compassionate, keep your appointments and follow your schedules. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dancing During High School Reunion

Happily I could still do a dance number with my friends during our 48th year high school class reunion. Hehehe.