Saturday, June 28, 2008

surviving :)

I have survived 3 weeks of classes in cci :)
I thought I wouldn't survive the first week .... I had colds, sore throat and I lost my voice.(after all I am not young anymore) My household help left me too for schooling and I was swarmed with home and work loads.
But I talked my problems out loud and the school principal saw my dire needs and provided my department with extra aides. We were tackling a lot of kids and parents from all walks of life, but upon my insistence, by the second week.... slowly, the dotting grandparents, the over protective parents and hardheaded yayas began to leave the kindergarten premise.
At school, despite the improvement, I am still frustrated because I can not give my 100% efficiency best because there are still some exceptiional cases that are hard to solve. It will take some time for all of us to adjust. I will just have to try.
Yes and thank God that 2 days ago, I was able to hire a new househelp. I really need this one. I hope to be strong in body and mind to tackle this new job. hehehe and I hope and pray too that all my children dispersed are doing good, so that I can focus on my present job and tackle it well. Until then.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father Caroff going to Manila

Lucas and I went to see Father Caroff this Sunday morning, after we missed him last sunday when he went to Bugwak for a two day visit. This morning, we were happy to see him  in high spirit. He was alert and talkative but there were more rashes on his skin and I noticed his hands had slight tremors.
Father Caroff is going to Manila for more or less a long stay anytime this June. We may not be able to see him for awhile but we hope to visit him when we are there. I was comforted to learn though that his nurse here will be going with him to Manila too. Bon voyage Father, Our prayers are with you.

Friday, June 6, 2008

teacher's conference done

I held my pre-school teacher's conference this afternoon. Both the Chinese and English kiddie teachers attended as well as the vice principal, Mr. Gabinera. The meeting went smoothly. My  academic curriculum and intention for this school year seemed to get across them and well approved by the vice principal as well. We seem to have started a good team already but yet it is still too early to tell. There is much work to be done but we'll pull through. I'll try my best.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

adjusting to new employment

I came home to cotabato last monday and reported for work yesterday. I was aghast at my new employment for there was no clear cut way of communication. People just presumed that I knew there was a meeting. When and where? In the morning or in the afternoon? What time? what place? Assuming that somebody was bound to tell me, yet I got so irritated that a department head was left out in the dark, asking so many questions at her supposedly own teachers. Being new as such, I got testy and asked "Who is supposed to inform whom? Tell me for I really don't know!"
Anyway, I was so hyper yesterday.....I was not used to doing things one week before the opening. I was in a panic like a manic but I got to finish a lot of things at my own insistence and persistence. I sweated liked a peon by running here and there but at the end of the day, I got lots of things done, fixed and scheduled and assigned.
After following up classroom arrangements today, I now sit down to prepare for a pre-school meeting. I need to conduct a pre-school faculty conference before the opening. I am preparing hard for it for I want to consolidate our works and efforts together as a team. I need a whole day with the kiddie teachers but the principal though seems to be resisting my request. She thinks I can just do it in few minutes time, as she is using them all for 4 days of school enrollment. I have to try very hard to get things done. I'll have it done anyway. I just have to do it...until then.....