Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Although I have been coughing since the start of the Advent season, yet my weak constitution has not dampened my Christmas spirit. I deck the house with yuletide decors and lights. The children have come home and my house is set for love, laughter and cheers. The carolers have come, gifts are exchanged and food on the table are plentiful. Aside from serving my homecoming children with healthy food like fish (dalag), papaya, young coconut, guyabano, vegetables etc, I also pamper them their decadent favorites like pizza and pasta meal, pineapple pie, cakes, various chocolate candies, rich local delicacies and so on and so forth.

On December 24th, my family and I hosted a Christmas Eve party. Because the church had scheduled the Christmas mass at eight o'clock in the evening which was an hour earlier than the previous year, I therefore also requested my guests, friends and relatives to come earlier for dinner. Thankfully they all came at around 6:00 PM, we henceforth commenced eating at about 6:20.

"Glitters" was this year's party theme. My friends came with glittering clothes and accessories. Conchita Co won the most shinning outfit, while Nelly Ma won the most creative award. They both received the same prizes. Actually the prize was a simple Christmas token which I bought very recently last November from the Seattle Farmers Market. It is a digital necklace of twinkling Christmas lights. I worn one myself that evening and everybody liked the unique trinket. The winners for their effort, were simply happy to take home their prizes. Hehehe.

After dinner, chit chats and the many picture takings, the party wrapped up at 7:30 PM. Most of the guests were also attending the evening mass. Thankfully my maids took care of cleaning up. How can I ever function without my helpers!

Christmas is a gift in its entirely. We rejoice and we are cheerful. God wants us to be happy. It is a homecoming, the center of which is Christ the Lord!!! Thank you for coming to us dear Jesus. Keep us in your love.

Below are pictures of the Christmas eve party:

 My friends and I
 The party
 The kids and their moms
 The guys like to sit together
 Family homecoming
 The ladies group together
 The young ones
 Group picture
 Most creative award
 The winners

Sunday, December 14, 2014

An Open Letter to God this Christmas....

Dear God,
I have not really asked for specific Christmas gift in all my life, even when I was a kid. Most of my prayers every Christmas is for a general blessings of good health and happiness. God, you know, even when I was very young and even until now, how much I try to be pleasing to you. In my life, I have not done anything significant; but in your generosity, you have gifted me plenty and more abundantly. Although un-deserving,  my cup has been filled with your great love. One of the many great gifts you have given me are my twins Martha and Marion. Medically, I was not supposed to have a fourth child, yet instead of one, you gave me two healthy babies. You kept us mother and daughters safe and well protected, all during the dangerous periods of pregnancy and delivery. You have blessed me with daughters, my Lord. Thank you for these gifts of persons and of lives, and for the many more blessings that you have given me and my husband Lucas.

This Christmas season, while I look at the baby Jesus in the manger, I whisper. " All I want for Christmas is........" then I realize that I am praying for a gift.  I am praying wholeheartedly for a present this Christmas!!! Lord, I pray that you preserve the gifts that you have given me. My daughter Martha Lauren Tan is right now taking medicine for her kidney/bladder or whatever is ailing her physical diagnosis. Please make her whole in body, mind and soul. I pray that nothing is significantly wrong with her organs. Make her heal and make her strong! Let her medicine work well for her, that she becomes healthy again. Lord, please preserve and bless this gift of person that you have given me. With faith in my heart.....Please grant me this prayer that I ask of thee my God!

Yours truly for always,

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bad Weather

Typhoon Hagupit/Ruby lashes at the Visayas region and Southern Luzon including Manila these many days. I am extremely worried, for Tom lives in Cebu City (Visayas) and Emil, Martha and Marion in Metro Manila. I follow a lot of tracking systems including those of CNN, and it seems that from the start, the CNN weather report has shown that the typhoon is not going to spare populous Metro Manila. I am so concerned because I know that my second home in Manila, despite several repairs, continue to have a leaking gutter and broken downspouts which are located on the third floor at the back of the house. I am so afraid that the gutter might give way once the typhoon gushes out. But now that the typhoon has passed by, I am relieved that there has been no report of damages at my second home, yet I still have to see it for myself though. Sometime next year, I need to do some repairing or renovation again.

During the approach of the typhoon, many people including myself resort to prayers and indeed our prayers have been heard. If you know, December 8 is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the blessed Mother does not abandon those who call on her Son. Thank you O Lord, my God for honoring your most blessed mother. We are spared of many lives and danger during her feast day.

However here in Cotabato, in Central Mindanao, it has been so so warm. The weather is so extreme. I think it has not rained for almost two weeks now. When the weather gets so hot, I also get sick. I remember I used to get sick during summer time when I was a child. At present, I am currently ill. I have colds and cough, sore throat and slight fever. I have been sick for 3 days now. I medicate myself and hope to get better tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Visiting my Children and Grandchildren

First, Lucas and I, together with Marion visited Roy in Kings County, Washington, USA:

 In Seattle with Roy and Marion
 Mother and son
 Roy and Lucas
 Halloween Night
At Roy's office 

Next, Lucas and I visited Tom and Angel and grandchildren in Cebu, Philippines:

 Night out with Tom and Angel and the grand kids at Lantaw sa Busay
 Yuri and Dylan
 Buying Kiamoy with Yuri
 Angkong and the grandkids taking snacks.
Swimming at the condominium amenities

Then, with Emil, Martha and Marion in Metro Manila, Philippines:

Eating at a Japanese restaurant with Emil, Martha and Marion
Cooking show...
In Manila, going to the mall....

My husband and I raised our children to become independent.........the fruits of our labor. 
I pray, O Lord, where ever they may be, please take care of all of them. Thank you!