Friday, June 10, 2016

Tripped and Fell

This morning, I went to the old Corcuera Street, at Maping Building to have my pants repaired. As I finished my business with the tailor, and on the way back to the car, my step-in tripped on the concrete pavement and I fell to the ground. Before I fell I saw our employees Jean Valentino and the driver got inside the vehicle. They did not see me fall. I wanted to shout for help but it was too late. I felt my front body going down, for a second I tried to pull myself up to avoid the impending fall...fearful of many head might hit the payment or bump into the car door (I was that near). As I was trying to balance my gait however, I felt the left knee went down fast. I was now afraid of the big impact on the knee against the cement floor, so I used my left hand to cushion the fall. Bam...I fell down! My left palm grazed the pavement before my left knee touched the ground. I was too heavy to get up immediately and so I thought of laying down in pain on the floor for a while, but suddenly I felt two strong hands lifting me up from my armpits from behind. The security guard saw me 'trip and fall' after all. He tried to grab me from the back too late, so he quickly lifted me up when I went down. After which I scolded him for doing so. "I am okay, don't pull me up. You might hurt me more."  
When I was already inside the car, I thank him though for helping me, but ......."Next time, don't pull somebody up immediately after a fall, you might sprain my arms instead. Just let me get up by myself. Just give me your hands and I will pull myself up." I said......and "Thank you for the help, Arnel."

Next thing is, I want to let everybody know that am all right. Aside from a tiny bruise on my left hand, there are no cuts, blood or injury, just a little shocked from what might have happened. The security guard Arnel might have somehow prevented a full blown fall after all.

And here, I am so thankful and grateful that everything is all right. Thank you my God for looking after me. Thank you my blessed mother for watching over me. Thank you my guardian angels for softening my fall. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!