Monday, June 29, 2009

Out of job

Ever since I stopped teaching at CCI last March, I have been out, free and unemployed. A year before my unemployment, I closed my beloved St. Martha School because I was literally asked to leave the premise by my landlord and business partner Tony Dy. He wanted me to buy the lot at a non-negotiable price but I did not bite. Instead of relocating and applying for a new DepEd license and operation which I had done all the work in 15 years by myself, I was disheartened and decided to close the school. After closing the kiddie school, I was then asked by Atty. Rosa Linda Masot to help out at CCI which I readily accepted. Working at CCI for a month, I knew I wouldn't last long but I decided to finish my commitment for one year though; and so last March after the graduation, I finally finished my work and resigned.
Honestly, I don't feel like I failed. I did my best to offer and give more than I can. (Both at St. Martha School and CCI).  I just felt that the circumstances were not running right, so I made decision following what was best for me. There was an offer by the CCI school board to take me as the next principal but I declined. I didn't like how the school was being run. It had been done in such a manner for more than 9 years now, that if ever I change an iota of the system, I will be creating a big havoc.
At the moment, I am entirely enjoying my self retirement. Mind you, this is not sour grapeing. In fact I think it is some kind of a blessing in disguise. As Jean Ngo Valentino told me "Pasalamat ka ma'am na nagbulong ang Diyos sa tainga mo na mag stop ka na, kundi malaki ang problema mo ngayon." She was in a way right.
Last Thursday, a 4 year old kid of Muslim Chinese descent was kidnapped from his home in the college area somewhere near my former St. Martha School. If the school were still operating now, most likely the kid would be my pupil, and how devastated I would be. I would be right now so stressed securing the area for the safety of all my pupils, even my own. Fear and protectiion would be a big issue and concern. Kidnappers were seen several times roaming around the college area. In fact this little kid happened to be enrolled as a Nursery pupil at CCI this school year and he was kidnapped from his house right after coming home from a tutorial session with Mrs Jalen Jao. Many families have fled from Cotabato due to this recent spate of kidnappings.
May the Lord protect us from all harm and danger.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I hate to sleep in total darkness, so sometimes in the 90's I started using a small 'nightlight' lamp. (This so called 'nightlight' is a mini plastic florescent liked thing that you plug in directly to the outlet.) It gave a soft glow that enabled me to go to the bathroom and/or drink my glass of water without switching on the room's incandescence. In fact I think I had been using a third replacement already ever since.
Last night, Lucas and I came home from a masonic party. Before I went to sleep, I switched on the small nightlight. I had a real good sleep because I was happy and tired from ballroom dancing. I was suddenly roused however at 3:30 AM from a bursting sound that came from the wall where the nightlight was plugged in. The sound was quite loud for Lucas got up at the same time too. I was the first to stand up though, and I saw a red glow from the outlet. When I got nearer, there was a small fire already forming.
"It's already burning! It's already burning" was all I could say.
I ran back and forth, not knowing what to do. I was thinking of getting the pitcher of water near the bed and throwing it at the fire, but my husband was more handy at hand. He used his blanket and beat at the fire hard. One quick big hard blow not only snapped the fire out but it also threw the nightlight off the floor. The wall was a little charred. One leg of the male plug was still stuck at the outlet but the danger was over.
Thank goodness, I don't use curtains in my room and the concrete wall is as plain and flat without appliances or decorations nearby. We are wondering why the circuit breaker did not trip though. Yet, after all the mussing of the near fire incident early this morning, there is only one thing I can say. "Thank God for keeping us safe."
Now, I am writing this blog for all of you to take precaution with your nightlights and sockets and plugs. Please unplug unnecessary electrical connections when you go to bed or leave the house.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New addition to the family

Angel gave birth to a new baby boy last June 8, 2009. Welcome to the family, Tyler David C. Tan. He looks like his father Tom 

Friday, June 5, 2009

Still in Manila

I am still in Manila. I have been here for almost 2 weeks now. Spend much of my time with my children and siblings.
Today we commemorated the death anniversary of my father, Mr. Francisco Ledesma. He passed away 18 years ago on June 5, 1991. He died from a massive cardiac arrest here in Manila. Most of us his children were at his hospital bedside when he passed away. I was about 39 years old then and had a family of my own but I felt so bereft and orphaned. Many of his grandchildren were still very young then. This year however, two of his grandchildren: Janah and Gary are contemplating to get married; and two grandchildren likewise Desa and Tomas will soon be adding two more babies to the family this June. How time flies.......