Monday, May 26, 2008

vacation almost over

This year is so far the longest summer vacation I have had in so many years. This time I need not rush home to cotabato to oversee the school enrollment, the classroom preparation, plan the school calendar and schedule activities, conduct teachers conference etc etc. So right now I am just awaiting for the cci school principal to notify me of my possible tasks and assignments which I haven't received until now. Eventually I have to go home and face the teaching challenge this school year 2008-2009.
So while waiting for my work assignments, I am here spending the remaining days of May, eating and sleeping at my home in Manila. hehehe.
Marion has graduated last March and is already employed by Citibank. She eagerly goes to work early everyday. While she is at work, Martha and I would go window shopping and eat out. Last Saturday, I went jogging with my girls at the Ateneo Moro oval. At night, we watched the pyro display competition of Italy and Venezuela at Moa. Yesterday, we attended the grand wedding of Ginger and Jowell. Fine dining nuptial reception was held at Le Pavillon.
Today though, Martha begins her classes in La Salle. She will be extremely busy as she will be simultaneously doing her MS while finishing her BS Industrial Engineering course. While marion goes to work and martha goes to school, I am thereby left at home to play with my grandson Dylan.( Tom and Angel are working parents)  I am enjoying this vacation extremely and I hate to see the school sale in all Natiinal Bookstores because this reminds me of my job to which I have to eventually tackle and of which I knew I would love. I just hate to end my vacation so soon yet. hehehe so long...........

Saturday, May 17, 2008

pics of class 68 reunion in tagaytay

We hold our class reunion every 4 years, specifically every leap year during the year of the olympic games. These are pictures from our 40th year class reunion in Tagaytay. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Batch 68 reunion in Tagaytay

We held our 40th year class reunion in Tagaytay last May 10, 2008. Present were Jose Lim, Quan Minton, Robert Tan, Roberto Co, Roberto Yap, Roberto Atienza, John Co, Ramon Yee Fon, William Lee, Alberto Lim, Antonio Dy, Imelda Tan Bugayong, Corazon Te Taeza, Remedios Lu Fornillos, Anita Go and yours truly Heddy Ledesma Tan.( 11 boys and 5 girls ). Many  of our classmates did not attend because they had other plans and agenda, specially  the biggest boy barkada of our class. Anyway, with or without them, we intended to have fun and we did.
CCI batch 68 meet every four years, more specifically every leap year during the year of the olympic games hahaha. We are not young anymore, so our main event was primary marathon eating. hahaha!

Our reunion started with a welcome supper on May 9 at Mannang's Restaurant in SM megamall basement. We were all very happy to see each other and like little kids, excited to embark on our excursion to Tagaytay the next day.

May 10 - We all left metro manila at 8:00 AM on board a coaster. Reached Tagaytay and took our healthy lunch at Sonia's Garden. We went for a stroll after lunch, then checked in at the Tagaytay Highland's Inn at two PM. We had a little rest, then walked around the club house.  Unintentionally we took part in a casino dry run at the lobby of the club house. There were slot machines and two Black Jack tables. They gave us free promotional certificates to play, so most of us played. Some of our friends won prizes of bags, car window shades, playing cards and real pot money certificates hehehe. At night, we ate supper at Leslie's Restaurant overlooking Taal volcano but unfortunately we couldn't see a thing because  of the pitch black night. We ate a sumptous meal, talked about the past and we went back to the hotel at 10 pm, then to each our respective room to sleep. We were all very tired. ( A tale tell sign that we were not as young anymore :)

May 11 - We had buffet breakfast, checked out of the Inn and rode the coaster again for another day trip. First stop was to Rowena's bakeshop where we all bought boxes of tasty tarts for family pasalubong. It was Mother's Day! Hahaha. ( I was receiving a lot of sms messages from friends, family and relatives and many of my friends were likewise receiving and sending messages and calls too.) The coaster went down via Talisay Batangas to Cuan Minton's Batangas Farm where we had our real reunion party at Minton's rest house. He prepared delicious Filipino dishes for us and we all ate with our hands using banana leaves as our plates. We had plentyful supply of coconut with very tender coco meat. We had syrupy cooked banana for dessert and Barako coffee after lunch. There was karaoke singing for the frustrated singers and table for the poker players too. For those who liked outdoor life, we went on a jungle trek after lunch down the mahogany groves. There were singing and eating, talking and playing cards. The party ended before 4 pm. ( Some of the boys had to get home for Mother's Day dinner with their love ones) And so we headed back to Manila again. Reunion 2008 can be described as a close bonding trip. It was memorable as well as enjoyable.

Venue for next reunion is Palawan. See ya all again!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hong Kong Disneyland

Chiong Bian, Helen, Martha, Marion and I went to Hong Kong Disneyland via the train system. It was a novel adventure for all of us. We took our time to enjoy and didn't really have to rush back to catch the last bus ride to the hotel this time.

Half day Hongkong tour

Old Macau Town