Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Vacation - USA

After our 6 day vacation in Korea, Lucas, Martha and I enplaned from Seoul to destination Seatac, Wshington, USA. My son Roy took a negative 10 days leave from work. He drove us around. We went to Seattle, to Snoqualmie Falls. to Mount Rainier, to Nisqually Wetland, to Long Beach, Cape Disappointment, Waikiki Beach, to the other side of the peninsula, etc. We love the beautiful outdoors. Pacific North West was truly scenic and beautiful. We enjoyed walking and trekking all the areas we visited. We walked a lot, ate vigorously and enjoyed catching up with each other's lives and stories. We shopped a little too, hahaha. We went to Bellevue, Ikea, Northstorm, Tillimok Seafood Market, outlet mall, Target, Traders Joe, QFC and other grocery stores. I loved eating cherries which was a plenty in season during summer. I liked the warm summer weather yet enjoyed unbashfully the cold climate on Mount Rainier and the cold windy Pacific ocean shores of Washington. I think Washington is one of the most beautiful states in United States. After two weeks thought, we had to get back home. We only planned and scheduled our vacation for such duration. Roy and Martha had to work. I hope and pray that we could come back to visit again in two years time, all in good health and good form. Thank you God for giving us this opportunity to tour South Korea and Washington. I pray that we will continue to be healthy and fit for many other vacations to come. Continue to bless us, O God. Thank you my Lord.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Vacation - Myongdong Pictures

In Myongdong

 A tourist district
 Lunch at a popular dumpling and noodle restaurant.
 Really yummy! The restaurant was fully packed..
The Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Myngdong.
 Inside the Cathedral.
 Walking the district during maybe the hottest day of the year.
 All drenched in sweat. Hahaha!
Myongdong street food after five.
Transformed into a street food market.
Look at them food! They were all over! 

Friday, August 31, 2018

Vacation Korea - Tours' Pictures

Posting few pictures of our four day tours of South Korea..........

 Historical Cheonggyechoen river in the middle of the metropolis. 
I love this cool, beautiful, very clean and serene stream.

At the Buddhist temple
 Lotus abloom on display at the Buddhist temple.
 Orchids too 
 Imperial Palace - we were in time for the changing of the guards.
 Double dragons, the symbol of his imperial highness.
 Emperor in his own right! My husband Lucas is a dragon himself! Hahaha!
 A display of the old Korean village.
 Korean gypsy dance and acrobatic performance. A truly unique show.
 At DMZ - De Militarized Zone, bording North Korea.
 Peace Park
 Train station to Pyongyang.
 At Petite France - a quaint place created from the concept of The Little Prince.
 Photo-op with the drawing of Antione De Saint-Exupery
Those were the destructive baobabs from the novel.
 My daughter Martha was lovely though! Hehehe.
Little bells of happiness.
 At the arena, ready to watch a noon time show.
 Marionette show - Michael Jackson puppet, dancing to the tune of Billy Jean.
 I did enjoy this place, even though it was a very warm sunny day.
Notice the umbrellas? Hahaha
 At Nami Island
Martha posing with the Nami macots (snowmen) inside a gift shop. Hahaha!
 Nami Island would have been totally different when you come during the Autumn. It will be so cold that you need to wear gloves to protect your hands. In the winter, the pond is completely frozen. hahaha.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Vacation - Dongdaemon Pictures

With Martha at Dongdaemon night market district.
 Behind us is the architectural dome of the Historical and Cultural Park.
 Waiting to be served at an all-pork full house restaurant.
 Inside the park in Dongdaemon - rose garden
 Thousands and thousands of roses.....
We came back purposely at night to see the lighted roses.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Vacation - Korea

I was away for several weeks, on vacation. My husband Lucas, my daughter Martha and I left Manila on July 24 for USA to visit my son Roy. Since it would take about 16 hours to reach our destination, we opted to see Korea for few days. We were in Seoul on transit for 6 days, including arrival and departure time. We were billeted at Dongdaemon district, a very convenient stay for tourists who like to roam around the night market. Up there were plentiful of eating places to choose from, mini marts and convenient stores too. In the middle of the bustling district was a beautifully modern designed historical and cultural park to chill out and roam. We were in Dongdaemon most of our evenings: eating, shopping or simply looking around and enjoying the bustling city. But it was hot! Korea was hotter than Manila when we left. The temperature did not daunt our adventure spirits though. We had much fun with different tours we booked in advance. Thanks to Jeng Ringor, my very efficient travel agent in Manila who arranged for our tours. During our free day though, Martha led us to Myongdong, a tourists' district by shuttle bus. We came back via the train in the afternoon. When we were in Myondong, I think it was the hottest day of summer in Korea. Aside from  going around the bustling tourist's mecca, we also visited the Cathedral on the uphill. Climbing the steps made us sweat profusely. We rested and prayed inside the church. We also took refuge inside the church's air conditioned gift shop. Hahaha! Coming down to explore some more, we also went inside a cafe to eat ice cream and ice shaves (beansu). When we had enough shopping, we decided to get back to our hotel via the train. Whoa, walking back though, we all came home completely drenched in sweat. My compliment to my 78 year old husband Lucas, who was such a good sport!!! No complain from him what so ever. That trip was indeed one memorable, enjoyable journey for us. Hahaha!

The next day, we embarked on our last day tour to Petite France and Nami Island. After Nami Island; we asked to be dropped at Myongdong instead of the hotel. We went back to Myongdong on Saturday afternoon to attend an anticipated mass before our flight on Sunday. To my amazement, Myongdong, after 5pm, was transformed into a street food market. It utterly looked different from the day's scenario, really quite exotic.

Next time I go to USA, I will pass by Seoul again. Hehehe. I wont get tired of visiting Dongdaemon and Myongdong once more. Hasta la Vista!

Pictures on the next blogs.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Birthdays in July

There are many birthday celebrations for the month of July. In my own family alone, I have two: Lucas on July 12 and Roy on July 15.

This year my sister-in-law Tina is celebrating her 80th birthday this July 10. Her children and grandchildren came home to give her a grand birthday party. Luna and Tina have the most grandchildren in the Tan family. They have 5 children and a total of 15 grandchildren. Not all grandchildren arrived though, some have to attend classes in Manila. If you must know, Luna and Lucas are brothers. We live in one building, our front doors are facing fronting one another. We have one common kitchen (aside from our own individual kitchens.) We have one common family cook that prepares our common meals. Sometimes we prepare our own special viands in our individual kitchen too, but most of the time we just eat whatever the cook prepares for us. Their children and our children literally grew up together in Cotabato City. My son Roy and his cousin Jocelyn belong To the same batch, and Tom my second son and his cousin Jacqueline were classmates from kinder to high school. Infact I can say, Tom and Jacqueline are the closest cousins among them. But aside from the family store and common events, our children's upbringing are totally different. I was the strict and disciplinary mother, while Tina was the pampering good mother. We did not interfere with each other in bringing up our children though. Which ever style we adapted, they all grew up to become fine young men and women too.

So Apollo the eldest son of Luna and Tina is likewise celebrating his 50th birthday this July 11 here in Cotabato. My in-laws house is in such a merry atmosphere. Too bad my children are all too busy with their work, they can not make time to come home for all the happy occasions of their Aunt and cousin. Anyway I have been helpfully assisting them in many ways like lending my children's pillows and blankets and/or bedding's and my maids help clean up our common places for them to use.

Lucas will have his own simple celebration at home on July 12. There will be a party for the workers of LCT Hardware. My children will not come for this occasion. We will soon be going to Manila anyway.

Roy's birthday falls on July 15 and he is far away in USA. I pray for the good Lord to bless and protect him always. Happy birthday to all July celebrants!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Before and Now

I was a cute little girl before, now I am an ugly 66 years old woman. Well, but I have not been pretty, or lovely or physically attractive ever since. Some things never changed. Hahaha!!!

Many things do change inside me though, let me do some comparisons:
1. When I was young, I had no care in the world. These days I have become such a paranoid, scared of so many things beyond my control. I dare say, nothing is really within my control!!!
2. Before I loved to hear the pitter patter or the sounds of rainfall on my rooftop. Now a days I am afraid that the big rain would cause my roof, gutters and down pouts to break while I sleep.
3. Before my home was my greatest safe haven: now I know better. Nowhere is safe in the face of natural or man made calamities like earthquake, fire, typhoon, akyat bahay (home break-ins), etc.
4. I used to think I was an introvert, my children say otherwise.
5. In the past, I taught and tutored my children relentlessly: today I am learning a lot from them. I am surely proud of it either way.
6. I used to be quiet and slow to respond: Help! I can not hold my tongue in check and quick to get into an outburst at an instant provocation.
7. I was a spoiled brat among my siblings, but I think I have grown wiser and more matured in this aspect. Not bad at all.
8. I was spoiled by my mom before: my husband spoils me now. Hehehe.
9.  I was unkempt and dirty as a child: a complete turn-over as I grow older. Infact I have become more of an OC (obsessive compulsive) person right now.
10. I had so much hope for the future before: yet now, I am frustrated with the present and in distressed for the future......not really very good in this sense.

Surely there are more good things, but I am just too lazy to think about it now. To sum it all though, everything points to growing old. It is such a scourge to grow old. Like a child, I want to be taken care of. O Lord, please just do take care of me and my loved ones. In you I hope, in you I trust.