Thursday, July 30, 2015

Celebrating July 2015

This year July is a month long celebration of birthdays and happy events:
1, My husband 75th birthday celebration with employees and close friends at Connies.
2. Sunday mass offering and blessings from our parish priest. Snacks with friends and church members afterwards.
3. Cheering and following up Roy's successful 2 day bike event from Seattle to Portland through social media. A big and wonderful achievement for a severe asthmatic! Thank you Lord and my blessed Mother for this possible physical feat.
4. My husband and I left for Manila to be with our children.
5. Extended birthday celebration for Lucas at Shangrila Edsa with my children in Manila.
6. Greeting Roy a happy birthday after the bike event on July 15.
7. Send off my daughter Marion on her trip for a conference to Uruguay and a side trip to Brazil.
8. Three day and two night excursion and family bonding on the occasion of Aileen and Summer homecoming from Bahrain (daughter-in-law and granddaughter of my sister Helen) at MH family resort in Tagaytay.
9. First birthday party of Luis, the son of niece Jackie in Manila.
10. Exciting Boracay trip with the Cotabato's Saturday night barkada group. Wonderful sun, sea, shore and beautiful friendship.
11. Trip home from Boracay to Manila. At the same day, Marion's arrival from Latin America too. An unprecedented traffic snarl starting from the airport parking building onward to home. Welcome back to Manila!
12. Despedida party for Aileen and Summer given by my sister Helen in Manila.
13. Dinner with family at Oyazumi Noodle House. Superb food!
14. Back home to Cotabato. Thank God for all the safe trips and all the nice and enjoyable celebrations.

It's no wonder why I wasn't able to blog much this July. I will however follow up with plenty of pictures. Hehehe.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Petty Wishes Do Come True

When I was a little girl, I saw this comedy movie played by Jerry Lewis. In the movie, the actor picked oranges from his kitchen window and ate his fruits inside the house. I was fascinated with the scene and wished how I could do the same one day. Oranges do not grow in the Philippines but two of my favorite fruits which I hope to eat bountifully for free are mangoes and coconuts. When I was studying for college in Manila, I would oftenly buy green mango or young coconut to go with my lunch from the Gallas district street-plying-vendor we called "Suki". A young coconut cost 25 cents then, same price as a small cup of Magnolia ice cream. If I had extra money, I would choose to buy young coconut for my dessert. After meal, I could still fully consume the entire tender flesh and at the same time be satisfied with the very refreshing coconut juice. The green mango which was cheaper, on the other hand served me well as a viand that goes well with rice or simply as a delightful snack any time of the day. Today my wish has come true, although not literally picking them from my kitchen window. Hahaha. At present, I own a lot nearby that is planted with varieties of mango and coconut. I can eat an abundance of them for free any time my heart desires. The mango when in season, are so plentiful, and so, I have just recently given them away for free to friends and relatives and to our store workers too.

Also, another wistful dream when I was young, was to be able to watch movie from my bedroom. I had often wished that my room would be inside a movie theater, so that I could just go to sleep after watching a show, or simply go to sleep in the middle of a boring scene. When my children were growing up, the betamax became a household thing. It was then that my husband had a television set installed in our bedroom. Today, although I seldom watch long and late movie anymore at home, yet I keep my television screen on until I feel like going to slumber. And off it goes with just a click of a finger. Hahaha. Technological advancements these days make wishful dreams come true.

These are just two of the petty pretty little things that do come true :)